My Night with Addison Road

Jenny from Addison Road

Last night Addison Road played a show here in Baton Rouge at UBC and selfishly I was so glad it was intimate and low key. I felt a little bad for the band because that place should have been packed out! They were so good live! AND…Momma’s give me a hearty amen here: Jenny was 8 months preggers! I mean SWEET LORD! The girl’s about to pop and she is belting out these songs like nobody’s business. The downside was that under doctor’s orders, their show can only be an hour. I was left wanting so much more!

What was really great is that they really thrived in this environment. By the time the show was done and we went to say Hi, it felt like we already knew them a little bit. Besides being talented musicians, they are really down to earth people that just love playing music!

They played all of their familiar songs from the radio and all the best from the CD except my favorite! Casualties is my favorite for the half time into double time into regular time transition they do after the chorus! I love it but they didn’t play it 😦

Check us out checking out Addison Road. You should do the same!

Addison Rd 1Addison Rd 2Me and Addison RoadAddison Rd the band

3 Responses to “My Night with Addison Road”

  1. March 5, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    Nice goatee… 🙂

    Addison Road is a band that has come SO FAR from their original EP (which was prety good if you ask me, which you didn’t but I told you anyway). Especially in singing department (EP was a touch pitchy).

    They rock – it’s cool you got to see them – I missed them the last time they were near us because I was on a work trip. It’s a bummer their show wasn’t sardined – they’re a really good up and coming band.

  2. March 5, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Oh wow yeah I didn’t know they had an EP. Dude I’m telling you, this girl singing last night was with power AND she was about to pop!
    There were a few snafus and such but they had their gear stolen (last week I think) for the 2nd time this tour and were using borrowed gear! That sucks! So I don’t think it was really their fault. I was real impressed.

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