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Summer Splash and a Story

So, we’ve said that our church was a place for families and where families come together; however saying that and doing that is two completely different things. We still operated like a traditional, normal church did. You know: church wide event and the kids go over there on the space walk, the women go in the shade and talk over Iced Tea, the men go sweat in the sun with the grills or pots or what have you, and the youth go cause trouble.

It’s amazing what a stripped budget and networking can do for you. After trying to get creative with our Thanksgiving Feast last year, I happened upon a blog post by Dan over at life as best as I remember it… and a light bulb truly went off! We’ve done our family events different ever since and today was our first ever Summer Splash!

Our new bent is to create an environment where families play together! This is our 3rd event stylized this way. This time around we had stations set up for water games, we had 2 slip-n-slides, we had a water mellon carving contest, all trying to keep families engaged together, playing together and playing with other families together! And it’s been tremendous!

In addition, this time around we had a Youth fundraiser for camp and we sold Jambalaya dinners for $5. A story I just MUST TELL YOU!

We got to the end of the afternoon and had a few plate dinners left so we made signs and waved down passers by and tried to lure them to our tasty jambalaya 🙂

I met Reed. He paid for his 2 dinners and I handed him his change back. Walking to pick up the dinner plates I introduced myself since I didn’t recognize him. He was lured off the street and on his way home and thought he’d pick up dinner. I couldn’t believe it actually worked and told him about what was going on and why we were raising $$$ to send our kids to camp and basically gave diarrhea of the mouth 🙂
The cool thing was that I thanked Reed for stopping in and helping out and he returned me his change and was grateful to be able to help, wanting it all to go towards the students camps this Summer!

Thank you God. Thank you Reed. Stories like that are what make the day all worth it.

Pictures and update soon!

How was your Sunday?


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