Sunday Setlist Feb. 1st – ORLANDO!

Today I participated in worship at First Presbyterian Church Orlando’s Genesis service and it was….PHENOMENAL! (inside joke 🙂 it really was super duper though!) The look, the feel, the sound was right on! Here’s the song set: 

  • Always – not sure who or where this came from. Will look into immediately
  • Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman
  • Center – Charlie Hall – but they cut it because of time 😦 
  • Surrender – I don’t know who but you know which song I’m talking about
  • Every Nation – an original by the worship leader for the offering 
  • I am Free – response after the sermon

Great flow and sound and really simple. The band was a 4 piece with the lead singer on acoustic, lead guitar player, bass, and drums. They ran the sound average 95 dB and it felt good. I could have had a bit more but it was good. I could hear my own voice but I didn’t feel self-conscious about it. I could also hear others singing when the worship leader backed off the mic and encouraged people to sing which was GREAT! I could also hear others in the repeaty part of Always and I am Free. The pace of the songs were all up tempo-ish. It didn’t feel rushed though. 

Always – slammin’ good song.
Blessed Be Your Name – faster than the U2 groove that we do it in and felt a bit more celebrative
Surrender – again a bit faster than I’ve played it but the melody line in the chorus was also changed up a bit
Every Nation – GREAT original tune. Felt very Charlie Hall-ish, I felt the channeling of Kendall Combs in the solo. THAT’S RIGHT, you heard me. They had a guitar solo! AND a guitar outro and it was killer! It was played during the offering and then he encouraged us to sing in the breakdown of the bridge which came after the soaring solo part. We then sang the chorus that went into a sweet crazy outro. It really built the song and pulled us through to the end and everyone just burst out into clapping!
I am Free – followed the sermon and oddly was the more ‘down’ than the recording. Given the style in which the earlier stuff was played I was a bit surprised. Cool nonetheless because we don’t get to play songs like this at our church. It was great to be able to sing out like this!

The tech and lighting is worth mentioning as well!

Tech notes

  1.  Main art – was a screen behind the band that had the words with video graphics behind them. The kind of  graphics that looked like a pic until something moved. I like these. Not too distracting and not too boring.
  2. Side screens – projected onto transparenty ‘curtains’ that hung down from the ceiling on either ends of the stage. GREAT IDEA. It provided blocking to the stage and some type of complimentary videos were projected here that had more movement than the main screen. 


  1. THEY USED IT! – I love churches that actually use lighting in worship! They used it to facilitate different moments in the service. As in: times to engage others were brighter than times of worship. I love it when light is manipulated and used to help facilitate worship. 
  2. Stage lighting – besides the general stage lighting they had going on there was a gap between the main screen and the side screens that they took advantage of with lighting as well. In-between that space were some different backing blocks that they had light fixtures hitting using various movements like swirls and since the backing blocks were white, they would also change the color here as well. 

This just all seemed like a tremendous way to use the space in front in a way that wasn’t distracting yet highly beneficial for someone like me. 

It’s good to be back and part of Fred’s Sunday Setlists! Think I might make the first 5 this week! Hahaha. Go join!


2 Responses to “Sunday Setlist Feb. 1st – ORLANDO!”

  1. February 1, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Connor, so are you just visiting Orlando? Are you leading worship in Orlando?
    Cool. Hey I love your Gretch. Very nice. Good gear set up.

  2. February 1, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Just visiting.
    I do see that ‘participating’ was a bit ambiguous. I was in the congregation. I mean ‘participating’ by the fact that despite my obsessive note taking, I got to worship as well! And it was good!

    Thanks for the compliments. I need to update my gear again. New pedals from Christmas and making my own board soon 🙂

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