The Office follows the SuperBowl!

Absurdity and awkwardness are afoot in this super sized post-Super Bowl episode! 
YES there were laugh out moments! Many of them in fact.
YES there were painful moments of silence! Many of them in fact.
But this was also just too over the top for me. I mean Dwight is a maniac! I hoped that they would let us know that his grief over Angela has fractured his psyche’ or are we to assume that or just go with his wildness? I can’t imagine after Michael’s trip to David Wallace last week that this reflects positively on his ‘creative management style.’ 

For fun, go check this out when you’re finished:



Dwight’s off the deep end shenanigans remove him from Safety Officer and when Michael finds out he’s the stressor of the office, he suggests they roast him!

Pam and Jim see their relationship in a whole new way after observing some turmoil that her parents are going through.  

NOTE: it was shameful for them to boast appearances by Jack Black and Jessica Alba! Seriously? Weird. Odd. Out of place! Not even ‘in’ the show! What a letdown NBC.

Thoughts and Quotes: 

Powerpoint is boring. – Dwight

Leave it woman! – Stanley

The fire’s shooting at us! – Andy

Stanley was attacked by his own heart. – Dwight

No they are not breathing…and they have no arms or legs…If you come across someone with no arms or legs do you bother to resuscitate them? – Michael Scott

He has no wallet, I checked. – Creed

CLARICE. – Dwight

The plywood behind the confessional instead of an open window!! 

Oh my god! Ooooo man. Oh my god! Eeeeeeeee! – Kevin

If it were an iPod…it’d be a Shuffle! – Pam

Thank you Andy for rhyming Boss with Apple Sauce! 

What’s a text? – Creed

When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soul mates! In our case, our kids will be right. – Pam

Creed you’re teeth called, you’re breath stinks! Boom. Roasted. – Michael

Stanley’s laugh!

1 Response to “The Office follows the SuperBowl!”

  1. February 2, 2009 at 9:34 am

    It was great! One of the best cold-openers for sure. I agree that the cameos were out of place and didn’t really add anything to the show. Highlights for me were: the montage of Stanly yelling at people, Michael roasting the office at the end, Dwight cutting Resuscitation Annie open then cutting off her face and wearing it like silence of the lambs!!

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