iPhoto photo tips and tricks made easy

I spent some time last week putting together a Senior Montage video for our graduates. In doing so, I found some quick easy steps to enhance your photos (and videos) in iPhoto and iMovie. The controls for these 2 applications are smooth and easy to use but as simple as they are, you can still get bogged down and carried away. I find the Enhance feature usually works OK but sometimes it just doesn’t do it.

I found these 3-5 steps can take less than 60 seconds and make a huge difference on your photos or videos:

  1. Saturation: Slide it towards the right to enhance your colors to look full and rich. Don’t worry about if it gets too dark because next:
  2. Level Slider: Slide the middle one to the left to brighten up your photo if the saturation has made it too dark. (It’s the little triangle beneath those 3 colors inbetween 0-100%)
  3. Contrast: Slide it towards the right to enhance focus
  4. Reduce Noise: Slide it towards the right to smooth out any potential rough patches
  5. Sharpness: Slide it towards the right for final edges. It’s like a focused Contrast slider.

So there you go. Have fun and go nuts! I noticed that when projecting something like in church from a projector (espeically a front lit one) that you need to almost need to oversaturate the colors becuase they look much more faded up there than thay do on your LCD computer monitor.

iPhoto Adjustment


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