Today was a week’s worth of thrills and spills! It’s hard to believe that we accomplished all the we did today in actually 1 day. So to make this a bit more manageable, here’s DCLA pre-DCLA.

This morning we woke up and the weather here in DC is unbelievable! Cool, windy, just beautiful. We took in a few museums before lunch, the Air and Space and American History. I thought that both of these would be terrible downders but in the Air and Space I found the space part totally exciting and some photographs of costellations that are linked to www.fromearthtotheuniverse.org go check it out because it’ll blow your mind! Especially if you dug Uncle Louie’s How Great is our God series!

In the American History museum the ocean exhibit rocked my world! Wowzers! It was amazing and also depressing. I found out that it is true that Coke’s been lying to us with their false advertising all these years. There’s no way that cute little panda bear could share his Coke with penguins because they live on totally different poles from one another!

The true spectacle of the day was the Holocaust museum. I’ve got to say that this was a ‘whatev’ kind of thing going into it. Everybody said you can’t miss it so we went and wow, I needed another hour or so in there! It’s truly a remarkable museum. It’s 3 floors of history and story and it just gets so intense. I made it all the way to near the end when there’s this little auditorium that shows video interviews of survivors telling their stories…I lost it…a grown man crying by himself with a room full of strangers is pretty embarrassing but its powerful and it just hits you.
It leaves me with so many questions though. It’s filled with stories of heroism and grace, as well as an embodiment of evil and hatred that is palpable. It really boggles my mind.

So I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the DC area! It’s well worth it. We had nearly 2 and 1/2 hours and I could have easily used another 30 mins to an hour.

THEN came our 1st night of DCLA which was WOAH CRAZY YEAH AMAZING WOWZERS! But I’m going to be a Circle Coach in the morning so it’s time for bed. More later!

DCLA twitterers/bloggers/etc. we need to hit up a time to meet in the Youth Pastor’s Oasis and network.

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