Get LOST – Namaste

Namaste! I don’t even know what to say about tonight. I’m already a little late here and I just feel like Hurley…”oh…what?

So good to have “old Sawyer” back with the nicknames: Khan, Doc, Quickdraw but no Freckles 😦
Again what I love about this show is that not only are we getting some answers, sure more questions but at least a few answers and is encouraging me to go back and watch the old seasons! EVERYTHING is seen in a different light now (Ethan!) I mean and did they have this planned since the beginning or not? I mean would I see the earlier things in a different light or not? Very curious.

The 3 years/30 years thing is freakin’ me out! So obviously, the first time around the gang were part of those who stayed ON the plane. For some reason, part of them “fell off” the plane and just so happened to land when the lefties were??? Again…”oh…what?

Perhaps the craziest is seeing the “new Sawyer and Juliet.” Juliet totally just made Kate wiggle on purpose. Then did you catch Sawyer…sorry Lafleur…say “my people.” All is not well on the island folks and it’s getting freaky. I suppose now we’ll have 2 storylines: Sun and friends tryiing to get 30 years into the past and Jack, Kate, and friends trying to work things out with Dharma!

Next week looks AMAZING! What’d you think?



2 Responses to “Get LOST – Namaste”

  1. March 20, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Awesome episode! I was all tensed up the whole time.

    Sayid seeing Ben as a kid was kind of creepy too. And I loved it when sun whacked Ben over the head with an oar.

  2. March 20, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    wonderfully silly LOST video review:

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