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David Crowder’s CHURCH MUSIC Delivers! Review & Wine Metaphor

I am stunned and shocked by the intensity this worship project brings. It’s absolutely ruining the rest of my music collection right now!

As many of you know, today’s the day! New David Crowder*Band goodness for you to feast on. And let me tell you, it is yummy goodness! We’ve featured it in our multi-perspective review BLOGSITE The Joint (yup we went pro on you and made our own site!) and I highly recommend you check it out. Shucks just go buy the CD and then read the review while you dig in!

I do warn you! This worship project is not for the faint of heart! It has been masterfully thought out thematically, lyrically, and stylistically and shall be like your favorite red wine. One that with each sip gets better and better and truly gets better with time! But I encourage you to drink deep!


Sunday Setlist Aug. 30th – “BEST” Ever!

So this week I was terribly busy prepping for leading worship at River and for our normally scheduled youth activities then we got the rest of the equipment for the FireStudio and wanted to install and set that up as well. SO CRAZY! I think most of my struggle came from wanting to do what I wanted to do for music on Sunday instead of shutting up and listening to the Spirit lead me because once I did that everything came together! Here’s how it went down:

True Love – Phil Wickham – E
Happy Day – Tim Hughes – C

Morning Music:
O, for 1,000 Tongues to Sing – Crowder – G
How He Loves – Crowder – A
I Love You Lord – ??? – D
Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill – A

Offertory: Your Name – Phil Wickham’s version with Paul Baloche – G

Communion: None But Jesus – Hillsong – C

Closing song:
In Christ Alone – Matt Papa – E

So…YEAH…that’s a lot of songs for us! But it was terribly fun. The team killed too! We just had electric, bass, drums, 2 backing vocals, and I swapped from acoustic to electric and back. The two backing vocals were students and I actually had picked None But Jesus for them to sing together for Communion and when we got to practice once said “OH, I LOVE that first acoustic song on there!” So I had them sing True Love as well 🙂 It was awesome seeing these two girls take it on like that!

The next thing you might notice are keys. This past year not leading worship, I’ve really become aware of how a key can kill any idea of me singing on Sunday morning or promote me to really sing out. I also noticed that when I just show up to church, I haven’t warmed up or practiced or done anything to help promote my ability to sing THEREFORE when I lead I need to be uber-aware that I’m singing with a bunch of people just like that! So I dropped the keys for How he Loves, Jesus Paid it All, and In Christ Alone. I’ve got to say, I was pretty anxious about that decision and whether the songs would sound flat or dull but they didn’t and it proved to be a great decision because WOWZERS I heard people singing out!

Lastly, the theme of the morning was where God really showed up! We had a guest preacher this week and that’s always hairy because while my advice was to “pick songs on the name of Jesus and the transforming power of His name. And I’d really like Your Name done” that’s a real wide berth to operate under. However, the songs and the message were 1 huge arrow pointing towards Jesus and it was like we sat down side by side and handpicked all the songs together to highlight portions of his message. I guess we did by allowing the Holy Spirit to work us 🙂
I had 2 “themes” I was working: the love of Jesus showcased by 1,000 Tongues and How He Loves that transferred into a response song with I love You Lord and focused on the cross: Jesus Paid it All. What was ridiculous was how perfectly that set everything up and In Christ Alone was a great exclamation point for the day.

I’m still reeling on the morning and how it went but I’ve rambled long enough. More on that this afternoon.

As always check out the rest of the Sunday Setlists at Fred‘s Blog Carnival!


Sunday Setlist March 29 – I’m baaaaaack


Today was my first time back up front leading worship in a loooooong time. I know it’s the first time this year! And it was GREAT!

1st: The songs –

All to You – Lincoln Brewster – E
Wholly Yours – David Crowder*Band – G
I Will Not Forget You – ??? – G
Hosanna – Hillsong United – E

Offering – You’re Beautiful – Phil Wickham – Eb

Closing – Oh, Praise Him – Crowder – G

2nd: The team –

3 female backup vox
1 male backup vox
3 guitars: 1 acoustic + 1 electric + me on my Gretsch

Put those together and what have you got? Bippity Boppity BIGNESS! Oh man, it was FULL! I mean, I don’t typically like alot of backup vocals. I think harmonies can get in the way sometimes but since it was my first time back in a loooong time, I put a call in to some dear friends of mine who used to fill in for me when I led worship and would be out of town. Well this time we could do it together! They’re a husband and wife team with a best friend and they just work incredibly well together. I added a student of mine who loves to sing and so the vocals were STACKED. We had fun trading off lead parts as well which was great for me.

I led All to You and Wholly Yours completely by myself.
I split verses with Matt on I will Not Forget You and Oh, Praise Him.
Matt led You’re Beautiful.
Alyssa led Hosanna.

Another BIGNESS came from 3 guitars! Seriously, there’s no other way to go! Matt led rhythmically on his acoustic, Jim did lead on the electric, and I filled in the between on my Gretsch. It was so much fun for me because I didn’t have to do alot honestly 🙂 I got to play simple clean stuff or with mild distortion to build some bigness. It really showed though. I’ve played Oh, Praise Him easily 1,000 times but this was the best time ever!

We pushed 95/96 which also a great way to fill the room. We kind of had to with the intensity of the songs!

Such a great morning all around! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

How was your Sunday? Have you participated in Fred’s Sunday Setlist? You should!


David Crowder gets an African Village Tribute

David Crowder Tribute

It’s almost silly to state something so absurd but it’s true! Apparently, (I just checked as I began writing this post) he’s one among Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, and MercyMe who has received a tribute CD from the African Village Band

And this is new stuff! 

  1. Everything glorious
  2. Foreverandever Etc…
  3. Here is our King
  4. O Praise Him
  5. Open skies
  6. No one like You
  7. Undignified
  8. You alone
  9. You are Everything 
  10. You are the one

So not everything new but a good many of them! Apparently the last 2 are originals, they’re found on all the tribute CDs. 

Honestly, while some sound ridiculous, others have an incredible groove happening. On the sample clips, Here is Our King and You Alone really stood out!

So, who’s up for some tribal worship??? 
I want to see that on Fred’s Worship Carnival!!!


I hate you David Crowder

…no, I cannot get this out of my head…

Seriously, thanks!


The Remedy Club Tour Live CD + DVD

I knew this was coming but…my seat is wet…I just peed my pants…August 19th can’t get here quick enough!


Worship Pre-Textfessional – Feb 24

Anyone with more experience than me what to fill me in on what happened to me this week? For some reason, this Sunday’s song selection surprises me yet seems right on. I mean it’s not exactly what I would choose…but I did. Obviously, there’s something supernatural about being a Worship Leader that I’ll never be able to explain, this weekend being one of them…and it’s not even here yet!

  • PreludeRescue is Coming or Here is Our King – David Crowder*Band
  • Let Everything That Has Breath – E – Redman
  • You Are So Good to Me – G – Third Dayish version
  • Lead Me to the Cross – A – United
  • Shout to the Lord – A – Hillsong
  • Post CommunionCome Thou Fount into Amazing Grace and back again – Drop D – Crowderish version

I mean yeah there’s a process and discussion and preparation and review that happens before I get to this point but I’m still surprised with half of these but excited to see how they’ll turn out!

In a nutshell this weekend’s selection went down like this:

  1. Discussion over what this weekend’s topic would be and Come Thou Fount and Amazing Grace are both great topical songs. We do a version that combines the two: no brainer.
  2. Because of the musicians this week and frequency of the last time played, I really wanted to do Lead Me to the Cross or Mighty to Save. Shout to the Lord was brought up by a guest vocalist for an idea and I like the way it follows Lead Me… so I decided on those 2, even though I downright despise playing Shout… but hey, it’s not always about me so I’m cool with it.
  3. I wanted an old familiar tune that the congregation loves and I like the way You Are So Good To Me ends thematically and thought it led into Lead Me… quite well.
  4. Why oh why did LETHB pop into my head? It’s not a favorite of mine, not a favorite of the band’s, we haven’t done it in ages but for some reason I just couldn’t shake it. But I really like the way it starts the morning. I just don’t understand how it got there.
  5. The prelude was amidst everything else. HIOK is the default but I really, really, REALLY want to give Rescue a go and see if we can pull it off without loops and zaniness. I’ll let you know.



This Day in Music – God of This City Discussion

I’ve been slacking a bit with the new music territory but it seems finally most everyone’s up to date with the fact that Passion’s got a new release. So why not discuss it? I gave you the setlist and video options already but what do you think? I think I’m a bit too close to the Passion crew for my own good. I can’t stay satisfied with these releases because there’s nothing new and what is new isn’t worth getting the whole CD. I mean seriously we have only 5 new songs here (I’ll give you Kristian’s because he’s not as well known,) we have 4 songs that have been on multiple releases, and 4 songs that have been previously released.

  1. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  2. You are God – Charlie Hall
  3. God of this City – Chris Tomlin
  4. O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing – David Crowder*Band
  5. Hosanna – Christy Nockels
  6. Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin
  7. Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill
  8. Walk the World – Charlie Hall
  9. We Shine – Fee
  10. God of our Yesterdays – Matt Redman
  11. The Glory of it All – David Crowder*Band
  12. Shine – Matt Redman
  13. Dancing Generation – Matt Redman
  14. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin

All the previous released material was given a bit more gusto in the post-production or rerecorded but it’s still not enough. The one that stands out is what they did with You Are God. It really pops this time! For the Passion fan who isn’t obsessed and has all the previous releases I imagine this CD would be GREAT for them! It’s full and it does capture a real sense of what Passion’s doing. As Louie says, it captures a moment of Passion and gives it to you. However, I’m still thinking the highly favored Tomlin side of the equation is a bit much. Between Crowder, Fee, and Kristian we only get 4 tunes.

So what’d you think? I know the last full release fell on deaf ears by most. This seems like a noble attempt to rectify the situation. Did it work for you? Are you not SATISFIED?!?!

Total review of the new stuff coming up!


Worship Textfessional – Feb 10

This was a River KidStuf weekend so it was “short” services on Sunday. Here’s what happened:

  • Everlasting God – A – Lincoln Brewster style
  • O Praise Him – G – David Crowder*Band
  • Glory in the Highest – A – Chris Tomlin
  • Tasting Forgiveness – G – Robbie Seay Band

So, like I said, short Sunday. Only 3 songs up front. We actually rolled announcements on the screen during the offertory time and I played Hillsong United’s Introduction via the iPod. We finished up the message and began communion and we played Tasting Forgiveness while people down hoping that “maybe this time the bread and the wine would be more than food on my lips” as they tasted forgiveness 🙂 I just love that song! Plus it was a great fit with Garnett’s message.

YET I MUST CONFESS…I’ve heard it said that: speakers should speak and singers should sing. Sometimes though I decide to throw caution to the wind and disregard that little nugget of wisdom. Mostly it works, usually because I feel either led to say something about the song we’re about to do or have just done, or because I’ve prepared a scripture reading or something…not this time. This was classic Winging It 101 and it was disastrous! It had the best intentions: our Middle School group Impact takes up the 1st two rows on the right side of the sanctuary in the 1st service and they were excited that morning and totally into things. I really missed them in the 2nd service but some jabber rambling nonsense poured forth from my mouth and I just couldn’t stop. It felt like I had jumped from a plane without a parachute and there was no recovery until I hit bottom and so it went. I don’t even know how we got to O Praise Him. Maybe I just started playing. Awful.

The upside was Glory in the Highest is just a righteous song and although we had a bit of floundering around in the intro (again in the 2nd service) that song is just so simple and so powerful that by the time it was over I don’t think anyone could have possibly remembered the shenanigans of earlier. I was saying I wouldn’t do any more Tomlin tunes for a while but that song is just to great to pass up.

So Church Concentrate: River Community in a hour or less is how it goes on River KidStuf Sundays. Normally scheduled programming back on track this weekend 🙂


Worship Pre-textfessional Jan 27th

I’ve got to get better at these. They’re so much fun, I keep wanting to do more but don’t get around to it and therefore never do anything. That’ll stop soon:

  • Oh, for a 1,000 Tongues to Sing – G – Crowderesque
  • Forever – A – Tomlinesque
  • All Creatures 2 – D – Crowderesque from Illuminate
  • Lead Me to the Cross – A – Hillsong United
  • Post communion – Holy is the Lord – G or A (haven’t decided yet) – Tomlin

On paper, I’m much more ashamed of my choices. I should probably do this way out in the beginning of the week. I might choose differently.

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