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Chloe’s 4yr Old Party Mix

Chloe's Party Mix

45. Who Did You Think I Was – John Mayer – Where the Light is Live in LA
46. Bold As Love – John Mayer – Where the Light is Live in LA
47.  Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

Have we failed as parents? HAHA.


It’s all about rhythm!

Call it what you like, I’m  musician so I’ll call it rhythm possibly even “groove!” I’ve noticed my life taking a different rhythm lately. Tonight was a huge example of that! For years the rhythm of my Thursdays were something like 10-12 hour days sticking around church all day because it was too much of a hassle to leave and go home and come back again for worship practice. Feeling spunky I might get a Smoothie around 5:15. Getting home around 9:30 or so I’d grab some left over dinner and eat on the sofa catching up with Project Runway and The Ultimate Fighter with Rae. It’s not something I thought about…it’s just what I did.

Well, tonight was the first time I did that in quite some time. I felt like I was dying on the way home! I was tired, cranky, hungry (I even had my Smoothie!), even disoriented (see crazy tweets!)

SO WHAT IS RHYTHM?!? You know it, even if you can’t describe it. It’s when you find yourself tapping your foot, bobbing your head, or jumping up and down. It’s a particular pattern of a beat or accent that recurs over time.

As with a song, our lives find a certain rhythm. Tonight’s irregular pulse in the rhythm I’ve found my evenings has had me notice a few things that have become rhythmic in my life that I am certainly grateful for:

  • My new mornings: I’m trying to save some $$$ and am really using my own coffee maker instead of trucking to St. Arbucks so much! It’s given me some pep in the morning b/c I am certainly NOT a morning person!
  • My new soundtrack: there is a sudden influx of some great music in my life but none more entertaining than my good friend David Loti’s new solo project Amalgam. Chloe asks for it every morning on the way to day care and has become special to the both of us singing along to his crazy songs!
  • My Wednesday Men’s Small Group: It feels new only because I missed so much in the Summer because of camps. This group is the source of my sanity and an audible voice of God’s wisdom speaking into my life each week by some great men!
  • My new attitude: Rae says I must be man-strating because I’m in this crazy cleaning craze! Cleaning the house, my desk, and my office at church! It’s nuts! Sounds silly but I’ve even been cleaning up around here! (Notice the “Under Construction” sign above?) My Google Reader is streamlined and working insanely well!

I’m sure there are others. This has been a great exercise to take note of what’s going on around me. I’m looking forward to a new one that Rae and I will be tackling with Mud next month in reading through the New Testament in September!

What about you?


Feeling like a Rockstar

It’s been sometime since I did any playing other than at church. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to play lead guitar with some friends of mine for a friend of mine. This week she’s The Advocate’s Musicians Spotlight online. 

Lindsay Spurlock

We play again tonight (Thursday) at Chelsea’s Cafe. It’s even better this time around as one of the opening bands is another good friend of mine. Unfortunately, I’m fending off a wicked cold/sinus battle of epic proportions so all you get is this measly post and the promise of something better to come 🙂 

I will leave you with a couple shots from the Spanish Moon and that it is so incredible to be back out playing like this. Working at a church has pretty much eliminated every non-Christian encounter that I used to have! It just feels…”right” to be back out there! So if you’re a local, come check us out! If you’re not then go support some great friends of mine! 

lindsay rae spurlock     ASNS

              Lindsay Rae Spurlock               David Loti with A Soup Named Stew


Me and Rae Rocking Out

  Rae and Me & my Sexy Pants                    Me rocking out with my Gretsch!


A Soup Named Stew for Me…for You!

I love getting the opportunity to play with talented, gifted musicians and I’d love to introduce you to one more: A Soup Named Stew! I love getting the opportunity to GIVE YOU FREE MUSIC!
So check it out, rather than going on and on about how great these guys are let me say this: 


  • Winner of KLSU Battle of the Bands
  • Opened for Puddle of Mudd for LSU’s Groovin’ on the Grounds
  • They’ve played all over Baton Rouge, including the coveted Varsity Theatre
  • Number Two is the number one CD you don’t have that you NEED! 


A Soup Named Stews style is a blend of pop punk, pop rock, alternative, hip-hop, country, jazz, and stand-up comedy, but the band has been recognized as the founder of humor-core. The group has been compared to They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, Green Day, Barenaked Ladies, The Aquabats, and Tenacious D. 

The guys are celebrating the release of their new CD tonight and I want to promote the mess out of them! So here’s the deal: head over to their mySpace page here and here and show them some love! For every comment you leave on their pages and here in the comments section of this post enters you into a drawing for the brand new release of Number Two!

Yeah a comment, that’s it! Tell them you love their music! Tell them you think they’re special. Tell me what you think of a song. Tell me your worship Number Two experience. Just leave a comment about ASNS or Number Two! That’s it.

I will say this, the guys don’t take themselves all that seriously. Their shows are hilarious. They are hilarious. They and YOU have a ton of fun at their shows. But this CD is NOT a joke! The presentation is top notch! The production is top notch! I know David Loti and to say that this project is the band’s baby is not an understatement! They put alot of time and energy in it and I hope, wish, and pray the best for them!

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