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Spreading the word: KLAMPERT.COM

I’ve met a lot of incredibly awesome people here on the ‘interweb.’ It’s the reason I keep it up. It’s the reason my laptop is typically anchored in my lap in the evenings after Chloe and Gavin go down. It’s why I feel bad for neglecting my blog and yours when (like this week) only a few days go by and I’ve been absent. 


One of those wicked awesome people is Joel Klampert. He’s been promoting his new blog that moved from CEC Worship to simply and asking everyone help put out the word that he’s moved and to update your RSS and blogrolls and everywhere else you might have him. Since I’m crazy behind in this promotion I’m asking every one in my community who doesn’t already know of Klampert to head over there and check him out!

Need more reason than my asking you to?
Check out that wicked sweet banner at the top of this page! Like it? Go thank Joel.

Need another reason?
He’s got a crazy cool goatee and beard like yours truly!

Need yet another reason? His little boy’s name is Gavin! WHAT AN AWESOME NAME! One day maybe we can hook up for real and be total geeks in person and have our lil Gavins be stunned by how cool their Dads our 🙂 

Go. Now.


Kudos to Klampert

I wake up this morning and Twitter and CEC Worship are all telling me to go check out the new Worship Leader Wednesday because today’s guest star is none other than Mr. Joel Klampert. To which I immediately went to go check out because Joel’s been an integral part of Worship City’s community here. He’s probably one of the first bloggers I really connected with here as I started out. I tried giving Joel a little love over at Consuming Worship and had some difficulties with a math problem in leaving my comment and in the process of working it out I receive and email from…none other than Mr. Joel Klampert! You can imagine my surprise as I open it to find the incredibly saavy and wickedly cool new banner you are now jealous of at the top of your screen!

SO that being said, get over to check out the interview and stay tuned for next week’s continuation at Consuming Worship. Flip on over to Joel’s site and get plugged in to an incredible blog and a great guy here in the blogging community.

Thanks Joel, I don’t know what to say! But to all you naysayers who don’t know what blogging is all about…here it is!

Wow that was the most number of links contained in one single post 🙂


Days End

Well I didn’t get through all of you but I made a sizable dent!

Days end

32 is like a handful 🙂 Ya’ll have so much great stuff to say! And many of you were the highlight of my day!

Klampert, I just realized you have no title in my Google Reader.

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