Coldplay Life in New Orleans

I witnessed the best concert I’ve ever been to Tuesday night as the culmination of my 30th birthday surprises ended at the New Orleans arena at the Coldplay concert! The show was moved up to 7pm which was only a half hour earlier than scheduled but seeing how we didn’t get out of there until after 11, I was thankful! This was one of the best line ups I’ve seen:

So we had our fare share of awesome accents – Australian, Irish, and British (actually distinct when you hear them 1 after another and the Irish was the best!) The bands were all talented. I kept telling Rae and Ali, if “they” are this good then Coldplay is going to be NUTS!! And they were!! For one of the world’s biggest rock bands they haven’t lost the ability to connect with members of their audience, even at a huge arena show!

Enough of my jibba jabba. Here are the boys kickin’ it in New Orleans:

Coldplay New Orleans 1Coldplay NO3Coldplay New Orleans 4

Here’s the video that helps that make sense, in case you haven’t seen 1 of the greatest music videos 🙂

And here are some of our pics:

DSC06694Coldplay YellowColdplay LoversChris Martin will Fix You

Here’s what made up their 2 hour masterpiece 🙂

  • Life In Technicolor
    Violet Hill
    In My Place
    Glass Of Water
    Cemeteries Of London
    Fix You
    Strawberry Swing
    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)
    Talk (techno version)
    The Hardest Part (Chris piano)
    Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)
    Viva La Vida
    Green Eyes (acoustic)
    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic – Will vocals)
    I’m A Believer (Neil Diamond Cover – acoustic)
    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)
    Lovers In Japan
    Death And All His Friends
    The Scientist
    Life in Technicolor ii
    The Escapist (outro)

1 Response to “Coldplay Life in New Orleans”

  1. June 11, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    You bet Irish accents are the best…especially Northern Irish like Snow Patrol.

    Or Northern Irish transplanted to the UK for a while before being dragged to Australia…like my wife.

    Sat behind Howling Bells on a flight back from the US a few years ago – nice guys + gal in addition to being a cool band.

    Glad you had such a great time…it was fun following the tweets 🙂

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