My Offline Time-line

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so….did you miss me? The past 2 weekends have been  crazy go nuts and I’ve been out of touch here on the blog but having tons of fun and I know you’re just dying to find out what you’ve been missing out on!

Let’s start with this past weekend shall we?


  • I ran over my cat backing into the driveway. It was already crazy because I had a loong day at work and had to be back to River KidStuf practice that night. I saw the cats moving as I backed into the driveway like they always do and then my truck went WHOMP. I’m pretty sure I said something I wasn’t supposed to outloud with my kids with me but I knew exactly what happened. A couple hours later and $140 we found out that our cat is made of steel and appeared not to have any broken bones. He’s recuperating in our bathroom.


  • Crammed 5 days of work into 3 so that on Thursday we could take off to Atlanta
  • 6am the band met up at my house to take off to ATL
  • We stopped off at a gas station and found some awfully suspicious Spiderman paraphenalia.
  • Lunch that day was the Arby’s Roastburger. Delicious but vapors kept filling the SUV 🙂
  • 4pm we roll into my cousin’s house South of the city. I’d never seen my cousin’s house or apartment or anything before. The family always comes here for stuff so it was great to see his pad!
  • We freshened up and took off to the city!
  • Smith’s Olde Bar is wicked awesome! Pool tables and restaurant downstairs with a happening club venue upstairs.
  • The show was STELLAR! We hung around all night. After we injected Heart’s What About Love with some Lindsay Rae Spurlock style they asked Lindsay to do Sarah Mclachlan’s Posession and then Justin and Tully hopped on with the last act to do a Grand Master Flash song. It was sick!


  • On the way home from the show we needed sustenance and hit up a McDonald’s 24hr drive thru. DO NOT EVER GO TO MCD’S AT 3 AM. Ugh…I still feel sick from that.
  • We grabbed some ‘breakfast/lunch’ at Chili’s and rolled up into ATL to pick up some of Lindsay’s CDs
  • Back in the SUV and home again home again jiggity jig.
  • We happened to find the world’s worst Burger King in Alabama. They kept 2 doors locked and only have 1 open. They were out of bar-b-que sauce. Out of Dr. Pepper. Out of Coke and the Coke she got me from the drive thru felt off as well. They gave my order to Justin and took a day to get him his. As we were leaving some other customer brought their order back b/c it was wrong. The only upside was the free crowns 🙂
  • Discovered Mafia Wars app on the iPhone and some crazy great music on this trip! St. Vincent…mmm…
  • Home and sleeping in my own bed was amazing!


  • We took a nice and lazy morning.
  • The family and I met up with a good buddy of mine (who should blog more) for Free Comic Book Day. It was so great to pass along some of my great geek heritage to Chloe! 
  • After the kiddos got up we enjoyed some incredible weather downtown for Baton Rouge’s Fest For All. We had fun wearing the kids (and me and Rae) on the hills on the old State Capitol.
  • Dinner was at Gram and Gramps where we always eat too much!
  • Bed time was early


  • Started at 4:30am wake up
  • Brewing coffee at 5:40am at the church
  • Finished capturing video and setting levels for KidStuf and noticed that the sanctuary wasn’t set back up from the women’s retreat held there. So we ended up stacking and restacking chairs which was a beating.
  • We had the last River KidStuf of the season and it was insane!
  • Family lunch and nap time and then I was back up at the church for a little after 3pm
  • Youth played Stuffed Animal Dodgeball again!
  • 6:30 I was heading home. 10 hours at church are such a beating. A great beating! But a beating 🙂

I’ve got a ton more to catch up on so hold on to your butts. It’ll be a good week!


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