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David Crowder gets an African Village Tribute

David Crowder Tribute

It’s almost silly to state something so absurd but it’s true! Apparently, (I just checked as I began writing this post) he’s one among Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, and MercyMe who has received a tribute CD from the African Village Band

And this is new stuff! 

  1. Everything glorious
  2. Foreverandever Etc…
  3. Here is our King
  4. O Praise Him
  5. Open skies
  6. No one like You
  7. Undignified
  8. You alone
  9. You are Everything 
  10. You are the one

So not everything new but a good many of them! Apparently the last 2 are originals, they’re found on all the tribute CDs. 

Honestly, while some sound ridiculous, others have an incredible groove happening. On the sample clips, Here is Our King and You Alone really stood out!

So, who’s up for some tribal worship??? 
I want to see that on Fred’s Worship Carnival!!!


Crowder Captivates the Big Screen!

So Baton Rouge is tremendously LAME when it comes to quality entertainment I found out as Rae and I were joined by merely 2 great friends of ours tonight as we caught the Crowder concert in movie form at the Rave here in town. I’ll just say that hopefully, you were saving your money to rush out and purchase the new live CD/DVD that’s being released tomorrow morning!

IT IS WELL WORTH IT! It really was incredible tonight to experience all the Crowder yumminess while comfortably sitting in my seat, enjoying the surround sound, not having to cut my way threw the dense crowd for my potty break, not having to arrive early and jockey for a great position to then stand for the next 3 hours! What we find here in the DVD is what Passion’s become known for: incredibly well produced live footage! Almost to a fault I say, but incredibly well done. There are times where it teeters on what appears might be a live music video set to a studio recording with live crowd noises added in, the quality seems that great! I appreciate flubs and hiccups from time to time, especially in the live arena but that’s not such the case with most Passion recordings and neither is it here!

The surprising thing is how much banter is cut from the DVD. I remember there being much more playful banter on stage and with the crowd live and here it is reduced to some typicaly yet memorable moments from the concert. They’ve spliced together 2 live venues: New York and I dare you to guess….yes….that’s right….Atlanta 🙂
I actually called it at the beginning. I told Rae:

I bet you this is Atlanta!

Then Crowder busts out a, “How great is it to be in New York!” and she just snickered at me! Fortunately, we caught on that they have on 2 different outfits so I still had hope! Sure enough, later on Crowder busts out something like, “It’s so good to be back down here in the South!” and BINGO! I had my BOOYAH moment 🙂

Regardless, the live CD/DVD plays like a “best of” compilation of Crowder hits. The DVD is supposed to be chock full of goodies so if you haven’t pre-ordered it then I suggest you run out today and nab yourself a copy!

Let us bring the remedy!



The David Crowder*Band coming to a movie theater (or theatre) near YOU! Get your tickets on August 13th and then preview the DVD on the big screen! 
And they’re coming to Baton Rouge baby!! Click on the image above to find a theater (or theatre) in your city and we’ll all nab it together and twitter about it and blog about it and join in the festivities together!

Where are my manpers!


The Remedy Club Tour Live CD + DVD

I knew this was coming but…my seat is wet…I just peed my pants…August 19th can’t get here quick enough!


This Day in Music – I Open Pandora

So much of my time is spent here on my computer at work, on my computer at home, on my computer at St. Arbucks, etc. and while I typically despise typical radio, I’ve been turned on to Internet Radio. Last week a friend of mine introduced me to Pandora Radio. It’s simple and easy to use and requires no downloads!

Here’s how it works:

  • Tell them what Artist/Song you enjoy listening to
  • They’ll generate more of the same!

If you’re familiar to Cover Flow view of iTunes, it’s pretty similar to that. As it’s playing the songs you several options that include things like: Don’t Like, Like, Why’d You Chose This?, Move to another “Station.” It’s great because you can create as many “stations” depending on your musical preference. At the moment I have 2. One is David Crowder Band and the other is One Republic. I’ll probably swap that up for more diversity but so far it’s been pretty accurate. The crazy thing is that I haven’t even registered or done anything other than simply start listening to free music!

So, bored of your shuffling of iTunes playlists? Check out Pandora.

Use something else? Let me know. This is new territory for me.


My Top Ten of 2007

I love lists, music, and my boy Jason ‘The Man of Steel.’ So in response to his incredible great list of the best 10 CDs of the year so far:

Lincoln Park – Minutes to Midnight – I really liked what the guys did with this one. A big departure from the previous LP CDs initially turned me off of this one for a while but coming back around to it, there are some really great tracks. The maturity found on this CD is really refreshing and from an interview I found with Chester, apparently they’re planning on really touring the heck out of the next 2 years with all that’s available from their material, especially this CD.

9. Wilco – Sky Blue Sky – There are quite a few surprises here for me on this list but this has to be the biggest of them all! Huge thanks to Jim for introducing me to Wilco and getting me hooked on Jeff and Nels! What an incredible group of musicians and if you want to talk about ‘chemistry’ amongst a group look no further than here!

8. Paramore – RIOT – Chick led rock and roll angst done the way it’s supposed to be!! It makes my brain hurt when artists like Avril Lavigne and Hillary Duff and co. thrive and groups like Paramore and Flyleaf seem to fight it every way. I’m amazed by the ability these group of youngsters have to be able to crank out a CD that sounds this great!

7. The Almost – Southern Weather – When I think of talented musicians, I now immediately think of Aaron Gillespie. Seriously, writing and recording EVERYTHING here except some backing vocals, steel guitar, and strings this kid on his ‘downtime’ from his already thriving band Underoath had time to put out a killer rock/emo CD and do it successfully! Love it!

6. Robbie Seay Band – Give Yourself Away – There are some signature voices out there that I am so jealous of and Robbie Seay’s is at the top of the list! This CD just kicks from beginning to end blending authentic worship with talented ‘mainstream’ music. These guys are going to be around for a while!

5. Lifehouse – Who We Are – Another signature voice I’m jealous of! This was such a great CD! The common thread for my Top 5 are CDs that are so great that they increase the value of an artists catalog! Not only are they great CDs but they make you want to go back and fall in love with the artist’s older CDs all over again! Who We Are is a great addition to Lifehouse with some incredible tracks on here for first timers and die hard fans!

4. Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light – This CD and I were hot and heavy when it was first released! I still love it. Its so simple it’s beautiful. It’s a quick CD yet by the time I finish it I just want to start it all over again. I love the writing style with this CD and embrace Chase This Light on so many levels. Sometimes, however, I’m left wanting more, which is better than getting burnt out I suppose.

3. David Crowder*Band – Remedy – Crowder and co. prefaced Remedy as “Crowder in a Can.” If you were to strip down previous recordings and condense Crowder into 1 CD that perhaps you’d have something like Remedy. I think on many levels they are correct. My discontent comes from the fact that I already knew too many of the songs before the CD was released (not necessarily Crowder’s fault), however I keep coming back around to the CD time and time again! This band’s music is better and more creative and pushes the envelope farther than most ‘secular’ artists and each CD has me grinning like an idiot on what they’ve been able to pull off! As said before, it not only makes me enjoy Crowder but brings up memories of Collision, Illuminate, Can You Hear Us and has me pulling up old playlists on my iPod!

2. Alter Bridge -blackbird – There are bands who loved Creed for Scott Stapp and then there are fans who loved Creed for who/what Creed was. I’m not a Scott Stapp fan so the reuniting of the original band of Creed sans Stapp was a momentous occasion for me! However for ME, this is the Alter Bridge CD that all the other Alter Bridge CDs shall be compared to! The official cohesion of the band that is Alter Bridge comes alive in this recording! There are truly moments in this CD that it’s like my soul comes alive! Cheesy and corny I know but it’s true! I get finished and want to relive One Day Remains and then when it’s finished I come right back to blackbird! It’s truly the full integration of the band on this CD that distinguishes it from One Day… It’s the singing of the guitar on Blackbird, the appropriate usage of Kennedy’s soaring choruses, the rock anthems, the dark and dirtiness of Come to Life, the only pitfall I find here is a bit of an overdose. 14 tracks is alot!

1. Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace – It was a tough fight for the number 1 spot but I hand it to Dave and the fighters of Foo! I think this is my favorite Foo Fighters collection…of all time! At least since Colour and the Shape. Again, you talk about cohesion and unity among members of a band and this is it baby! Everything works on this album! They’ve tried the acoustic stuff before and it felt forced and honestly bland sometimes. Here it delivers with intensity and passion! The ability to go from 5 mph stoll down the street to a blaring 105 mph melt your face is a thing of majesty! There are so many surprises and hooks around every corner this CD captivates me differently every time I listen to it! It’s incredible in so many ways. I doubt there will be another CD to topple this one this year!

So did I get it right? What did I miss? Make sure you check out Jason‘s and make your own!

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