DCLA 2: Saturday Morning

Blogging about DCLA is crazy tough because there is SO much happening here! Yesterday morning had us in a room with 800ish students broken up into small groups of about 8 students. Some of our students were Group Leaders and this was one of the highlights of the day for them! Meeting and sharing life with 7 other students from across the country! That morning we learned about our identity. That was God says about me is the most truest thing there is about me!
Afterwards, we had an hour or so to play. I was going to buzz the vendor circles and then get some work done and then play some ping pong. Instead, I barely made it through the vendor line! Joe made fun of me for not knowing a stranger and talking to everyone! I didn’t even realize it took that long but the crew here is amazing! Compassion, Invisible Children, Me.Glad, To Write Love On Her Arms, My Broken Palace, Blood.Water.Mission, many colleges and seminaries, and many more! I had 2 things against me:
1. My cool Toms shirt on. Toms, we love you and wow what a conversation starter!
2. My ability to have a conversation with a brick wall 🙂 So yeah, an hour flew by!

I had to run to Duffy Robbins breakout session about Straight Answers in a Crooked World. Ole man is LEGIT! Wow. Hilarious and insightful! Reasons we make bad desicions:
1. We have a bad compass
2. When we have bad company
3. When we have bad comprehension
How we make good decisions:
1. STOP and look at where you want to end up
2. LOOK for the lie
3. LISTEN to the word of God

Then it was straight to the prescreening of the new movie To Save A Life due out in theaters January 2010. Full review soon. Still processing.

WOW. All that before our night session!

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