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My Top 10 CDs of 2008

I find this a fun way to look back at the year of music that I’ve collected. (For kicks and giggles compare this list to last year’s!) Here’s my favorite CDs that were released in 2008: 

10. Soundtracks! – Officially, shouldn’t be on the list here but soundtracks these days have become so much more than what they used to be! So I listed them last. These 3 are in steady rotation! 

Twilight SoundtrackJuno SoundtrackOnce Soundtrack
– Hate all you want. Crime upon crimes, I still haven’t seen the movie and I LOVE this compilation! 
Juno – Quirky, absurd, bizarre, unpolished, just like the movie! 
Once – Seriously, you already have this one right? I don’t need to say anything more. 

9. Live Music! – Again, officially shouldn’t be here so they’re last as well.

SingalongWhere the light is
Phil WickhamSingalong –  I knew this guy was special when he captivated my attention sandwiched between The Myriad and The David Crowder Band at the House of Blues! His studio work is full and rich and textured and yet here stripped down to nothing more than his guitar, his voice, and the voices of those gathered for an incredible night of worship, this captures the talent and heart of Phil Wickham. It’s disgusting that you get it for free from his website! 
John Mayer Where the light is  I KNOW, not officially a CD of 2008 because they’re all previously recorded songs from past CDs but you tell me an artist out there that can showcase his talent at 1 live show in 3 different settings like this and bring so much passion and energy and raw talent and I’ll take it off. Nab the DVD with it and sweet Jesus. It just doesn’t stop! It probably should be #1 on here!

8. Local Music! – More than shameless plugs, two bands on the bubble!  
A Soup Named StewNumber 2 – David and Company have perfected the art of Comedic Rock and packaged it in a top notch way that trumps the kind of attention “local bands” are giving to the good old CD packaging. If anything, Number 2 gives you more than you need sink your teeth into ASNS. 
Lindsay Rae SpurlockHeart On A simple EP that packs a mean punch, well honestly there’s nothing mean at all to Lindsay but this EP sweeps from poppy finger-snapping to soft tenderness. 6 songs barely scratches the surface to well of music coming from this girl!

7. Pocketful of sunshineNatasha BedingfieldPocket Full of Sunshine I mean seriously, you’d think the girl had 2, maybe 3 CDs drop this year but nope, it’s all been on the same one. And for somebody that’s seen her live, the girl’s legit! Pipes, moves, charisma. Bring it on, I don’t care, probably my secret favorite of the year.
6. Day and AgeThe Killers – Day and Age – I’ll preface this by saying, ‘Yes, I loved Sam’s Town too!’ Day and Age finds The Killers doing what they do best again. Creating something different. Boisterous, over the top, metaphorical, danceable, rockin’, tribal, jazz, Gloria Estefanish, spacey…BRING IT ON! 

5. Your Kingdom ComeMatt PapaYour Kingdom Come Hands down the best worship and/or rock CD you don’t own! This follow up to You Are Good boasts a fluid 18 track monument mixed with the writings of Derek Webb/Charlie Hall and a variety of mad skills on the piano and guitar and vocals that breeds a breadth of variety in his music that’s absolutely stellar!

4. RedWeezerRed – I’m laughing with the thought of this even being on this list but that’s how good it was. Superbly tongue-and-cheek as is Weezer but done amazingly well. Guitar tones thick and rich. And in the midst of themselves a quant, beautiful little diddy called Heart Songs gets me misty every time! 

3. The Bright SadnessCharlie Hall – The Bright Sadness – What a project! What a worship experience! What a musical delivery! I’ve always loved Charlie’s heart and his style of writing. I never thought he got enough props for his earlier releases. Flying into Daybreak got them some attention and The Bright Sadness is a masterpiece of a followup combining the new sound they’re embracing with authentic Charlie Hall!

2. Narrow StairsDeath Cab for CutieNarrow Stairs I’ve been an on the fence fan of Death Cab and Postal Service and Nada Surf and such for years now but for some reason this one pushed me over the edge! It’s on my iPhone and on CD in my truck! 

1. Viva La VidaColdplay – Viva la Vida (Prospekt’s March Edition) – Love ’em or hate ’em I don’t know if there was a harder working band in the business this year than Coldplay and their assault with Death and all his friends! Viva la Vida just doesn’t get old for me. Eno did enough to make it sparkle and shine from X&Y and the fluid nature of this project was a nice touch. The wait was worth it!


So there you have it. I might have got it wrong so I made sure to give you more than 10 🙂 
I initially thought this year was a poor year for music but after looking at this list, I’m not so sure anymore. This was much harder to compile and sort out than last years!

While you’re at it, check out what my blogging brother had to say about 2008!


Feast your eyes on 7 hours of fun!


(Someone want to tell me why it didn’t load in the widescreen I saved it as?)

I meant to mention the killer soundtrack is from A Soup Named Stew! Catch them at fine venues all across Baton Rouge! Get them for your birthday, wedding, Sweet 16, company picnic, and more! 

Love you Dave!


Feeling like a Rockstar

It’s been sometime since I did any playing other than at church. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to play lead guitar with some friends of mine for a friend of mine. This week she’s The Advocate’s Musicians Spotlight online. 

Lindsay Spurlock

We play again tonight (Thursday) at Chelsea’s Cafe. It’s even better this time around as one of the opening bands is another good friend of mine. Unfortunately, I’m fending off a wicked cold/sinus battle of epic proportions so all you get is this measly post and the promise of something better to come 🙂 

I will leave you with a couple shots from the Spanish Moon and that it is so incredible to be back out playing like this. Working at a church has pretty much eliminated every non-Christian encounter that I used to have! It just feels…”right” to be back out there! So if you’re a local, come check us out! If you’re not then go support some great friends of mine! 

lindsay rae spurlock     ASNS

              Lindsay Rae Spurlock               David Loti with A Soup Named Stew


Me and Rae Rocking Out

  Rae and Me & my Sexy Pants                    Me rocking out with my Gretsch!


What a weekend!




Friday – Worship team gathering -> Northgate Tavern for A Soup Named Stew CD release party! 

Saturday – Wedding -> New Orleans -> Hanging out around the Quarter -> NKOTB concert!

Sunday – Starbucks -> Church -> Dinner with Jill and Ian -> Set up for youth worship svc -> Youth Worship Service! -> RKS Dance Team practice -> Total and utter exhaustion. 

Today I got to church at 8:45am and I left at 8:00pm. Take out an hour and a half for lunch and that’s just under 10 hours. I am whooped! I cannot wait to tell you though about: 


  • Day trippin’ in New Orleans
  • New Kids on the Block concert
  • Our insane Youth Worship!
  • Turn tables
  • Chloe at worship

So stick around tomorrow, I’m calling it an early night!

RSS readers, don’t miss the pics in this post!


A Soup Named Stew for Me…for You!

I love getting the opportunity to play with talented, gifted musicians and I’d love to introduce you to one more: A Soup Named Stew! I love getting the opportunity to GIVE YOU FREE MUSIC!
So check it out, rather than going on and on about how great these guys are let me say this: 


  • Winner of KLSU Battle of the Bands
  • Opened for Puddle of Mudd for LSU’s Groovin’ on the Grounds
  • They’ve played all over Baton Rouge, including the coveted Varsity Theatre
  • Number Two is the number one CD you don’t have that you NEED! 


A Soup Named Stews style is a blend of pop punk, pop rock, alternative, hip-hop, country, jazz, and stand-up comedy, but the band has been recognized as the founder of humor-core. The group has been compared to They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, Green Day, Barenaked Ladies, The Aquabats, and Tenacious D. 

The guys are celebrating the release of their new CD tonight and I want to promote the mess out of them! So here’s the deal: head over to their mySpace page here and here and show them some love! For every comment you leave on their pages and here in the comments section of this post enters you into a drawing for the brand new release of Number Two!

Yeah a comment, that’s it! Tell them you love their music! Tell them you think they’re special. Tell me what you think of a song. Tell me your worship Number Two experience. Just leave a comment about ASNS or Number Two! That’s it.

I will say this, the guys don’t take themselves all that seriously. Their shows are hilarious. They are hilarious. They and YOU have a ton of fun at their shows. But this CD is NOT a joke! The presentation is top notch! The production is top notch! I know David Loti and to say that this project is the band’s baby is not an understatement! They put alot of time and energy in it and I hope, wish, and pray the best for them!


Fall Festivus 08

The Summer Funeral was greatness, there’s no doubt about it. However, it was the one-two punch of the Summer Funeral in conjunction with the Fall Festivus that got students saying things like:

Our youth group is crazy! I love it!!

There’s not a whole lot of explaining involved in what happened with the Fall Festivus. So here goes: 

  • Flour bombs – fill single sheet Kleenex with flour
  • Shaving cream – fill hands full of shaving cream and have at it
  • Water balloons – fill balloons with water
  • Slip N Slide – head in to your local hardware store (Lowe’s or Home Depot or whatever you chose) and in the painting section they have rolls of super thick plastic rolls. I think ours was 10 feet by 50 feet. 
  • Jambalaya – yeah…it’s delicious!

But why allow me to ramble on. Check it out for yourself: 

Kudos to

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