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The Joint Goes Official!


In March of this year 2 of some incredible blogging buddies of mine and I kicked off a fun project called the Joint, where we reviewed music in a ‘multi-personality’ format. We’ve had a ton of fun with it. I’ve been stoked to be a part of it and get to know these guys better and interact with ya’ll around the subject of music.

Well we’ve picked up another voice and now 4 of us are cranking out the music reviews. Up most recently has been the review of Fee’s Hope Rising. Before that we had Brenton Brown, Todd Agnew, David Crowder*Band just to name a few. It’s our hope and desire that through the voices of 4 different fellas putting in their thoughts into a review with a brief synopsis, a bottom line verdict, and our own personal favorite tracks and songs that we think could help your worship services that you’d enjoy an incredible introduction to some new and familiar artists!

Some of you have already picked up on it but I’m stoked to announce that the Joint Review has gone “official” and moved from this:


to this:

The Joint Review


AND we’ve gone from reviews showing up on our individual blogs to our very own website that can be found at Check out the music. Show some love and spread the word.

Thanks ya’ll!


David Crowder’s CHURCH MUSIC Delivers! Review & Wine Metaphor

I am stunned and shocked by the intensity this worship project brings. It’s absolutely ruining the rest of my music collection right now!

As many of you know, today’s the day! New David Crowder*Band goodness for you to feast on. And let me tell you, it is yummy goodness! We’ve featured it in our multi-perspective review BLOGSITE The Joint (yup we went pro on you and made our own site!) and I highly recommend you check it out. Shucks just go buy the CD and then read the review while you dig in!

I do warn you! This worship project is not for the faint of heart! It has been masterfully thought out thematically, lyrically, and stylistically and shall be like your favorite red wine. One that with each sip gets better and better and truly gets better with time! But I encourage you to drink deep!


What a Great Day for Music!

David Crowder*Band Remedy Live CD/DVD

Charlie Hall The Bright Sadness

Phil Wickham Singalong

Full reviews coming soon! Chris who?!?!?! Hahaha.


Crowder Captivates the Big Screen!

So Baton Rouge is tremendously LAME when it comes to quality entertainment I found out as Rae and I were joined by merely 2 great friends of ours tonight as we caught the Crowder concert in movie form at the Rave here in town. I’ll just say that hopefully, you were saving your money to rush out and purchase the new live CD/DVD that’s being released tomorrow morning!

IT IS WELL WORTH IT! It really was incredible tonight to experience all the Crowder yumminess while comfortably sitting in my seat, enjoying the surround sound, not having to cut my way threw the dense crowd for my potty break, not having to arrive early and jockey for a great position to then stand for the next 3 hours! What we find here in the DVD is what Passion’s become known for: incredibly well produced live footage! Almost to a fault I say, but incredibly well done. There are times where it teeters on what appears might be a live music video set to a studio recording with live crowd noises added in, the quality seems that great! I appreciate flubs and hiccups from time to time, especially in the live arena but that’s not such the case with most Passion recordings and neither is it here!

The surprising thing is how much banter is cut from the DVD. I remember there being much more playful banter on stage and with the crowd live and here it is reduced to some typicaly yet memorable moments from the concert. They’ve spliced together 2 live venues: New York and I dare you to guess….yes….that’s right….Atlanta 🙂
I actually called it at the beginning. I told Rae:

I bet you this is Atlanta!

Then Crowder busts out a, “How great is it to be in New York!” and she just snickered at me! Fortunately, we caught on that they have on 2 different outfits so I still had hope! Sure enough, later on Crowder busts out something like, “It’s so good to be back down here in the South!” and BINGO! I had my BOOYAH moment 🙂

Regardless, the live CD/DVD plays like a “best of” compilation of Crowder hits. The DVD is supposed to be chock full of goodies so if you haven’t pre-ordered it then I suggest you run out today and nab yourself a copy!

Let us bring the remedy!


The Remedy Club Tour Live CD + DVD

I knew this was coming but…my seat is wet…I just peed my pants…August 19th can’t get here quick enough!

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