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What I Learned From Dying

Sunday night a week ago I sat down for lunch at about 9:30pm after an incredible weekend. I got a call from my Dad informing me that my Aunt Ida Mae (just so you know, she’s technically my Great Aunt b/c she’s my Maw Maw’s sister) had died over the weekend.
Monday afternoon getting ready for her funeral my wife got a call from her Mom that Rae’s Paw Paw had died.
Thursday after his funeral we got notified that my niece’s grandfather died.

So 3 deaths in one week was pretty substantial. But nonetheless, its had me thinking which is why this blog has been so quiet. That should change tomorrow…if I could ever get to sleep.


The Next Big Thing: THE JOINT


I’m uber pleased to announce a special joint feature starting up this week that will jointly kick off with yours truly, the junkiest snowman on the planet, and the As of Monday Web’s Finest Goatee Wearer!

So stop in tomorrow and check it out! And make sure you check out:

Live to Worship

Alastair, Klampert, and I jointly appreciate your love and attention and will approve of you shamelessly plugging and promoting this endeavor  affectionately called the Joint. So join your twitter and facebook statuses to reflect where you’ll fix your attention. Klampert even has some goodies to help you jointly promote the Joint in your social networks (that dude rocks the Joint!) ..joint…the…joint…

See you in the morning!


Social Networking @ it’s Finest!

Why do you spend time on the internet? 

  1. I blogged about my child being sick and my wife having to take off work today to take care of him. Thus making it nearly impossible for her to take off work tomorrow and drive to New Orleans and back to pick me up from the airport. I get a text from one of my best friends who said he could come pick me up from the airport if I needed a ride!
  2. I’ve been twittering (which feeds my facebook status) about being here in Orlando. I get a message from one of my best friends from high school who I haven’t seen in years! She works for Disney and calls me up and we get to visit and catch up while riding and exploring the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios! 
  3. I get a twitter/text from my Cousin who’s also in Orlando! We don’t get to physically catch up (complications that involve #2 above! Ha) but catch up for an hour on the phone!

I spend time on the internet because it enhances community. 

How about you? 

Scott, Robin, & Matt: I love you and thank you all!


Down but not out!

We’re still out of cable and internet at the Byrd household. However, Daddy Day Care has ended and my kiddos are back at their own day care. This should open back up the doorway to this blog here! Thanks for your prayers and support while I’ve been out. I plan on a mass siege to get my presence back here in cyberspace. Here are a few buzz words that hopefully spark hope and interest. They are coming this week: 

  • Hello Love
  • Red
  • Giveaway 
  • Free
  • Review
  • Throw-an-animal
  • Youth Activities
  • Sunday Setlist
  • Weezer
  • Cupcakes
  • Genius Sidebar
  • Tomlin Sucks
  • Collide Magazine
  • Greek and Lebanese
  • Whouston? 
  • I love Chris Tomlin
  • iPods
  • Dolph Lungren
  • HoverRound
  • Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
  • Sexual Harassment 
  • Camp
  • Generation Z/iGeneration

So there you have it. That’s my brain right now. 

Talk to you soon!


What a day

So much to say about the best concert ever that I’m afraid if I try to tell you about it tonight I might leave something out. Today was long! Up early to head to Ecclesia, shopping, 3 hours driving to pick up the kiddos, visit with the in-laws, hour leg turns into 1 hour 45 minutes BUT we have a breakthrough in potty training, bath and bed time, unpack…exhausted. I think, however, I can discuss Ecclesia so I’m going to attempt that before I head to bed and work up a video for John Mayer for you tomorrow! 

BUT FIRST: Potty Training breakthough! Chloe hadn’t had a real nap today at MiMi and PawPaw’s today so she was one cranky girl but had been PeePeeing all day today. We’ve got an hour drive ahead of us and 5 minutes in, Chloe nods off to sleep. 40 minutes later she’s up and crying and whining and complaining. We can’t figure it out and then it clicks: bathroom break? Sure enough, she says she needs the potty! I’ve got an exit coming but this is the most tense, uncomfortable, awkward 3 minute dash to see if we can get to the rest stop before we have an accident!!! 
WE MAKE IT! But now the question is whether or not she’ll use it at the Love’s Gas Station/Rest Stop in Lobdell?!?! Rae rushes in with Chloe while I sit with Gavin praying that we have a successful stop!

What must have been only 5 minutes felt like 20 and I can’t stand it! I grab Gavin and rush in to bump into Rae and Chloe coming out beaming! Major breakthrough people: PeePee in the potty on the road!!!  

I just can’t believe it! So it’s been a looong day! I’m nursing a Smithwick’s as we’re catching up on So You Think You Can Dance, but it’s been one to remember!


John Mayer LIVE blogging!

I’m here at the Woodlands in Houston, TX where John Mayer is about to take my brain out of my cranium and insert yummy guitar goodness! I’m testing out this iPhone wordpress app. But also keep up at:

Party on!



I’ve been getting into the swing of blogging now that my professional life has begun to develop some pace and my personal life has been sleeping through the night 🙂

Before today this had said 1000+ for WEEKS!

I thumbed through you all but I was so far behind that “Mark As Read” was clicked a few times. A few of your blogs are actually Tabs across my FireFox window. You should be seeing me by the day’s end 🙂

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