Sunday Setlist Oct. 19th – Adult Worship

I’m trying to work my way backwards through all the events of the weekend. 
Sunday morning’s worship music looked like this:

  • Lord most high
  • Indescribable
  • The Lord is gracious and compassionate
  • Holy is the Lord
  • Jesus, with Thy Church abide

I’m unfamiliar with the songs other than the 2 Tomlin tunes so I can’t give you too much info on them. I also noticed our worship leader dropped the keys to those songs it seemed. I did notice this week that the dBs were a bit higher than they typically were and that was SO GREAT! It sounded full and it sounded lively and it encouraged me to sing! Yes, that’s right. I’ve just given in and admittedly say it out loud now that the loudness of the music does matter and that there is a definite difference in engagement when it reaches a certain level. 
Not everyone was in total agreement with me today at our service debrief so I doubt it’ll stay that loud but man it felt so good! I asked our sound tech because I was curious. I could tell we were louder than previous weeks but still not as loud as we used to be. I was correct, we peaked only around 98dB but still that extra added 3-5 dBs from usual were wildly welcomed by me. 

I think some of what added to it this week were two-fold:

  1. Our main instrument was again the electric guitar. We’ve been having alot of mandolin lately. It’s a fine instrument but doesn’t provide any liftoff in songs like the guitar. When it rides the tags and fills, to me, the life kind of drops out. This week there was not any competing for who gets what so the songs retained some strength throughout. 
  2. We had 3 strong female vocals. There was a definite strong vocal presence leading this week. However, it was a bit Lilith Fair for me. Lacking male vocals, especially on songs like Holy is the Lord, really lightens the entire sound of the song.  

This Sunday was also a bit of an opposite build. They started off with a more quiet song and Holy is the Lord was the biggest tune played. That was also a welcomed change up. I used to like “flipping the funnel” every now and then and going from ‘slow’ to ‘fast.’ 

I’m curious, for those willing to participate: 

  1. How loud do you run? Do you think that matters? 
  2. How do you determine your flow? Simply a matter of tempo/pace? A matter of ‘we/He’ songs into ‘me/You’ songs? Randomly? 

I’m leading worship this weekend so expect a full review on Monday with Fred’s Blog Carnival…maybe even some video!


1 Response to “Sunday Setlist Oct. 19th – Adult Worship”

  1. October 21, 2008 at 9:26 pm


    I can definitely comment on the volume level of worship. It makes a HUGE difference! This past Sunday our usually “rock’n” church service was brought down to 85db from I-don’t-know-where it usually sites, but there were LOTS of comments.

    Long-story-short: we’ve received a couple scattered complaints from a select few about the LOUDNESS level recently. One guest even commented that it was the reason they were not coming back. Not good. So…the leadership decided to go the extreme and bring it down to 80db. Halfway through the service we realized that no one was engaging so the sound man brought it back up to 85db. After the service, I have NEVER heard so many complaints about the sound. Wow!

    As a leader it was terribly difficult, too. As a musician, the volume seems to give a different energy — especially for the rocker-songs. How can you “rock” at 85db?

    Hoo-boy! I’m hoping this change won’t last for long. I understand that some people aren’t going to like it “cranked”, but what if the volume level is part of the reason why others enjoy our services? I suppose it can go both ways?

    What’s the STANDARD, if there is one, for “church” decibel levels?

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