Daddy’s DOH

I’m working up my birthday post for Rae and Gavin, we did some partying this past weekend! I’d like to share with you the pics. Until then, I’ll pass along another reminder of why I will not be this year’s recipient of “Father of the Year.”

Rae’s Mom, sister, and brother’s girlfriend took her shopping for her birthday that morning. After the kiddos woke up from their nap, I thought we’d have some Daddy time and hit up a few stores ourselves and ended up at the mall to meet up with Mum. It’s amazing the things you take for granted, like say…going down the escalator.
I’ve got Gavin in the stroller and Chloe walking by my side. I simply tell Chloe to follow us down the escalator and watch and talk to Gavin as we go down.

OK Daddy!

I turn around and Gavin and I face her and we start down. Chloe looks at us and reaches up to the handrail and then stops. She stutters a few times, drops her bunny, but is stuck stunned at the top of the escalator while Gavin and I ride down to the bottom helpless to do anything but holler back up to the top:

Chloe! Come on baby. Follow us down, please!

Thankfully, a sweet lady talked Chloe into holding her hand and rode the escalator down to us allowing the pile up of people behind her to come on down as well.

That’s another Daddy DOH notch on my belt. I must say though, it’s pretty funny now looking back on it. Me helpless holding a stroller looking up the escalator, a pink bunny about 5 steps further, and then Chloe and a stranger about 5 steps above that 🙂

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