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Coldplay Life in New Orleans

I witnessed the best concert I’ve ever been to Tuesday night as the culmination of my 30th birthday surprises ended at the New Orleans arena at the Coldplay concert! The show was moved up to 7pm which was only a half hour earlier than scheduled but seeing how we didn’t get out of there until after 11, I was thankful! This was one of the best line ups I’ve seen:

So we had our fare share of awesome accents – Australian, Irish, and British (actually distinct when you hear them 1 after another and the Irish was the best!) The bands were all talented. I kept telling Rae and Ali, if “they” are this good then Coldplay is going to be NUTS!! And they were!! For one of the world’s biggest rock bands they haven’t lost the ability to connect with members of their audience, even at a huge arena show!

Enough of my jibba jabba. Here are the boys kickin’ it in New Orleans:

Coldplay New Orleans 1Coldplay NO3Coldplay New Orleans 4

Here’s the video that helps that make sense, in case you haven’t seen 1 of the greatest music videos 🙂

And here are some of our pics:

DSC06694Coldplay YellowColdplay LoversChris Martin will Fix You

Here’s what made up their 2 hour masterpiece 🙂

  • Life In Technicolor
    Violet Hill
    In My Place
    Glass Of Water
    Cemeteries Of London
    Fix You
    Strawberry Swing
    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)
    Talk (techno version)
    The Hardest Part (Chris piano)
    Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)
    Viva La Vida
    Green Eyes (acoustic)
    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic – Will vocals)
    I’m A Believer (Neil Diamond Cover – acoustic)
    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)
    Lovers In Japan
    Death And All His Friends
    The Scientist
    Life in Technicolor ii
    The Escapist (outro)

This isn’t happening. Pinch me.

A week ago I woke up in sunny beautiful Las Vegas, NV with my wife and 4 of my best friends. It was the greatest surprise, best vacation, most amazing birthday EVER!

Today I wake up in sunny muggy Baton Rouge, LA with 3 tickets to see Coldplay tonight in New Orleans with my wife adn 1 of our best friends! It’s going to be the greatest concert EVER!

I can’t recall how many times I’ve muttered,

This isn’t happening. Pinch me. What’s going on? This is amazing

over the past 10 days! So while my blogging has been light, watch out because it’s about to pick up!

Follow my twitterfeed tonight @ for Coldplay goodies. Turning 30 has never felt so good 🙂


Calling Texas!

In 8 hours I’ll venture on my first ever “tour!” It’ll be a mini tour at that, but if you’re in Texas then head’s up! On the side I play lead guitar for a fine musician by the name of Lindsay Rae Spurlock. Here’s the shindig:

  • Wednesday night – House Party “We made it celebration” to play and watch the big debut of Lindsay’s music on MTV’s Real World Brooklyn! Tune in and check it out! Screams and hollers will be coming from Austin!
  • Thursday night – Shak-a-Ton Event on Texas A&M’s campus in College Station
  • Friday night – Fort Worth at Lola’s Saloon
  • Saturday night – Dallas at The Cavern

So if you’re close by drop in and say Hello! I’ll be blogging frequently of the tour and hopefully doing some video journaling! We’re going to be big I tell you!!! Isn’t everything bigger in Texas? That’s what they tell me.


Acquire the Fire Night 1

We survived night 1 of Acquire the Fire! What a night. It was tremendously jam packed. I’m exhausted so all you get is some bulletpoints and a few pics! More info later:

  • Phil Joel leading worship is old school rock meets worship.
  • Someone at Bethany needs to be notified that this is a Youth Retreat so they can turn it up.
  • Joel Johnson spoke tonight with a good talk on wants vs. needs (something my father would be proud of since that was his mantra for about 15 years!)
  • The drama team is top notch! Really impressive.
  • Someone at Bethany needs to be trained on how to use a spot light.
  • First time seeing a half hour altar call in a loooooooooong time.
  • Everyday Sunday was fun.

What I just can’t shake unfortunately from the night was this quote:

All the statistics show that the more time people spend on the internet, the more lonely they become and the more depressed they become!

And I call a big SHENANIGANS. I’d like to see that study. Otherwise, cool night! Fun night. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Loving everyday sundayimg_1709


Acquire the Fire starts NOW


This weekend I’m taking our students to the Acquire the Fire youth retreat here in Baton Rouge, LA. Well…it’s in “Baton Rouge” but technically it’s up in Baker at Bethany World Prayer Center. So I’ll apologize right now if all you hear from me over the next 72 hours is youth related news…but hey…I’m a Youth Pastor!

I’m pretting pumped to see the difference in what I went to over 10 years ago and what they’re doing today. For starters the bands are waaaay better, so right off the bat that’s a huge plus. To make matters even more interesting, I’m doing this as a “local retreat.” Which means, we’re all crashing at a Host Home and staying the whole weekend together. So even though it’s local, nobody’s going home until Sunday!

Keep us in your prayers. Keep my wife and kiddos in your prayers. If you’re interested in Acquire the Fire then keep up here on the blog and with my twitter account with #atf (hopefully, I can fix it as soon as this posts!)



My Night with Addison Road

Jenny from Addison Road

Last night Addison Road played a show here in Baton Rouge at UBC and selfishly I was so glad it was intimate and low key. I felt a little bad for the band because that place should have been packed out! They were so good live! AND…Momma’s give me a hearty amen here: Jenny was 8 months preggers! I mean SWEET LORD! The girl’s about to pop and she is belting out these songs like nobody’s business. The downside was that under doctor’s orders, their show can only be an hour. I was left wanting so much more!

What was really great is that they really thrived in this environment. By the time the show was done and we went to say Hi, it felt like we already knew them a little bit. Besides being talented musicians, they are really down to earth people that just love playing music!

They played all of their familiar songs from the radio and all the best from the CD except my favorite! Casualties is my favorite for the half time into double time into regular time transition they do after the chorus! I love it but they didn’t play it 😦

Check us out checking out Addison Road. You should do the same!

Addison Rd 1Addison Rd 2Me and Addison RoadAddison Rd the band


Feeling like a Rockstar

It’s been sometime since I did any playing other than at church. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to play lead guitar with some friends of mine for a friend of mine. This week she’s The Advocate’s Musicians Spotlight online. 

Lindsay Spurlock

We play again tonight (Thursday) at Chelsea’s Cafe. It’s even better this time around as one of the opening bands is another good friend of mine. Unfortunately, I’m fending off a wicked cold/sinus battle of epic proportions so all you get is this measly post and the promise of something better to come 🙂 

I will leave you with a couple shots from the Spanish Moon and that it is so incredible to be back out playing like this. Working at a church has pretty much eliminated every non-Christian encounter that I used to have! It just feels…”right” to be back out there! So if you’re a local, come check us out! If you’re not then go support some great friends of mine! 

lindsay rae spurlock     ASNS

              Lindsay Rae Spurlock               David Loti with A Soup Named Stew


Me and Rae Rocking Out

  Rae and Me & my Sexy Pants                    Me rocking out with my Gretsch!


Coldplay Just Won’t Stop


It was a dark period for me after  X&Y had completely saturated the radio when Chris Martin made a comment to the effect of: “Even we’re tired of ourselves. You won’t be hearing from us for some time.” However, the sun has risen on a new day! Coldplay is back!

  • Still riding the one-two punch of singles Viva La Vida and Violet Hill, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends has moved 1.8 million copies and is BRILLIANT in my humble opinion 🙂 
  • American Music Awards had them on performing Lovers in Japan.
  • Kanye West threw out some Chris Martin love during his acceptance speech.
  • Last week they were No. 15 in Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainers of the Year list.
  • Prospeckt’s March is out with some yummy morsels of goodness and is No. 4 in the Top Albums list on iTunes.
  • TiVo picked up their Austin City Limits show from X&Y this morning for me!!
  • The CD dropped this year and already we have a video collection that includes Lovers in Japan, LOST!, Violet Hill, and now 2 for Viva La Vida.

Then came Jay-Z! The latest ‘Collision Course’ like collaboration of Viva La Vida and Jay-Z. If that wasn’t enough, he’s accompanying Coldplay for 3 tour dates in the UK! Man, I’ve always wanted to cross the pond! Looks like it’ll be happening in September of next year!

Who’s with me?!? 

Now comes Kylie Minogue! Apparently, she popped into the Bakery while the boys were recording and they created a song ‘too sexy’ for Viva la Vida. It’ll be featured in a new release out next year and at Join(RED)’s new site (RED)WIRE that launches….today! 

While you’re at it email you’re name and address to competitions-at-coldplay-dot-com before Dec. 15th to win a setlist from their show at Birmingham.

I’m expecting a Coldplay burnout any day now but it just isn’t happening. 

I guess if you’re going to be the biggest Rock Band in the world you have to be the hardest working ones as well 🙂

…at least until U2 drops their new project!!


What a weekend!




Friday – Worship team gathering -> Northgate Tavern for A Soup Named Stew CD release party! 

Saturday – Wedding -> New Orleans -> Hanging out around the Quarter -> NKOTB concert!

Sunday – Starbucks -> Church -> Dinner with Jill and Ian -> Set up for youth worship svc -> Youth Worship Service! -> RKS Dance Team practice -> Total and utter exhaustion. 

Today I got to church at 8:45am and I left at 8:00pm. Take out an hour and a half for lunch and that’s just under 10 hours. I am whooped! I cannot wait to tell you though about: 


  • Day trippin’ in New Orleans
  • New Kids on the Block concert
  • Our insane Youth Worship!
  • Turn tables
  • Chloe at worship

So stick around tomorrow, I’m calling it an early night!

RSS readers, don’t miss the pics in this post!


A Soup Named Stew for Me…for You!

I love getting the opportunity to play with talented, gifted musicians and I’d love to introduce you to one more: A Soup Named Stew! I love getting the opportunity to GIVE YOU FREE MUSIC!
So check it out, rather than going on and on about how great these guys are let me say this: 


  • Winner of KLSU Battle of the Bands
  • Opened for Puddle of Mudd for LSU’s Groovin’ on the Grounds
  • They’ve played all over Baton Rouge, including the coveted Varsity Theatre
  • Number Two is the number one CD you don’t have that you NEED! 


A Soup Named Stews style is a blend of pop punk, pop rock, alternative, hip-hop, country, jazz, and stand-up comedy, but the band has been recognized as the founder of humor-core. The group has been compared to They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, Green Day, Barenaked Ladies, The Aquabats, and Tenacious D. 

The guys are celebrating the release of their new CD tonight and I want to promote the mess out of them! So here’s the deal: head over to their mySpace page here and here and show them some love! For every comment you leave on their pages and here in the comments section of this post enters you into a drawing for the brand new release of Number Two!

Yeah a comment, that’s it! Tell them you love their music! Tell them you think they’re special. Tell me what you think of a song. Tell me your worship Number Two experience. Just leave a comment about ASNS or Number Two! That’s it.

I will say this, the guys don’t take themselves all that seriously. Their shows are hilarious. They are hilarious. They and YOU have a ton of fun at their shows. But this CD is NOT a joke! The presentation is top notch! The production is top notch! I know David Loti and to say that this project is the band’s baby is not an understatement! They put alot of time and energy in it and I hope, wish, and pray the best for them!

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