Purge Strategy Session #2

Quick update on Session #1 is that it’s going TREMENDOUSLY WELL! Today I had more free time on my hands that a typical Tuesday but it was great buzzing straight in my Red (high priority) folder and knocking them out this morning and then Yellow for lunch and sit down with the rest when I got home and had time to meander around! I think this new system is really going to work!

Session #2 was going through my Twitter @’s or Mentions and adding everyone who I’m in contact with to my blogroll. Fortunately, it wasn’t that many more but I realized I had been missing some of you. You went straight to Red! It’s my hope to have overlapping circles of community so that they all intercede and work with one another instead of against one another. It would be like trying to do music, do youth, do church, do social outings all with completely separate sets of friends all while trying to be a Dad and a husband! Crazy!

The final stage of Session #2 is compiling my Twitter feed as I did my Google Reader…only I’m stuck! I can’t decide between Seesmic and TweetDeck. Someone had tipped me off to HootSuite and the video and interface are sweet but they’re web based 😦 and I’m not thinking that’s going to work the best for me. I like the desktop interface of the previous 2. I suppose I just can’t decide between Userlists or Columns.

HELP! Which do you use? Seesmic or TweetDeck?


2 Responses to “Purge Strategy Session #2”

  1. August 19, 2009 at 2:31 am

    I haven’t decided yet either…been using Mixero which is interesting (it uses the Userlist principle, but you can break it out into columns or windows). If it was prettier it would be the easy winner.

    So I currently wrestle with whether I should use the elegant simplicity of Tweetie, or the efficiency of Tweetdeck.

    I’m thinking Tweetdeck will win when I get a minute to properly evaluate it all though 🙂

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