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Purge Strategy Session #2

Quick update on Session #1 is that it’s going TREMENDOUSLY WELL! Today I had more free time on my hands that a typical Tuesday but it was great buzzing straight in my Red (high priority) folder and knocking them out this morning and then Yellow for lunch and sit down with the rest when I got home and had time to meander around! I think this new system is really going to work!

Session #2 was going through my Twitter @’s or Mentions and adding everyone who I’m in contact with to my blogroll. Fortunately, it wasn’t that many more but I realized I had been missing some of you. You went straight to Red! It’s my hope to have overlapping circles of community so that they all intercede and work with one another instead of against one another. It would be like trying to do music, do youth, do church, do social outings all with completely separate sets of friends all while trying to be a Dad and a husband! Crazy!

The final stage of Session #2 is compiling my Twitter feed as I did my Google Reader…only I’m stuck! I can’t decide between Seesmic and TweetDeck. Someone had tipped me off to HootSuite and the video and interface are sweet but they’re web based 😦 and I’m not thinking that’s going to work the best for me. I like the desktop interface of the previous 2. I suppose I just can’t decide between Userlists or Columns.

HELP! Which do you use? Seesmic or TweetDeck?


Purge Strategy Session #1

For a desperate attempt to get me up and blogging again I’m taking my social networks by storm starting with my Google Reader!
Previously I had tried to create some specific folders to categorize all of you in. That failed and many of you ended up unfoldered. GReader now looks like this:

Google Reader Folders

It’s pretty self explanatory but in case you need help:
Local – All my locals blogging
Red – STOP and read ASAP
Yellow – Read these next
Green – If I have time I’ll get to you. I also put people I’m not really sure why I’m following in here as well. If I don’t recognize you this week then…buh-bye, otherwise you’re golden…literally πŸ™‚ get it! Haha.
Church News – Church blogs or those pertaining specifically to doing church.
Entertainment News – Specific entertainment blogs

So that’s how I went this time around.

Next comes Twitter with similar categories in Tweet Deck.

Then Facebook.

Finally this here blog!

But this does mean…I’M BACK people!


Hillsong’s Video Blog Tour

Blog Tour Ecard

In celebration of our latest Joint review and the upcoming new Hillsong CD/DVD release dropping next week, they’re leaking some incredible videos on some incredible blogs so go get ’em!

Start here with Los and Brooke Fraser’s stunning I Will Exalt You

Then here with Tony and No Reason to Hide

Then with Ben and You Hold Me Now

Then Pete with We Will See Him

I think Fred‘s next



Today was a week’s worth of thrills and spills! It’s hard to believe that we accomplished all the we did today in actually 1 day. So to make this a bit more manageable, here’s DCLA pre-DCLA.

This morning we woke up and the weather here in DC is unbelievable! Cool, windy, just beautiful. We took in a few museums before lunch, the Air and Space and American History. I thought that both of these would be terrible downders but in the Air and Space I found the space part totally exciting and some photographs of costellations that are linked to go check it out because it’ll blow your mind! Especially if you dug Uncle Louie’s How Great is our God series!

In the American History museum the ocean exhibit rocked my world! Wowzers! It was amazing and also depressing. I found out that it is true that Coke’s been lying to us with their false advertising all these years. There’s no way that cute little panda bear could share his Coke with penguins because they live on totally different poles from one another!

The true spectacle of the day was the Holocaust museum. I’ve got to say that this was a ‘whatev’ kind of thing going into it. Everybody said you can’t miss it so we went and wow, I needed another hour or so in there! It’s truly a remarkable museum. It’s 3 floors of history and story and it just gets so intense. I made it all the way to near the end when there’s this little auditorium that shows video interviews of survivors telling their stories…I lost it…a grown man crying by himself with a room full of strangers is pretty embarrassing but its powerful and it just hits you.
It leaves me with so many questions though. It’s filled with stories of heroism and grace, as well as an embodiment of evil and hatred that is palpable. It really boggles my mind.

So I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the DC area! It’s well worth it. We had nearly 2 and 1/2 hours and I could have easily used another 30 mins to an hour.

THEN came our 1st night of DCLA which was WOAH CRAZY YEAH AMAZING WOWZERS! But I’m going to be a Circle Coach in the morning so it’s time for bed. More later!

DCLA twitterers/bloggers/etc. we need to hit up a time to meet in the Youth Pastor’s Oasis and network.

Follow me @worshipcity and

Capitol HillHolocaust wallChildren's TilesAnother Building


Youth Chatter – June 7th

Youth Chatter is my new “Sunday Setlist” post for Mondays. It’ll include the highlights and discussion points from the previous day’s youth activities. Not that I won’t continue doing Sunday Setlists but this is an effort to help shift my blog topics to ones that more reflect what life is looking like for me right now. And since I spent nearly 7 hours on Sunday with students, I think that should get discussed a bit more around here πŸ™‚

So Sunday was our “Moving Day” for student groups. What that means (and why I put it in quotation marks) is that students move themselves to their next level student group on this date. They don’t officially become 6th graders or 9th graders or college students until the fall. However, we’ve noticed the trend that students see themselves as graduating as soon as school wraps up and rather than try and fight that battle all summer, we just assist the shift and allow them safe passage.

What that meant for the youth ministry was a vision casting session for middle school in the morning and pool parties for both groups in the afternoon.

I’ve learned a little about vision casting lately. My 2 books to Vegas were Andy Stanley’s Making Vision Stick and Mark Oestreicher’s Youth Ministry 3.0 (full review coming soon, maybe even good ole MarkO will pick it up on his blog! Haha) so it’s no wonder that I came back jacked up on ministry. I realized that vision casting isn’t about describing your curriculum. It’s not about signing students up on an email roster. It’s not even about getting them into small groups because we believe that’s where life change occurs. No it’s about where your youth ministry is headed! AND it should be simple and memorable (and repeated and celebrated and embraced πŸ™‚ pg. 18.) But I realized that I didn’t have a vision for our youth group. So I crafted one while in Las Vegas of all places. It’s not defined or memorable YET but it’s about Communion. And communion is a bit different from community. Communion is community with Christ in the center of it (YM 3.0 chapter 6 somewhere.) That’s the focus of my middle school right now. We’re lacking on community in general but also community with Christ popping up in every crevice and corner of our activities.

So I cast that with my students! I showed them Wall*E. I showed them the clip where Wall*E first boards the Axiom and we see what life looks like. Everyone, all together, sharing the same space, even moving in the same direction, eating the same things, dressing the same way, “talking” with one another, and asked them what they saw. It was lively discussion about everything in the clip except the one thing I was hoping for until one girl finally said:

Well they’re all together talking but they’re not talking with one another. It’s like they’re texting to someone sitting right next to them. I mean like what’s up with that.

BOOYAH! Are they in community with one another doing things together? NO!
BOOYAH! Right into a discussion about what true community looks like and then further into what Communion looks like with Christ in the center. Fast forward to the clip where the captain holds this gift of a plant and spews at Auto: I DON’T WANT TO SURVIVE I WANT TO LIVE! If we even muster up our imagination to try and comprehend what Jesus has to offer us then this should be our mantra. To live is Christ, to die is gain sound familiar to anyone? Man finds a treasure in a field and sells everything he has to purchase that field sound familiar to anyone? But thank you Wall*E for opening that door for me. We posses a gift so valuable and so magnificent that we should cast all things aside risking even health and comfort for the opportunity to LIVE rather than simply survive.

I went way longer than I originally intended but I’m a bit jacked up about this right now. SO Youth pastors/leaders/volunteers if I can get a Mr. Linky thing going on or find someone who has one set up please come back around each Monday and discuss your ministry highs/lows or other chatter that can help edify the kingdom at large!


I’m baaaack!

If there’s anyone left reading this poor example of a blog please know that I AM BACK!

AND I’m back with a vengenance. I’d already been feeling uber stale about what’s been going on over here and then my wife threw down a surprise birthday party on Saturday and notified me that we and 4 of our best friends would be going to Las Vegas on MONDAY to celebrate my 30th birthday! It was exactly what I needed!

SO hold on to your butts because we have:

  • Youth Ministry 3.0 by MarkO
  • Time’s article on Twitter – #timetwitter
  • 400 Las Vegas pictures to torture you with πŸ™‚
  • Apple/iPhone/Mac fun stuff

And most importantly, I think a renewed vision for what I want Worship City to be. Honestly, I’ve begun struggling with it as a blog and where it should fall between Forums – Facebook – Twitter and a communicative community builder. It’s tough and haven’t figured it all out and if you have then please let me know.

Otherwise, consider this that hug you get from an old friend who you haven’t seen in a while πŸ™‚

Byrd and Bears


My Offline Time-line

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so….did you miss me? The past 2 weekends have beenΒ  crazy go nuts and I’ve been out of touch here on the blog but having tons of fun and I know you’re just dying to find out what you’ve been missing out on!

Let’s start with this past weekend shall we?


  • I ran over my cat backing into the driveway. It was already crazy because I had a loong day at work and had to be back to River KidStuf practice that night. I saw the cats moving as I backed into the driveway like they always do and then my truck went WHOMP. I’m pretty sure I said something I wasn’t supposed to outloud with my kids with me but I knew exactly what happened. A couple hours later and $140 we found out that our cat is made of steel and appeared not to have any broken bones. He’s recuperating in our bathroom.


  • Crammed 5 days of work into 3 so that on Thursday we could take off to Atlanta
  • 6am the band met up at my house to take off to ATL
  • We stopped off at a gas station and found some awfully suspicious Spiderman paraphenalia.
  • Lunch that day was the Arby’s Roastburger. Delicious but vapors kept filling the SUV πŸ™‚
  • 4pm we roll into my cousin’s house South of the city. I’d never seen my cousin’s house or apartment or anything before. The family always comes here for stuff so it was great to see his pad!
  • We freshened up and took off to the city!
  • Smith’s Olde Bar is wicked awesome! Pool tables and restaurant downstairs with a happening club venue upstairs.
  • The show was STELLAR! We hung around all night. After we injected Heart’s What About Love with some Lindsay Rae Spurlock style they asked Lindsay to do Sarah Mclachlan’s Posession and then Justin and Tully hopped on with the last act to do a Grand Master Flash song. It was sick!


  • On the way home from the show we needed sustenance and hit up a McDonald’s 24hr drive thru. DO NOT EVER GO TO MCD’S AT 3 AM. Ugh…I still feel sick from that.
  • We grabbed some ‘breakfast/lunch’ at Chili’s and rolled up into ATL to pick up some of Lindsay’s CDs
  • Back in the SUV and home again home again jiggity jig.
  • We happened to find the world’s worst Burger King in Alabama. They kept 2 doors locked and only have 1 open. They were out of bar-b-que sauce. Out of Dr. Pepper. Out of Coke and the Coke she got me from the drive thru felt off as well. They gave my order to Justin and took a day to get him his. As we were leaving some other customer brought their order back b/c it was wrong. The only upside was the free crowns πŸ™‚
  • Discovered Mafia Wars app on the iPhone and some crazy great music on this trip! St. Vincent…mmm…
  • Home and sleeping in my own bed was amazing!


  • We took a nice and lazy morning.
  • The family and I met up with a good buddy of mine (who should blog more) for Free Comic Book Day. It was so great to pass along some of my great geek heritage to Chloe!Β 
  • After the kiddos got up we enjoyed some incredible weather downtown for Baton Rouge’s Fest For All. We had fun wearing the kids (and me and Rae) on the hills on the old State Capitol.
  • Dinner was at Gram and Gramps where we always eat too much!
  • Bed time was early


  • Started at 4:30am wake up
  • Brewing coffee at 5:40am at the church
  • Finished capturing video and setting levels for KidStuf and noticed that the sanctuary wasn’t set back up from the women’s retreat held there. So we ended up stacking and restacking chairs which was a beating.
  • We had the last River KidStuf of the season and it was insane!
  • Family lunch and nap time and then I was back up at the church for a little after 3pm
  • Youth played Stuffed Animal Dodgeball again!
  • 6:30 I was heading home. 10 hours at church are such a beating. A great beating! But a beating πŸ™‚

I’ve got a ton more to catch up on so hold on to your butts. It’ll be a good week!


I…ugh…time out

I just can’t seem to post anything right now. We dropped a Joint review today but that’ll have to wait. I’m a bit behind on the news but instead of talking about me and what I’m doing I’d rather you go pray and love on another blogger today. He and his wife have had some terrible news this week. It’s much bigger than anything I could say here.

John’s a dynamite guy and an incredible tech junkie. His blog(s) keep me busy and he’s incredible at building community on his sites. I mean, I’ve never met the guy and my heart breaks for him and his wife and his little girl.

Please go now to human3rror and pray for their family. It all starts with this post.

I’m taking a time out for now.


To Beard or Not to Beard, THAT is the Question!

You choose. I’m restless. Apparently there’s a second phase of beard itch that I’ve entered into and can’t decide if it should stay or if it should go:

Beard 2Beard 1

Wow, if the circus comes to town, I could fill in for the Bearded Woman! Hahaha. Ladies don’t be jealous of my goldy locks πŸ™‚

Bearded woman


I Just Wanna Say Israel’s New Video is worth checking out

So we reviewed Israel Houghton’s new CD, The Power of One recently here and here and here on the Joint. If you remember, yours truly wasn’t a big fan. However, today the video for I Just Wanna Say dropped over @loswhit ‘s Ragamuffin Soul blog and after we crashed his site, I got a chance to watch it.

I’ll tell you, for all my criticism of Israel, the guy makes up for it in energy and feel. I think the only thing that ‘bothers’ me about it is the camera angle of him on the drums and bass. It makes him look like a little guy. (Unless of course, he really is a little guy, to which, I apologize profusely.)

So check it out!

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