Life Lessons from Vegas

We spent a week in Las Vegas for my surprise 30th birthday present with 4 GREAT friends and I’m tremendously behind in the sharing of stories and pictures. While I catch up, I’ll share with you some things I learned in my short stay in Sin City 🙂

Fashion Lies


I saw this on a shirt in a store that sold t-shirts for $200.00. WHAT!?! I mean, I could see this on a silly shirt in Wal-Mart or even a graphic tee from like Hollister but from this high end boutique where everything is stupid expensive, the absurdity of this statement isn’t hilarious it’s ridiculous. I wanted to take my flip flop off and scmack the guy behind the counter.
Here this well people: clothes are just clothes! Respect yourself and your appearance but you ever take yourself to the point where you buy a $300 shirt that spits that disease in my face and I’ll slap you too 🙂

Don’t eat so much!

I don’t know where all the cheap casino buffets were! We chose to treat ourselves to some nice places but even at our down meals we noticed real quickly that it’d be best to split plates and we found out that WOW they make large portions! I think Rae and I are going to really look into splitting meals more often. Even the extra 2 or 3 bucks to split the entree is better than a whole other entree’s price and portion…unless I can bring it home and eat it for leftovers the next day! What we didn’t notice even after splitting 1 entree was our hunger! Even with the smaller portions we weren’t hungry later on! So yeah, we’re going to eat less and spend less eating out!


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