Dissecting a Worship Service

I’ve been thinking about service flow lately and we’ve discussed it at our Worship Planning meetings back at River as well. I thought it’d be pertinent to write down the flow and see how it is you do things differently and how we do things differently: 

Preservice – Chris Tomlin music playing. Lights are bright. Media displaying announcements

10:58 – Band kicks up some instrumental vamping with guitar leading. Lights come down. Media displays ambient movement. 

11:03 – Band wraps up. Lights come up. Pastor welcomes and gives the morning announcements. 

11:07 – Invited to stand. Pray and a sort of call to worship is given that goes into: greet those around you! 
Wraps up with a video of the current sermon series. Lights out. 
Invited to stand. Pray. Musical portion of worship begins. House lights out on stage, and stage lights in effect.
Minimal house lights in congregational. 
AlwaysBlessed Be Your Name – prayer – Surrender – prayer 

11:24 – Morning offering is taken while the band plays an original piece written by the Worship Leader. Ends with prayer. Lights change b/w the time when it’s just the band and when the worship leader asks the congregation to sing along. Not asked to stand but asked to sing and lights help facilitate. 

11:31 – Live feed of pastor begins Scripture and Sermon. Lights out on stage and house lights up. Not 100% but brightest of the morning. 

12:08 – Stand and sing song of response. Stage lights back and house lights return down.
I am Free 

12:15 – Prayer. Condensed ‘announcements’ (more like brief reminder) and Benediction is given. 
Band vamps out loudly and boisterously a chorus and outro of I am Free. Lights up. 

Postservice – Chris Tomlin music playing. Lights are bright.  

I really liked this flow! I LOVED getting the announcements out of the way! Worried about how they’d transition with the meet & greet but having that up front was really cool too! It really felt like the whole morning was ‘worshipful.’ 

Kudos First Pres!

Outlined in the bulletin it looks like: 

Call to Worship

Blessed Be Your Name

Offering: Every Nation

Scripture & Sermon
Proverbs 22:7, 3:26-28
Plastic Slavery
Economy of God – Part 3 Dr. David Swanson

I Am Free


How do you do it? Like or dislike this flow?


1 Response to “Dissecting a Worship Service”

  1. February 2, 2009 at 9:15 am

    I love the idea of announcements first! I’ve been wanting our church to do it this way because it feels like we lose momentum when the worship is great and then we have to do all the announcements and stuff between worship and sermon.

    In the youth Pastor Aaron likes to preach directly out of worship so there’s no interrupt in the flow. I love it that way.

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