Service Engine Soon = $$$

This is why I don’t trust auto mechanics: 

My “Service Engine Soon” light comes on Friday in my truck. I figured as much. I skipped my last oil change and it’s time again to get it changed, I have a recall on my truck, and now this. So, I pop in to the dealership to get it fixed and explain to them that “I’ve been traveling ALOT this summer and missed my last oil change and it’s time again to get one and there’s a recall on my truck. Then this morning my ‘Service Engine Soon’ light pops up, probably because the combination of the oil and recall right? So could you check that out for me?” 

I get the, “Yeah, sure no problem” He takes my info and then drops this one on me: 

The diagnostics test to find out what’s prompting the “Service Engine Soon” is $89.99. Now, after we find out what’s wrong and your extended warranty will cover it, they’ll pick up the tab for the $89.99. If they don’t though you’d have to pay for it. If they don’t and you don’t want us to fix it, you still have to pay the $89.99. So, you want us to run the check?

Now, my truck tells me when ALOT on it’s on. It tells me when I’m too close to objects behind me. It tells me when my air pressure is too low in the tires. It’s practically automated on it’s on and you’re telling me for you to spend like 15 minutes hooking a computer up to my truck to tell you why that light comes on costs you $89.99! 

So, I passed. I had them fix the recall and change the oil and give it back to me. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT! Bye, bye “Service Engine Soon!” 

Seriously! When I was leaving, the guy even said: “Hey come back and let me know when you want us to look at that ‘Service Engine’ light.” I find it hard to believe that when they fired up my truck and drove it from the shop to the parking lot they didn’t see the light on but whatever. I’m so glad I didn’t get suckered into tossing away $89.99. Thank you Lord!


2 Responses to “Service Engine Soon = $$$”

  1. 1 Wendy
    October 14, 2008 at 5:38 am

    Glad you saved some cash. In my high tech vehicle, service engine soon actually means “duh, you forgot to change the oil”

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