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Winners Announced for Jonathan Lee CD


So last week we had a contest for the Joint to win 3 separate copies of the new CD from Jonathon Lee.

Thanks to RANDOM.ORG

#’s 5, 7, 3 were winners…

Mandy Thompson

Kit Palmer

Kim Bontrager

Thanks everybody for jumping in on this. There will be another giveaway this week on…



I’m lacking

No room

was the reason I couldn’t get a new App from the App Store 😦 

Out of space

was after I thought I truly did purge a ton of stuff! I guess my iPhone and I have a difference in opinion of what ‘a ton’ is. 

So, purge #2 is happening tonight.


Better than the Witness Protection Program

Old me 3 years ago Manager at Chase Bank 

  • Blue buttoned down shirt, black dress slacks, tie, & on some days a suit coat
  • Day started with a wretched commute, often times headed downtown
  • PMI, DIR, DDA, IRA all spoken dozens of time each day
  • Friday morning debriefs, Monday morning kickoffs, Wednesday afternoon check ins, daily customer service calls
  • Business travel to Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans
  • Interview and train new employees
  • Saw clearly a path ahead of me with a swanky car, corner office, and fat retirement
  • I had a magnetic name tag and was addressed as Mr. Conner Byrd

Me now Today Youth Director at River Community Church

  • Graphic tee, favorite blue jeans, & track jacket on some days
  • Time commute away from traffic, often times headed to Starbucks
  • facebook, blog, twitter all spoken and used all day long
  • Tuesday morning worship planning, staff, and prayer time, countless lunches and coffees with students, volunteers, parents, associates 
  • Mission trip to Dallas, Retreats to Mississippi
  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Not even sure exactly what I might be doing in another 3 years but it certainly won’t have a car or corner office 🙂 
  • Addressed as That Youth Guy

I think my old buddies and managers quit asking me if I missed it and when I was coming back as my response got quicker and quicker with “No” and “Never.” Hahaha. 

As Glamorous came on the radio on the way to lunch with ‘If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home‘ the resounding message of Fatherly wisdom passed on to Fergilicious, I couldn’t help but think that I’m so glad God called me where I am today. I left some dear friends there but I couldn’t ask to do something other than what I’m doing right now. 

…wow those old photos are hilarious though 🙂 


    My Worst Nightmare

    This dude can calmly take pictures of a mammoth spider eating a bird in his backyard! Sweet Jesus, I would be screaming like an 8 year old girl running around with my arm cut off! 

    I only thought I knew of my worst nightmare. Thanks Paul, I just got a new one.

    Check it out here and here and here.


    Your Next 10 Shuffled

    We had a ton of fun with this a while back. I’m interested in seeing the difference in my home computer and work so here’s what came up this morning:

    1. Track 14. – Kill Bill Soundtrack Volume 1
    2. Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin – Arriving
    3. Undignified – David Crowder*Band – The Lime CD
    4. Where Would You Like Them Left – Blaqk Audio – CexCells
    5. Closer – Better Than Ezra – Closer
    6. Unfailing Love – Chris Tomlin – Arriving
    7. Invisible Man – Theory of a Deadman – Theory of a Deadman
    8. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – U2 – Achtung Baby!
    9. Help Me to Find You – Todd Fields – FREE
    10. Could it Be – Staind – 14 Shades of Grey

    OH YEAH, I was surprisingly shocked by what I had on here but this is a pretty cool representation! I’ll follow up later on today with what my work computer comes up with.

    So there you have it! Hit shuffle and enjoy what comes up! Make a list in the comments and we’ll enjoy it along with you.


    No More Abandoned Carts

    Wow. There are many causes out there worth standing behind and supporting and rallying the world around…this one may not be that kind of cause 🙂

    However, it is a riot! The site is honestly, top-notch as well which has me wondering that there truly must be something of value or some hidden propaganda that I’m missing out on other than simply returning carts to grocery store. I’m assuming it must have something to do with electronic safety? Or maybe it’s just to showcase this guy’s dry humor!

    If that wasn’t funny then please don’t read any further. If it was hilarious then read from his bio here:

    I was born in January of 1964 in Hudspeth County, Texas to Archibald and LaVerlene Fillmore. Archibald was a preacher and lion tamer who, on account of a major shortage of lions and religious feelings, worked as a gas station attendant. LaVerlene worked as a greeter at the local hardware store, but this was long before being a greeter was a paid position, so much of her work was what we call in Texas, “loitering.”

    HA oh man. That’s funny stuff right there 🙂

    Thanks Pinkhairedgirl


    Your Top 10 Shuffled

    I just love these things. Crowder says it’s the tell tale sign of whether you’re  “likable” person or not 🙂

    Head to your media player (iTunes for many of us) and hit Shuffle. Then list the 1st 10 songs that play, or post it on your blog and give us the link. I’m all about link love baby!

    1. One Day RemainsAlter Bridge
    2. You Were Mine (Dixie Chicks cover live in Napanee) – Avril Lavigne
    3. Everything ImpossibleMercyMe
    4. I Want to Dance With SomebodyWhitney Houston
    5. Lonely NationSwitchfoot
    6. Nothing ElseMatthew West
    7. When Love Came DownRiver Community Church (Live recording we did here)
    8. Let Everything That Has BreatheMatt Redman
    9. O Little Town of BethlehemSteven Curtis Chapman
    10. Joyous LightPassion

    HAHA Oh goodness that list is rediculous! Hahaha, well it’s obvious I didn’t make any of that up! I’m going to let this play out a bit more 🙂 I’m all about embarrassment! Anybody want to dance?!?! HAHAHA can I say that my wife loves the 80s and that has to be hers?!?

    1. Everybody wants to go to Heaven – Allison Kraus and the Cox Family
    2. Shining – Phil Wickham
    3. Amazing – Andy Hunter
    4. Break Free – Hillsong United (the In a Valley By the Sea version!)
    5. All I Can Say – David Crowder*Band
    6. All I Want is You – U2
    7. Everything Will be Alright – The Killers
    8. Rooftops and Invitations – Dashboard Confessional
    9. Gone Away – Surviving August
    10. Those Nights – Skillet

    OK that was AWESOME! I’m literally scared to see what the next 10 songs have to offer 🙂 But this is so much fun! What are yours?!?!?!

    I can’t stop!!!


    How long…

    How long after the expiration date on your milk do you keep it before throwing it away?


    I’ve got a 1/4 of a gallon left that says Feb. 17 and I just enjoyed milk and cookies. I feel like a man on the edge!


    7 Random Things…Better than Monday

    This has been making it’s way around our little circle of Blogging Community and I got tagged by Snow Junkie. So, instead of 5 Things Better than Monday, here you go:

    1. I have this little patch of hair that grows on the left side of my belly that I shave. Not because it’s disgusting but because I don’t have the same little patch of hair growing on the right side of my belly.

    2. I LOVE Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf, Monster movies…but most of all Zombie movies. Corny or horrific doesn’t matter, they’re the best.

    3. I got asked not to come back from a college job I held for throwing Mayo and other random objects from the fridge from the 14th floor of our dorm room at the end of the semester.

    4. I don’t know the 1st thing about Pro Football. I just got into the actual game of College Football this season.

    5. I “walked the aisle” and got saved in between 7th and 8th grade at Emmanuel Baptist Church. Although it wasn’t until a few years later until I really understood what that meant so I “rededicated” my life and got baptized again. Now after having led services at a non-denominational and Episcopalian church and now on staff at a Presbyterian church, I think I’m covered 🙂

    6. I’m my wife’s High School Sweetheart. We’re 2 years apart so I was already in college. We’ve been together for 11 years b/w dating and marriage.

    7. I won 1st place in a national choir/singing competition held in Hawaii my Junior year but the only thing anyone remembers is me winning the Luau Dance Competition and shaking it with the hot girl in the grass skirt.

    There it is. Not sure who else hasn’t done this already so if you haven’t then I tag YOU. Let us know 7 Random Things about YOU.



    It’s funny what a little time with some high schoolers will do for your perspective. They helped me remember something from camp this summer that’s done wonders for this situation.

    Louisiana Sunset

    Sunsets are a beautiful amazing thing. B/c I’m a huge Passion dork and Louie’s gotten into astrology and nature over the past few years I’ve begun noticing God the same way. Interestingly enough my drummer/best friend and I had a similar conversation. He finds God most amazing and revealed through the marvels of nature as well.
    Back to sunsets, they are a beautiful captivating thing! If you’ve ever been out in the country camping or what not though without city lights and street lamps, etc. you’ll remember how quickly darkness comes. One moment you’re marveling at the purple and pink and blue hues of the sky and the next: darkness.

    What an incredible illustration of sin. Sinning sometimes is so wonderful 🙂 At first at least. It almost always looks incredible. “She” looked amazing. “It” coming out of your mouth felt exhilarating saying aloud. “That” really didn’t belong to someone in the first place. Then the very thing that seemed like your freedom or what was owed you or your choice or just simply a self indulgence now has left you with guilt or regret. The excitement now replaced with a brick in your gut.

    Thank you God for forgiveness.

    Oh, I can’t comprehend
    I can’t take it all in
    Never understand
    Such perfect love come
    For the broken and beat
    For the wounded and weak
    Oh, come fall at His feet
    He’s the remedy

    You are the one who has saved us
    You are the one who forgave us

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