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It’s all about rhythm!

Call it what you like, I’m  musician so I’ll call it rhythm possibly even “groove!” I’ve noticed my life taking a different rhythm lately. Tonight was a huge example of that! For years the rhythm of my Thursdays were something like 10-12 hour days sticking around church all day because it was too much of a hassle to leave and go home and come back again for worship practice. Feeling spunky I might get a Smoothie around 5:15. Getting home around 9:30 or so I’d grab some left over dinner and eat on the sofa catching up with Project Runway and The Ultimate Fighter with Rae. It’s not something I thought about…it’s just what I did.

Well, tonight was the first time I did that in quite some time. I felt like I was dying on the way home! I was tired, cranky, hungry (I even had my Smoothie!), even disoriented (see crazy tweets!)

SO WHAT IS RHYTHM?!? You know it, even if you can’t describe it. It’s when you find yourself tapping your foot, bobbing your head, or jumping up and down. It’s a particular pattern of a beat or accent that recurs over time.

As with a song, our lives find a certain rhythm. Tonight’s irregular pulse in the rhythm I’ve found my evenings has had me notice a few things that have become rhythmic in my life that I am certainly grateful for:

  • My new mornings: I’m trying to save some $$$ and am really using my own coffee maker instead of trucking to St. Arbucks so much! It’s given me some pep in the morning b/c I am certainly NOT a morning person!
  • My new soundtrack: there is a sudden influx of some great music in my life but none more entertaining than my good friend David Loti’s new solo project Amalgam. Chloe asks for it every morning on the way to day care and has become special to the both of us singing along to his crazy songs!
  • My Wednesday Men’s Small Group: It feels new only because I missed so much in the Summer because of camps. This group is the source of my sanity and an audible voice of God’s wisdom speaking into my life each week by some great men!
  • My new attitude: Rae says I must be man-strating because I’m in this crazy cleaning craze! Cleaning the house, my desk, and my office at church! It’s nuts! Sounds silly but I’ve even been cleaning up around here! (Notice the “Under Construction” sign above?) My Google Reader is streamlined and working insanely well!

I’m sure there are others. This has been a great exercise to take note of what’s going on around me. I’m looking forward to a new one that Rae and I will be tackling with Mud next month in reading through the New Testament in September!

What about you?


10 Reminders for Christian Life and Leadership

No matter what other people tell you…

  1. Don’t think that you have all the answers – The omniscient position has been permanently and effectively filled. 
  2. Don’t think that you should have all the answers – Just wrestling with the right questions is hard enough. 
  3. Don’t think you know exactly what others should do – While we can lead in biblical paths, we must leave final footprints to God. 
  4. Don’t think you can resolve every problem – If you could, Jesus would be unnecessary. 
  5. Don’t ever motivate someone by using guilt – While it may seem to work in the short-term, it always creates deep wounds and anger. 
  6. Don’t ever absorb someone else’s guilt – Martyrdom is a call to be accepted, not a long-term profession to be perfected.
  7. Don’t think that ministry is supposed to be easy – If you do, you haven’t been reading your Bible enough. 
  8. Don’t allow secrets, but keep confidences – The difference is that the first is based on maintaing power, while the latter seeks to protect the weak. 
  9. Don’t forget that trust is a powerful but fragile, priceless thing – Once trust is broken, the glue of repair seems to take forever to dry. 
  10. Don’t think you can change others – You can teach, lead, support, love, and model health for them, but you cannot change them. Only the Holy Spirit does long-term persuading. 

We’re in the middle of a Leadership Training Guide for staff, elders, leaders, etc. at River and I thought this was relevant! 

What smacks you in the face?

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