Sunday Setlist March 8th – Better Late Than Never


Wow, it’s probably Wednesday by the time you’re reading this! Is it even relevant any longer? Well this post is easier to formulate than my thoughts for Watchmen so here you go:

Sunday was magnificent! Probably one of if not THE best at River for me since I stopped leading worship. They did:

  • Responsive Reading Call to Worship
  • Announcements
  • O Worship the King – Tomlin revampC
  • Lord Most High – C
  • Bless the Lord – Laura Story – E
  • This is Our God – TomlinA
  • Offering – We are Hungry – You know which one
  • Communion – The River – Tomlin
  • Closing – I’ve Got a River of Life Flowin’ Out of Me

This was a very Tomliny weekend, which was good because we haven’t had a heavy Passion weekend yet and that’s much more my style. Also we had 3 guitarists! YUM!! There is nothing like having 3 guitar players! It was tremendous. It sounded real full, especially because the 2 electrics are quite different! We even had a guitar solo this week which caught me off guard because I’ve just come to expect to not have one and this week was real fluid and moving with lil riffs here and bigness there and even a solo! There’s nothing like enhancing the swell of a song like 3 guitars!

Contrasting that bigness was the sweet and subtle communion song: The River. A truly old school Tomlin tune but one of my favorites. What was so intriguing is that they brought it waaaaay down and it was so beautiful. It would have been insanely beautiful but our bass player doesn’t get how to play quietly and beautifully with long sustained notes and swells. He’s one of the most talented bass players I know but can be busy and does not get the feel of a slow meandering worship tune too well.

As if those were contrasting enough, they closed with a show ’nuff hoe down there at the end! It was tremendously fun and topical and worked well enough. Here’s where all my technical babbling comes in to play. In order for a song to be conducive for clapping in a church setting where people can’t seem to clap and stand at the same time, the drums have to be loud enough to hear over the clapping. They weren’t 😦 So as we progressed through the verse we got further and further off the beat. Musically, they did a real cool thing and went into this half time feel for the choruses…however, you can’t clap in half time. There’s no beat. It was a good song nonetheless though and we haven’t ended that way in quite some time!

AND announcements were at the beginning of the service! WOOHOO!

How was your weekend? All a part (if not a late part) of Fred‘s Sunday Setlists! I’m sure you’ve already piped in but join with your debrief if you haven’t already!


1 Response to “Sunday Setlist March 8th – Better Late Than Never”

  1. March 13, 2009 at 9:46 am

    Have to laugh we have isues with the clapping thing also.
    They WON’T clap unless led. Ugh! or well, greatful for the hand raising…

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