10 Reminders for Christian Life and Leadership

No matter what other people tell you…

  1. Don’t think that you have all the answers – The omniscient position has been permanently and effectively filled. 
  2. Don’t think that you should have all the answers – Just wrestling with the right questions is hard enough. 
  3. Don’t think you know exactly what others should do – While we can lead in biblical paths, we must leave final footprints to God. 
  4. Don’t think you can resolve every problem – If you could, Jesus would be unnecessary. 
  5. Don’t ever motivate someone by using guilt – While it may seem to work in the short-term, it always creates deep wounds and anger. 
  6. Don’t ever absorb someone else’s guilt – Martyrdom is a call to be accepted, not a long-term profession to be perfected.
  7. Don’t think that ministry is supposed to be easy – If you do, you haven’t been reading your Bible enough. 
  8. Don’t allow secrets, but keep confidences – The difference is that the first is based on maintaing power, while the latter seeks to protect the weak. 
  9. Don’t forget that trust is a powerful but fragile, priceless thing – Once trust is broken, the glue of repair seems to take forever to dry. 
  10. Don’t think you can change others – You can teach, lead, support, love, and model health for them, but you cannot change them. Only the Holy Spirit does long-term persuading. 

We’re in the middle of a Leadership Training Guide for staff, elders, leaders, etc. at River and I thought this was relevant! 

What smacks you in the face?


1 Response to “10 Reminders for Christian Life and Leadership”

  1. February 12, 2009 at 6:30 am

    you ask: What smacks you in the face?

    well most of it. but my main struggle would be number 10. having that expectation that i can change people. thanks for the reminder!

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