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I’m lacking

No room

was the reason I couldn’t get a new App from the App Store 😦 

Out of space

was after I thought I truly did purge a ton of stuff! I guess my iPhone and I have a difference in opinion of what ‘a ton’ is. 

So, purge #2 is happening tonight.


My Apologies to Apple Fans Everywhere!

While I’ve had no power, no internet, and absolutely no buzz here on the blog the past few weeks I also had the most visited day in’s history! It was such an anomaly that I thought my stats had actually fallen off completely while I was gone save for this one normal day. Taking a second look, it was actually a slew of people searching apparently for news of Apple’s new release of the new iPods, firmware, and iTunes update! Unfortunately, they found a post I did almost exactly a year ago on the releases of LAST year! (You’ve got to admit that’s a bit funny!

So, my apologies to all you Apple lurkers who’ve stumbled upon my blog by what seems to be an accident! I am, however, a huge Apple fan/nerd/obsessive consumer just as you are and your interest tells me that I should blog more about Apple news and updates! So, your wish shall be granted! Hopefully, you’ve stuck around and found some other things that peak your interest. 

Apple lurkers, I encourage you to introduce yourself. I’m glad you’re here 🙂 

Haha I mean seriously, that’s what I typically get for all my posts for the entire day and it was just on that 1 old post!! Oh man, I’m so sorry 🙂


The Car Ride I’ll Never Forget: Life Lesson #97

Some tales just need to be told.

It began as most Sundays would begin however it took a slight turn when Rae and the family came to church with a friend so that we could all ride home together. I was elated! This would be so much fun. As I began to get into the car, Chloe asked me to help her into her carseat to which I enthusiastically obliged! With everyone set and buckled in we began our drive home laughing and discussing how my last Sunday went and what our Father’s Day activities would be when all of a sudden…BING…BAMBOOM… I look in my rearview mirror to see this thing black object bouncing down the highway now several yards behind us. It’s amazing how fast the mind can work in a matter of a second. Initially, blew it off. Then I realized something all together horrible.
Rae inquisitively asked: Was that a piece of a tire?
no… I replied
Was it a stick or something?
Well what?
i think it was my iPhone

Sure enough it wasn’t in my pocket or on the seat next to me! I had been going 65 mph down the highway in the fastlane and surely it was in pieces littered across both lanes by now. I pulled a wicked Uey and sped back down to where I thought it fell off the hood of the car and pulled another wicked Uey and began to creep along.
Pulling off to the shoulder and seeing my iPhone face down in the middle of the road was the most horrific site I’ve ever seen. I know one day my children will do something that will trump that, but to date I don’t know if there’s been something more disturbing.
I ran out and nabbed it before another wave of cars came down. Gashes all across the case. Oddly enough the screen seemed completely unaffected. I waited until I got in the car and held my breath while I tried turning it on…
slide to unlock
flashed across the screen!

That happened Sunday. It’s worked completely normal and fine all week long! A phone that can fall off a car traveling 65 mph and I’m telling you, bounced and skipped along a highway as beat up as Airline and doesn’t get a scratch or reset or have any problems is a phone I want!

Thank you Agent 18 iPhone cases! The Eco SHIELD is an appropriate name!
Thank you Steve Jobs 🙂

Note to self: Keep phone in pocket until getting INTO the car.
Life Lesson #97: Setting phone on the top of the car with kids that will inevitably distract you is not a good idea!


Time to Trim the Fat

I’ve tried being so conscientious about my usage on my iPhone. It has caught up to me. It’s time to trim the fat as they say.

Trimming the fat

In other related iTunes news did you know that you can clip songs right within iTunes!?! It’s incredibly easy!

  1. Right click any song in your library and Get Info and proceed to your Options tab.
  2. You can manually set when to Start and Stop your track.
  3. Once you’ve manipulated the song to your liking right click it again and in whatever form you use for Importing you are then able to convert it to that file type. AAC for ringtones for your iPhone, mp3, or whatever the other options are.

I’ve needed to find pleasure in the small things today 🙂 This was nice.


iPhone Blogging Planning Suggestions

1. iPhone users – What are your favorite web apps that you’ve added to your homepage?

2. Bloggers – How are you creating your posts? Are you simply using the application of your platform: wordpress/blogger/etc. or are you using a text editor: FrontPage/Ecto (not sure if I’m using the right words or apps there.)

3. Organized Folks– Any great resources you use to stay organized? I keep seeing apps that are inspired by the GTD method. Apps suited for the iPhone. Online apps. Offline apps. What do you use?


Apple iPhone Headache

My first real hiccup with my iPhone. The only reason I’m putting this out here is because maybe you’ve encountered the same thing? I don’t have time to get to the AT&T store right now and some of you are some real Apple-ophiles so here it is:

  • It’s basically “frozen”
  • The display stays lit and will not turn off however the “slide to unlock” is not glittering and lighting up
  • Pushing the “Sleep” button will sometimes cause the “slide to unlock” to light up and allow me to unlock the phone however once at the main menu page everything is locked and frozen.



Apple Does it Again…

I really do try and stay away from pimping things controversial like Apple and the iPhone. Sometimes it seems that talking about Steve Jobs brings up more dissension than religion or politics! Which is why I love these so much 🙂

Apple Zoom

It’s only $15 so this should be easy to find. Let’s get embarrassed here! Shell out the 15 smackers and take a picture with it of someone wearing the ridiculous iLidz and not only will I’ll reimburse you the 15 bucks but I’ll be subjected to doing something embarrassing here to boot! HAHAHA. That would be awesome 🙂

Begin comments like: Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?!?!

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