The Office’s Moroccan Christmas

Princess Unicorn

This episode was very satisfying with a great combination of hilarity and awkwardness that I LOVE from The Office. The only thing I’m hating is the absence of Holly. I hate to even bring it up, but I loved that dynamic of Michael’s character. Jan’s been absent too and I’m so scared they’re going to bring them both back in an awful episode that I won’t be able to watch. 


It’s the Office Christmas party and Phyllis’ knowledge of Dwangela has given her some leverage over Angela and she lets her have it during the biggest and ‘best party ever’ like never before. Will Angela have enough? Will Phyllis really tell everyone? If you read on, you will find out! 

Meredith’s drinking comes to a head and Michael moves in with an Intervention and finds out that you can’t drop off an alcoholic at a rehab center like a deposit at a bank. 

Dwight figures out how to make more money than selling paper during the holidays 🙂 
I’m sure Princess Unicorn shall sweep the nation this Christmas! 

The rest of the show allows you to sit back and laugh your booty off!! It truly was a hilarious episode. 

Thoughts and Quotes: 

Great cold open! Good prank turned great! 

My horn can pierce the sky. – Dwight

My horn can pierce the sky! – Michael

Really Andy? It’s Christmas and you’re singing about nudity and France?!? – Angela

Falalala-lala-caching! – Dwight

FIRE GIRL! …. too soon? – Kevin

My nickname was Puke…do some bodyshots off myself. – Andy

In the Shrute family we believe in the 5 finger intervention. – Dwight

I stab her in the brain with a wooden stick! – Dwight

Hey! You take requests? Please stop. We’re having a Christmas party. – Jim

Throwing the pen at Toby’s head

Angela’s having sex with Dwight! – Phyllis

Well don’t look so surprised. – Dwight

Everyone’s reaction to Andy’s Deck the Halls! 

Dwight’s “well, don’t look so surprised” comment was probably the most debonaire we’ve ever seen Dwight! It truly had me laughing out loud, I absolutely loved it. Might have taken the night’s funniest comment because of it.


1 Response to “The Office’s Moroccan Christmas”

  1. December 16, 2008 at 5:19 am

    haha Yes, definitely takes the cake for the most ‘awkward’ episode this season, which is one of my favorite things about this show.

    “An intervention is basically a surprise party for someone with an addiction.”

    –Michael Scott

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