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Chloe’s 4yr Old Party Mix

Chloe's Party Mix

45. Who Did You Think I Was – John Mayer – Where the Light is Live in LA
46. Bold As Love – John Mayer – Where the Light is Live in LA
47.  Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

Have we failed as parents? HAHA.


Daddy’s DOH

I’m working up my birthday post for Rae and Gavin, we did some partying this past weekend! I’d like to share with you the pics. Until then, I’ll pass along another reminder of why I will not be this year’s recipient of “Father of the Year.”

Rae’s Mom, sister, and brother’s girlfriend took her shopping for her birthday that morning. After the kiddos woke up from their nap, I thought we’d have some Daddy time and hit up a few stores ourselves and ended up at the mall to meet up with Mum. It’s amazing the things you take for granted, like say…going down the escalator.
I’ve got Gavin in the stroller and Chloe walking by my side. I simply tell Chloe to follow us down the escalator and watch and talk to Gavin as we go down.

OK Daddy!

I turn around and Gavin and I face her and we start down. Chloe looks at us and reaches up to the handrail and then stops. She stutters a few times, drops her bunny, but is stuck stunned at the top of the escalator while Gavin and I ride down to the bottom helpless to do anything but holler back up to the top:

Chloe! Come on baby. Follow us down, please!

Thankfully, a sweet lady talked Chloe into holding her hand and rode the escalator down to us allowing the pile up of people behind her to come on down as well.

That’s another Daddy DOH notch on my belt. I must say though, it’s pretty funny now looking back on it. Me helpless holding a stroller looking up the escalator, a pink bunny about 5 steps further, and then Chloe and a stranger about 5 steps above that 🙂


Childlike Faith

Soon after my 3 year old daughter told me that she changed the name of our 11 month old son Gavin from “Lil Ducky” to “Lil Zebra” to “Lil Penguin” to Lil Piggy”

Daddy, my head hurts.

Uh-oh baby what happened?

I don’t know, Daddy it just hurts.

Well come here, I’ll kiss it for you.


-a deflated sigh pushes through my lips as my heart breaks-

Pray for my head Daddy.

OH. Uh…yeah baby. Sure. Dear Jesus, please be with Chloe. Her head hurts and would you help it feel better to…

Psssss…Daddy, pray for Mommy and Lil Piggie.

and yes Jesus. Would you help Mommy breathe easier and Gavin to feel better today so he can sleep tonight. Thank you so much. Amen.

Thank you Daddy! I think Mommy feels better now.

I bet she does. Now come here, let me kiss your head for you.

No thanks Daddy, it’s going to feel better.

It’s been a while since after simply praying for something I believed and knew that change had happened. It took my 3 year old a simple prayer for her to believe her head would feel better, for Rae’s head crud to get better, and for Gavin to feel better and sleep easier. She makes it seem so simple and easy. Thank you Jesus for my daughter!


What are you saying?

This morning I was taking the kiddos to Daycare like usual and I had some Tomlin on (see Tomlin fans, I’m not a complete hater!) So, I start singing all crazy like usual and please don’t miss this dialog I had with my 3 year old: 


Chloe: Daddy, what song is that? 

It’s a song by Chris Tomlin. 

No Daddy, what music is that? 

Well…it’s praise and worship music sweetie. 

What’s that? 

It’s music that we sing to God. 

Why? …God’s in heaven. 

Yes, but we love God and sometimes we sing to Him.

You know, Daddy has you and Gavin and..


Yes, and Mommy. And I love you all very much. And I love God very much as well.

Mrs. Pam says “God loves us.”

PAUSE– Mrs. Pam is Chloe’s daycare teacher at school. Not that we don’t have incredible teachers at church and that Chloe doesn’t talk enough about what happens at church and why she loves those teachers but this is the 2nd time that Chloe has said something special like this that she’s learned from her daycare teacher at school. 

So thank you Lord for teachers like Mrs. Pam that care enough about her children to try and impact their lives for Christ. 

Mrs. Pam said that? 


And that’s why we love God too. Because He loves us so much! 

Gavin doesn’t love God. 


He’s too little. 

Well, he’ll love God too when he gets older. Right?

When I was little I sat in his car seat and when he gets to be a big boy he can sit in my car seat.

And you can sit next to Daddy because you’ll be a big girl? 


So, what are you saying? Kids are listening!


Now that’s cute!

Shooting video for a church promo a few weeks back and I was able to get one of the joy’s of my life!

Now that’s cute 🙂 
My little barefooted rock star! Haha.


Do you listen to your children?

My 2 year old will turn 16 in September apparently.
Yesterday, she zinged a Mom who happened to be an innocent bystander with:

Chloe: Daddy, that boys being ugly.

Me: I know baby.

Chloe: We don’t play like that Daddy.

Me: That’s right baby.

Then shocker of shocks, the lady standing next to us walked over and grabbed her kids to go to another part of the zoo!

Today my daughter zinged me after I tucked her in for her nap with:

Chloe: Daddy, don’t go bye bye in your truck.

Me: What’s that baby?

Chloe: Don’t go bye bye in your truck. Wait for me.

Now, my daughter’s in daycare because my wife and I work so I imagine she’s referring to every Sunday when I tuck her in for her nap and then leave to go back to church for Youth that afternoon and am not here when she wakes up. About broke my heart, she did! I swear. I don’t know what to do with that!


Happy Thoughts

Christmas in May

I think I’m going to print that out and just keep it in my truck for days like this!


5 Things Better Than Mon Feb. 18th

5. The Starting Line – Direction my goodness, The Starting Line was a blip on my radar as another Blink-ish band back in the early 00’s (ha that sounds funny) but I got their CD this weekend and I can’t get enough! Check out their video and “new sound” for Island

4. My own bed and shower! Ahh the simple things.

3. My student leaders running youth last night! YA’LL ROCK!

2. Engaging the students of Trinity Bible this past weekend at camp. They were wildly rambunctious and yet very perceptive!

1. Seeing my daughter’s face light up and her bolting for me yesterday when I surprised her and picked her up from the nursery at church!



Are you bitter and lonely?

Do you sit at home in a dark living room with a Hungry Man and your cat watching The Best Week Ever?

Do you grumble at the old lady in front of you smelling like moth balls in the check out line who drops her coin purse and can’t move forward until she collects all the pennies?

WELL not any more! Now for the low low price of a moment’s reflection, you, YES YOU can order a Change of Perspective!


Here’s what happened last night: I say yes to far too many things, grant it I’m getting way better but it’s still a problem. So instead of enjoying an evening at home, I spend another almost hour on the road and an hour at the church on another evening during the week for our special River Kidstuf service we’re having this weekend because I’m the worship leader/dancer with the kids. It was a huge “waste of time.” I told our children’s leader that I couldn’t stay all night but I’d come and be supportive and run through my parts and stay as long as I could. We didn’t even run through the musical portions of the service at all! The entire evening was spent with the actors!

Did I:

  1. Piss and moan about what a waste of time it was for me to make it all the way back out to church for nothing!
  2. Smile yet secretly piss and moan to everyone else in a passive aggressive manner to ensure internal struggles and anonymity between the usual worship leader and team against the actors and director!
  3. Ponder why it was that God would have me spend a night away from my family to be at rehearsal!

Honestly, I entertained number 1 for about half the drive home (and it’s a long drive home too!) Then, something that our pastor touched on before Christmas snuck into my noggin and I began to ponder what purpose I could possibly have had to be present at a rehearsal where I was asked to attend but seemingly yielded nothing of benefit or relevance to me at all. I tried to think positively and honestly the rehearsal was chaotic and discombobulated and simply all over the place. I decided, being one who runs a rehearsal each week for our worship team, that I would ask our children’s leader her interpretation of practice and see if there was any way I could help.

And we had a home run folks! A quick change of perspective led to a great discussion this morning. There are alot of elements that our River Kidstuf service uses to which she doesn’t have a lot of experience in yet has felt it needed tightening up. She was wide open to feedback and we practically began finishing one another’s thoughts and sentences.

This is an easy principle, one I’m sure I’ll be tested more thoroughly on later, that by simply changing my perspective and truly believing that God has me where He has me for a particular reason or purpose can dramatically alter the way I view my circumstances. Now don’t hear me saying that I want a WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? attitude about my circumstances, more of a WHAT’S IN ME FOR IT? or…WHAT AM I IN IT FOR? or…I suck at catchy slogans but you get the picture.

It’s fairly easy to get caught up in ME that I overlook what God’s got planned for others that He’s for some reason to include me in. Setting ME aside, allows me the perspective of what God’s got in store.  I missed my wife and kiddo, for the 1st time ever Chloe actually asked me to stay when I was hopping off the sofa from the TiVo-ed Charlie and Lola episode as I put my shoes on! It broke my heart! But I believe that practice did have significance and purpose and I’m glad I went.


“I ate it…”

With an extroverted precocious 2 year old, we’ve entered the stage where things that come out of her mouth are sometimes scary.

I ate it.

…uhh….you ate it?

I ate it.

WOAH…WHAT? What did you eat?

My lay-low,” as she stuck out her tongue exposing a big blob of purple Play-doh!


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