The Office’s Duel

The Duel

I’m waaaay behind on this one but it was one of the best episodes that I absolutely could not miss the opportunity to discuss! I mean every time I watch it I find something else hilariously awkward!

PLUS, don’t you want to PLAY THE DUEL? Check it out


What a great cold opener! I guess because I’ve truly always wondered if I could run fast enough for it to pop up on one of those things! Hilarious!

We have Michael going to David Wallace’s office in which he thinks he’s getting a chewing. Hysterically, David wants to know the ‘secret to his success!’

Then we have THE DUEL! FINALLY, Andy comes face to face with Dwangela! It’s some of the funniest physical and witty comedy I’ve seen! 

Thoughts and Quotes

It’s actually caused a bit of a traffic hazard! – Pam

I mean eventually he’ll figure it out, when their kids have giant heads and beet stained teeth! – Jim

Where Dwight? – Oscar on the verge of tears
Seems like you already know where. – Dwight 

Learn your rules, you better learn your rules. If you don’t you’ll be eaten in your sleep. ARRR – Dwight

Michael’s beautifully poetic ramblings out to the car with Andy ending with Dwight and Angela are having an affair…so…that was the news…just wanted to let you know…YEAH…pulling out of the parking lot

You said that yesterday – Oscar
Yeah, my neighbor got murdered. – Meredith  

What are you doing…right? – David Wallace

Sometimes I start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going…- Michael

She certainly enjoys making lovemaking with me! – Dwight

I call loser! – Meredith

I guess people have fewer choices when they get older. – Kelly

The Prius is silent if he keeps it under 5 mph. – Oscar

Sasquatch are the strongest animals on the planet….so fine call me a Sasquatch! – Dwight

Absolute greatness in Office history!


1 Response to “The Office’s Duel”

  1. January 20, 2009 at 10:01 am

    Totally unrealistic. Those speed things have a minimum speed. I’ve tried.

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