Acquire the Fire starts NOW


This weekend I’m taking our students to the Acquire the Fire youth retreat here in Baton Rouge, LA. Well…it’s in “Baton Rouge” but technically it’s up in Baker at Bethany World Prayer Center. So I’ll apologize right now if all you hear from me over the next 72 hours is youth related news…but hey…I’m a Youth Pastor!

I’m pretting pumped to see the difference in what I went to over 10 years ago and what they’re doing today. For starters the bands are waaaay better, so right off the bat that’s a huge plus. To make matters even more interesting, I’m doing this as a “local retreat.” Which means, we’re all crashing at a Host Home and staying the whole weekend together. So even though it’s local, nobody’s going home until Sunday!

Keep us in your prayers. Keep my wife and kiddos in your prayers. If you’re interested in Acquire the Fire then keep up here on the blog and with my twitter account with #atf (hopefully, I can fix it as soon as this posts!)



1 Response to “Acquire the Fire starts NOW”

  1. March 21, 2009 at 11:10 am

    We’ve been taking our youth group to ATF for 3 years. We were at Billings the beginning of December, and it was so powerful. Ron Luce broke the guys and girls into two groups and talked straight with us guys while the girls had their own speaker. This year was the best one yet!

    ~Shawn K (@thattalldude)

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