I Watch the Watchmen

watchmen montage

So I’m going to say something quite controversial…especially within the Christian writers here on the net who love movies…but I’m going to say it. I have to say it!


…ugh….that felt so good to say outloud…

No, I didn’t love everything about it. Yes, I thought the director went over the top on a few scenes. But in the end I absolutely dug it! It will not be an easy movie for some to watch! Let’s get the right perspective here: It’s a rated R “anti-Superhero” movie directed by the guy who brought us Dawn of the Dead and 300! So think of your rated R movies that would have scenes that might make someone uncomfortable and deemed inappropriate, now lump on top of that Zack Snyder! The last thing I’ll say about that is: it’s rated R for ample reason!

That being said, the 2 or 3 scenes I had issues with weren’t enough to overshadow the whole movie for me. I thought it was brilliantly styled and shot and just a magnificently “beautiful” movie. By “beautiful” allow me to clarify that meaning the cinematography, the soundscape, the acting, etc. I did think that the movie represented the graphic novel excellently. Scenes were just chock full of life and breathe and movement that sometimes you got lost in where to look next. This was a hard story to bring to life but Snyder has a way of exposing his imagination onto film. To his criticism this is exposed in gory violence and sultry, extensive sexuality. To his credit this is exposed in visually stunning movie that is Watchmen.

Let me just say this: You must decide to CARE. This movie is long. This movie has alot of characters. This movie has alot to say. This movie enjoys relishing in the tension before the reveal. If you don’t care about the characters or decide not to get invested then after 2 hours you will be dying for it to end!

It’s the big themes of Watchmen that I loved so much and were excited to see brought to life here.
Superheroes who aren’t Super in any way, shape, or form other than donning a mask to try and battle evil, and what does that make them? Some of these bedraggled Super”heroes” make the Dark Knight look like Elmo in comparison to the demons they fight and wrestle with.
Dr. Manhattan’s separation with humanity… and yes it was visually represented by his nudity. Seriously, what’s more human than our desire to be clothed though? There’s a scene when he witnesses the Comedian commit an atrocity of the vilest nature and then becomes upset at him. To which the Comedian turns to Dr. Manhattan and challenges that he in fact shares that burden as well. He chose to stand there and do nothing! OUCH. Conviction!
What’s the value of human life? We might all agree in the sanctity of life but how does that play out when examining ideas of ‘greater good’ and sacrifice? Is the sacrifice of 1 justified by salvation of 100? 1,000? 1 million? Is the sacrifice of 1 million justified by the salvation of 1 billion?
Does the sanctity of peace outweigh the burden of truth?

Now you might have firm opinions on all those matters and may in fact disagree with how Watchmen chooses to answer or not answer some of them. I simply love that those questions are asked and we are encouraged to wrestle with them!

But bring your brain and think about the story unfolded before you. I can’t wait for the DVD! Then I can skip the parts I didn’t like 🙂


2 Responses to “I Watch the Watchmen”

  1. 1 lyricspoetic
    March 14, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    lol,I like your take. You seem be fair in your opinions. I thought similarly to the film.I work in the film industry and couldn’t stop thinking about how much money was spent computerizing and thought of the studio space,the camera shots,etc.

    I didn’t like every scene either but I loved the symbolism and the play on the contradictions of life. I dug it;)

  2. March 14, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    I kept thinking that the guy who played the Comedian was Javier Bardem (I found out later that it’s actually Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but the two actors definitely look alike

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