Do you Wiffiti? You should!

I use a pretty incredible curriculum for our High school and Middle school students called xP3. More info on that later but they tipped me off to a pretty sweet site called Wiffiti that was some of the most fun we’ve had as a youth group!

Wiffiti gives you a public “bulletin board” (see image below) that allows you and your friends to send text messages and have them publicly displayed on your so called bulletin board. Alone that sounds kind of lame. Enable Full Screen mode and it displays on your 2nd monitor that could be…say…your projector or TVs in your Youth room or living room! It’s all web based so there’s nothing to download or install. Simply set up your profile, choose a name, customize your background from images on flickr, and let your friends know!
While Wiffiti is free, standard text messaging rates apply. However, Wiffiti makes things super easy for you! The bottom of your bulletin board shows you how to send texts but it’s even easier than that! After your first text they reply back to your cell phone! Simply reply to their text and you’re golden. You can have a unique user name and so far I haven’t seen a limit to the amount of characters you can type, for instance 140 🙂 They also have a parental control check. Based on the rating you set – just like the movies from G to NC-17, it will filter the language that it allows up on your bulletin board.
This is amazing fun for starter mixers with your students or trivia games where the first one to respond wins or parties or just get creative!

Those are all the incredibly awesome pros to this site.

2 cons that I’ve seen. They really aren’t even a con but bugs. This worked “really good” on my Macbook Pro. I’d say “really great” however it stalled twice over a dozen or more times on my Mac and I had to Force Quit Safari to get it back. Once back, it worked like a charm. I tried it on our PC that runs our presentation software for our church and it wouldn’t display in full screen mode. So, I swapped out to my MBP and it worked beautifully.
It also appears that the only way to Delete messages is to do so manually. This is a bit of a downer when you have a dozen teenagers sending texts over and over again. I wish there was a 1 button “Delete All.” There may be, but I haven’t found it. You can delete messages on the fly however and not interrupt the display screen which is a huge plus!

I loved it!
My leaders liked it!
My students had a ton of fun!

This past Sunday we used it as they came in and for a fun trivia game. I plan on using it again real soon for welcome/mixers as students are coming in and for another game real soon!


GO TO WIFFITI.COM AND CHECK IT OUT! (I get nothing for saying that so you really should do it!)


2 Responses to “Do you Wiffiti? You should!”

  1. March 10, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Glad you liked it! We are working hard on a new version you can check out at http://preview.wiffiti.com. It should hang safari less. We don’t currently have the approval functionality (manual approval will probably be a pro feature) but we are going to roll out automatic filtering in the next week or two. You will be able to have G, R and X rated screens.

  2. March 10, 2009 at 11:24 am

    I’ve seen that recently – it’s pretty cool.

    As far as Safari, you get no sadness from me. Mac makes amazing hardware. They do not (barring iTunes) make the best software around.

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