Max Payne Movie Review

For the most part, Max Payne delivered! The dark dreary city backdrop was almost Sin City like and felt alive with what they did with snow and rain. That effect was truly remarkable! The action sequences were killer! HA. Get it? Killer! Max Payne was incredibly terrible and Mark Wahlberg delivered! The actors driving this movie were really surprising. Mark Walhberg was obvious (thank goodness he didn’t play a scientist trying to figure out why trees want to kill humankind!) but every time you turned around it seemed someone else was popping up and helping drive the story along! Meg Griffin as a leading lady? Serious? Wow. 

My complaint is that the movie needed to figure out what they wanted to do. 1/2 the movie was story telling and 1/2 the movie was destruction and mayhem. I think we wanted a bit more destruction and mayhem! And with that much time devoted to story telling, the story wasn’t all that well thought through. I think nearly all of us have seen Gladiator and The Punisher, we didn’t need that much time devoted to what we already knew 🙂 Then they just seemed to make it more complicated than it needed to be.

I also think they should have stuck with Hitman and Doom‘s precedence and just gone with the R rating and made the movie the way it should have been. Towing the PG-13 rating on a movie like this either waters down what it should have been or makes an extremely racy movie for 13 year olds. Even with the PG-13 rating, I’d suggest you treat it as R if you have kids.  

If anything, Max Payne suffers from an identity crises. Otherwise, it gives you basically what you’re looking for: angry, bad to the bone cop looking for justice putting the hurt on bad guys, big guns, hot chicks, nasty big bad guy, SWAT teams, explosions, crazy fights, and shoot outs! There are some tremendously terrible scenes near the end that are a-mazing! What they do visually and with the score is frightening and it’s great!

While you’re deciding whether or not to see it, definitely check out their site and see the full trailer and what’s it all about. Awesome!


1 Response to “Max Payne Movie Review”

  1. October 27, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    Thanks for posting! I’m thinking that I probably won’t make it to the theater before the new Bond movie comes out but if I do have a spare evening with the guys I’ll have to check this one out! Regardless, it sounds like I’ll be getting it on DVD.

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