Learning Lessons the Hard Way

I do NOT like to learn lessons the hard way! Now that my job is working with students full time those lessons can be especially expensive. 

  1. Preparation! – I know ‘don’t wait to the last minute,‘ however I always figured that printing things Sunday morning was not “last minute“…I was wrong. First, the colored printer wouldn’t print color. Then, the super duper printer/copier had a paper jam. Then after unjamming said paper jam it was out of toner. Replacing toner gets ink all over you. Coming back from the bathroom getting cleaned up I realized I sent my Small Group questions to the color printer which…all together now: “didn’t work!” Resend to the super duper printer/copier and success. 
    Now, what could have taken my all of 60 seconds on Friday takes more than 5 minutes and I’m pissed off and frustrated on Sunday morning walking into Youth Group. I should have been more prepared. 
  2. Idle hands can do worse than make a slacker teen horror movie. We didn’t have small group time Sunday night with high school youth group and several of the guys wanted to make use of our new activity field outside so I started on time (what a concept in Youth ministry right 🙂 and we had about a half hour of ‘free time’ at the end of youth. While this made for an excellent time of community with me and the students inside. Some of my more rambunctious boys outside began playfully destroying themselves. Nothing got out of hand, but I believe I’ll handle ‘free time’ a bit differently next time if we do that again.

Learn anything new this week? 

I’m bringing this video into the workroom tomorrow to show those printers what they’ll get if they keep giving me lip:

EDIT: 3. ALWAYS PREVIEW CLIPS B/F POSTING! So apparently, the clip on youTube from Office Space of the 3 of them smashing the fax machine is…how we say, quite vulgar. I like to maintain a rating of PG-13ish here at Worship City, so if you are so inclined you can find it yourself on youTube or remember fondly that hilarious scene of the fax machine bash! HAHAHA. Whoops!


2 Responses to “Learning Lessons the Hard Way”

  1. 1 Ben
    December 9, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Edit 3 reminds me of a fantastic story.

    Way back in high school (I know, it was only a few years ago), my youth minister wanted to show a clip from the classic Breakfast Club. Unfortunately, he managed to pick the one clip with an F word in it (along with other swearing). Definitely the funniest youth night that I can remember.

  2. December 9, 2008 at 11:41 am

    Ha! Yeah Ben, my father-in-law volunteers with Youth at his church. Well they wanted to play Faith for an opener to a series and he thought he’d be cool and hip and found that Limp Bizkit had covered the song and decided to play their version of the song!
    The song was cranked and the kids were into it, many of them laughing when Fred yells GET THE *edit* UP!

    He told me afterwards that he learned to listen to the ENTIRE song before blaring it at youth instead of the 30 second preview 🙂

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