Kanye West: Before and After

I am SO SICK of saying, “Man I really love that guy’s music, I just wish he’d keep his stupid mouth shut when he’s not singing.” When a stunt last night can be referred to as “Taylor Swift getting Kanye-d” then enough is enough. I don’t care that he was downing a bottle of Hennesy. I no longer care how talented he is. I know MTV shares the blame with this and it’s another reason why I don’t remember the last time I watched that station.

Here’s Kanye West before last night:

Kanye Before

Here’s after:

Kanye after

1 Response to “Kanye West: Before and After”

  1. September 14, 2009 at 10:02 am

    It’s sad isn’t it. He’s so talented with his music, but I swear he has multiple personality disorder. His music is GOOD, probably a step short of inspired or exemplar, but good none the less. I personally did this when he decided to dress up like Jesus for no good reason on the cover of Rolling Stone (or whatever magazine it was).

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