Desired Destinations

We had a great little exercise Sunday afternoon at Youth that I’d thought I’d share with you. It was the culmination of our series called Road Signs where we discussed a simple principle: The Path Principle. Briefly, it means that our direction determines our destination. I’m finding Youth ministry is some of the most interesting work I’ve ever done.

This is a mixed sample from Middle and High schoolers:

Question: My Desired Destination with God and the choices to put me on the right path

  • Heaven – believe in my heart and confess with my mouth
  • To be a woman after God’s own heart – put aside the wants & desires of my selfishness
  • Heaven – go to church and don’t sit
  • Heaven – not doing drugs or having sex before marriage. Obeying the 10 Commandments
  • Heaven – pray to God, read the Bible, and go to Church
  • Heaven – not sinning
  • Heaven – obey His commands and read the Bible

Q: My Desired Destination with my friends

  • have Godly friends – stay within a youth group
  • lifelong relationships – don’t talk about them behind their back and keep in touch with them
  • to have alot of them – be a friend of God like being nice to one another and if they don’t know about God, teach them
  • make friends here – try talking to other girls
  • more friends – live above the influence and be kind to others
  • more friends – don’t smoke pot and be kind to others
  • be more comfortable around them – trust them more
  • to have a community Christ would approve of – seek the Lord as to His direction to whom I should spend my time and share my heart with
  • to have good ones – choose friends that will have a good influence on me

Q: My Desired Destination with my parents and siblings

  • to be respected – practice good things
  • to love and be loved – listen to and obey the rules of my parents and respect them at all times. Go above and beyond helping out
  • have a stronger relationship – obey them, do chores, and don’t argue with them
  • being respected – listen to what they say and show them respect (there were actually several of these.)

So, it seems I have some work cut out for me with some of these students 🙂 
Overall, however I was really pleased with the outcome and the time the students took with it!

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