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Taking a Day Off

What’s weird about taking a day off when you work for a church is that Sunday’s always coming. There’s one in every week. It honestly doesn’t matter how many days of “work” there are in a week…after Saturday the same day comes up next every week. This isn’t a complaint, really. I mean, I had deadlines for Chase Bank but there’s something different, rhythmic about the Sunday flow. But here it is, 4 days down to get ready for Sunday instead of 5, however, I wouldn’t take this day back for anything.


16 Random Things

Jeff over at Consuming Worship hit me up for this fun little post!

1. I’ve lived in the same state ALL my life. Within this great state of Louisiana, I’ve only lived in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. I think I might be a lifer here, the next 5 years will determine that.

2. I hate pickles. My Mom says I shouldn’t use ‘hate’ for anything…but I hate pickles.

3. I think musical style matters in worship through music. I know it shouldn’t but I can’t explain my musical taste and neither can I explain why simply the intro to a certain worship song can draw me to a song where as another song can be sung for ten minutes and I have to want to try to worship before anything happens.

4. My wife and I have been together for 10 years. Married for 5 and dated for 5. I am her High School Sweetheart. She’s not mine though 😦 I was in college at the time!

5. I’m a Christian cynic. I think that means that I initially don’t like anything with the label of “Christian” in the cultural environment. That’s usually a big turn-off for me.

6. My Gram is from Puerto Rico and her cooking is so incredible it’s just not fair.

7. I struggle with being a parent and a friend to my daughter and she’s only 3.

8. Donald Miller is currently rocking my world! I have about a dozen podcasts of his that I listen to over and over and over again. I talk about him like we hang out.

9. Once a week I hear: “You know, you remind me of Jesus!” but it’s because of the long hair.

10. I played in a “Christian” Rock Band in College called Soapbox and was an awful front man.

11. I grew up Southern Baptist, went to a Non-Denominational church, helped plant an Episcopalian church, visited my Maw Maw’s Methodist Church, and am now on staff at a Presbyterian church.

12. I used to have a problem with pornography but the love of my wife and daughter have made that intolerable in my life.

13. I am a gear snob. Don’t come to me with a solid state amp or anything with First Act on it!

14. I prefer Chuck’s over Vans.

15. I’m a newly converted Apple Addict! I’ve tasted the Kool Aid. Once you go Mac, never got back!

16. I have a crazy philosophy on the subject of Deja Vu. I don’t remember if I truly made it up or if there is actual scientific data backing it! I should research it more…wait a minute…I remember wanting to do that once before…wait a minute…

You’re next Donna, Aaron, Klampert, Justin, Ginger, Jonathan, Alex, Austin, Mud, Chad, Jason


What a weekend!




Friday – Worship team gathering -> Northgate Tavern for A Soup Named Stew CD release party! 

Saturday – Wedding -> New Orleans -> Hanging out around the Quarter -> NKOTB concert!

Sunday – Starbucks -> Church -> Dinner with Jill and Ian -> Set up for youth worship svc -> Youth Worship Service! -> RKS Dance Team practice -> Total and utter exhaustion. 

Today I got to church at 8:45am and I left at 8:00pm. Take out an hour and a half for lunch and that’s just under 10 hours. I am whooped! I cannot wait to tell you though about: 


  • Day trippin’ in New Orleans
  • New Kids on the Block concert
  • Our insane Youth Worship!
  • Turn tables
  • Chloe at worship

So stick around tomorrow, I’m calling it an early night!

RSS readers, don’t miss the pics in this post!


What would your church do?

You’re surrounded by residents hit by an incredible natural disaster. 

All of your church family has been without power for about a week. Some still out. 

Sunday’s always coming. 

What do you do? 

We met as a church staff on Thursday to discuss what we would do. A church just outside of Baton Rouge, LA that’s had probably the worst hurricane we’ve seen since…um…ever! We decided that power or not we’d still have church. Church “unplugged,” that would meet outside with weather permitting or inside if not. We’d shorten the service since without power people aren’t going to want to sit anywhere for any period of time and have a time of sharing and prayer for all who showed up. We’d have to keep both service times since we have no way to communicate to anyone.

There’s a part of me that hates this idea. There’s a whole community reacting to devastation from trees and rain and who have been out of power for a week and we’re going to hold church? How lame compared to the help we could be bringing our community! 
But I kept my mouth shut. Then God reminded me of my mission trip to Nicaragua. I remember having the same feeling heading to church that Sunday. Here we had a week to drill a fresh water well for this community and educate them on the importance of clean water over what they were used to.
Only a week! There was so much to do. This community didn’t know of electricity like we do! This community grew their own vegetables and raised their own livestock! This community had 2 “good” outfits! This community had dirt roads and poor bridges! There was so much more to do that sit down and go to church! We needed not to waste time having church. We should have been out there doing something!

And it was there in a little church in Nicaragua with the community who we were providing a drill for that God showed me the importance of gathering for church. These people had nothing, even their church was an example of that with their makeshift PA (and that’s a generous description by our standards) and their painfully uncomfortable seats. And it was there in that little church that these people worshipped! They looked forward to Sundays. They came and gathered and prayed together and sang together and knew nothing of the luxuries that they lacked. Worshipping with them that Sunday may have been the most significant thing we did that week.

So while, a part of me wishes we were doing something different, part of me hopes for something significant and special to breathe life into our community that would bind us together and glorify an almighty Creator.

But that’s what we’re doing. What would you do?

Sundays always coming!


Orange Thoughts – A Community Driven Church

I finished wrapping up my thoughts on the 2 most impressive breakout sessions I sat in at Orange. This one is the crux that really held the rest together. Orange isn’t a concept or a way of doing student or children’s ministry. It’s a way of doing CHURCH. It’s a holistic view of how CHURCH should be done. I only wish you could have been in the presence of Jeff Henderson because he’s a wickedly cool dude!

Our relationship with each other is the criterion the world uses to judge whether our message is truthful – Christian community is the final apologetic. Francis Schaeffer

1. God has called the church to create environments where authentic community can take place. Small groups ARE the church. 9Am/11AM/7PM are just 3 times it happens on Sunday.
Unlike traditional Sunday School, this is not a place to hide.
a. The Non-Negotiable: We need to be in community. At the end of the day you can discuss style, preaching, etc. but is it true that we are having Biblical Community!?!
b. If that’s true, then how do you create a culture where community is the goal, instead of a program tacked on to an existing structure?
What do we need to stop doing to make Small Groups work? The #1 reason why Small Groups don’t work at most churches are competing systems within the Church.
c. It begins with 3 questions:
i. What do you want ppl to become?
ii. What do you want ppl to do?
iii. Where do you want ppl to go?
In many respects, the church has been reduced to an academic institution instead of a place that fosters Biblical community. It’s even in the name when we look at: “Sunday School.”

2. The Thread of Community
a. Community becomes part of the fabric of your church when:
i. It becomes a destination for every age group.
ii. It has a line item in your budget.
iii. Small Group Leaders are encouraged and equipped.
iv. Systems are continually refined.
v. Senior leadership sets the example.
The quality of community depends on the quality of the leader.
i. Recruit for leaders on an individual basis.
ii. The small group leader for children and students partner with parents.
iii. The small group leader for children and students is NOT a babysitter.
We want SGLs on our students speed dial!

Everyone faces the problem of too many ppl wanting in to small groups and too few SGLs ready to go. NPCC’s goal is to have 80% of attendees in small groups.
1. Leader/Apprentice model small groups
2. Groups last 18 mos – then split
3. Starter groups
4. GroupLink

Training provided for SGLs involve:
1. 2x a year group training for all leaders of small groups
2. Multiple online resources
3. Staff Coaches who meet every 90 days face to face with the SGLs they’re responsible for.

Being around those who don’t know Jesus helps us realize that we should NEVER take for granted our knowledge and relationship with Him!


I Want to BE Starbucks to My Community

My Starbucks knows my name. They greet me each morning with a smile and a greeting. They remember what I like. They ask me how my day is going. They joke around and have fun with me while waiting to finish creating my drink. They tell me what they’re doing in life. They come sit down with me in the big comfy chair on their lunch break (which incidentally is like at 10AM). They recommend music or books that they think I would like based on previous conversations we’ve had. They give me free stuff!

They’re also not always friendly. Sometimes they’ve had a bad day but they’re working through it. They’re not friends with everyone. They’re not friends with those who drink coffee on the other side of town, there’s another Starbucks for that. They close down for 3 hours with they need some time to themselves. They make mistakes. When they make mistakes they admit it and make up for their mistakes.

They change the mood I’m in. It starts when pulling into the parking lot. I get excited about seeing  Jeff, Ashleigh, Ali, Katie, Cody, and whoever else is going to be there that morning. Sadly enough, they reached out to me before I was friendly to them. Honestly, it’s why I continue to go there and pass up 3 other Starbucks on the way to work. I’ve taken my daughter there just so she can see where Daddy goes in the morning 🙂 I’ve taken my wife there so she can meet “my baristas!” and so my baristas can meet my pregnant wife I’m always talking about 🙂 That’s powerful! I want to do that. I want my church do that. Don’t you?


Does anyone go to church in Houston?

Slowing down my posts this week is the preparation for our trip to Houston this weekend. Any help on finding a cool church?

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