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The riverkidstuf promo video is here! Check it out!

Spread the word! riverkidstuf is this weekend and the 1st Sunday of every month following!

I know I’m still in the amateur stage creating images in Powerpoint and saving them as jpegs but I am wickedly pleased with how this turned out!

and yes that is me in the black shirt 🙂


The Speed of the Internet!

Minutes…hours…after Kanye West showed how much of a ass he is on MTV VMAs (sorry G rated audiences that’s probably the nicest way to describe that jerk) this pops up on youTube! Hilarious. Stunning. Speedy.


Hillsong’s Video Blog Tour

Blog Tour Ecard

In celebration of our latest Joint review and the upcoming new Hillsong CD/DVD release dropping next week, they’re leaking some incredible videos on some incredible blogs so go get ’em!

Start here with Los and Brooke Fraser’s stunning I Will Exalt You

Then here with Tony and No Reason to Hide

Then with Ben and You Hold Me Now

Then Pete with We Will See Him

I think Fred‘s next


DCLA in Video w/ Family Force 5

DCLA Friday through Saturday.

[Video embedded]


Summer Day Camp Week Recap

Its these 1st through 6th graders that have made this week worth so much to me and many in our group! I couldn’t help but NOT give them some screen time, I mean seriously, who doesn’t like to see their mug up on the big screen!?! Hahaha. Please watch and please pray for these children.


High School Mission Trip Days 1&2 Video!

They say pictures say 1,000 words. Hopefully that’s true because I am wicked tired. So enjoy our montage video of our High school Mission trip to Dallas, TX. We stay at 1st Presbyterian Church in downtown Dallas and visit an outreach center each morning, help with a children’s day camp in the afternoon, and serve the homeless at The Bridge each afternoon.

Much more commentary tomorrow. Sorry, I had to visit the Doc in a Box today and get a shot in my bum, nasal spray, and antibiotics for this viscious sinus infection I have. So far though our students are having an incredible time!


Sunday Setlist May 17th – FINAL Video


[RSS Readers there’s a video below]

So this week finished our Volunteer Recruitment push with the last Real Men of Jesus video. I’ve got to say, I LOVE CREATING VIDEOS but man I feel like I’ve beaten a dead horse! I’m so glad I’m done with these. So much for for a minute long video 🙂

I’m terribly conflicted about this video because I didn’t get enough footage for what I needed and had to go to some stock photography as well as my narrator spoke too slow and had to do some tweaking of his vocals. I think in the end it came out just fine for those enjoying the show:

This week we sang:

  • Great is He Who’s the King of Kings – ?
  • Awesome is the Lord Most High – Tomlin
  • O Worship the King – Tomlinish
  • I Will Lift Your Name – ?
  • Sermon
  • Forever – Tomlin

This week was interesting because while we did a lot of Tomlin songs and we had 2 electric guitars, we didn’t feel very Tomlinish. I’m very glad our Mandolin player got a acoustic/electric mandolin with a pick up in it because we can now here what he’s playing and it makes great use of turnarounds.

I did announcements again this week and MAN THAT’S TOUGH! Ugh. I have tremendous respect for everyone giving announcements at their churches! Kudos!

All a part of Fred’s Sunday Setlist Blog carnival!

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