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The Nines Last Update

Jud Wilhite brought it and I’m out to get home and back for practice tonight! Here’s the last bit I have:

Larry Osborne/North Coast Church = Future of the church

Good stuff! Get this!

Matt/Austin Stone =

Is there something wrong or missing from the American church culture that’s keeping us from actually seeing victory over sin

Christians struggle with sin: Romans 7

James 5:16

Scott Williams/Lifechurch/Big is the new Small = Church diversity sucks but it doesn’t have to

Jim/Flat Irons Community Church =

You have to allow people to belong before they can believe

Not my job to save, fix, or change people. I’m not your Holy Spirit

Neal Cole/Organic Church =

Phil 2: Do nothing from selfish or empty conceit….

God is looking for servants who will lead. Make a name for others

Stunning story of his father-in-law

Reggie Joiner/Orange = Neamiah

Rebuilding the wall for a generation he knew would need a faith in God

1/2 way through the attack with the threat of attack he leaned into the people and reminded them of what was at stake! Leaned into the families – fight for your family, songs, daughters!

60-80% of teenagers are dropping out of faith/church

1. Those on the outside would change their opinion of who God is

2. Those on the inside would begin to change their opinion of who God is and pay attention like never before

3. Celebration of God’s work from those seeing who God is

Bill Easum/ = Legacy

Legacy is who you leave behind not what

2 metaphors likes: Spiritual Midwife and Scout

What do I need to stop doing!

Develop your “to be” list – a list of ppl who could be leaders in the future!

JD Greer/Summit Church =

Center of our ministry out to be the proclamation of Jesus

Act 1 – primary task is to be a witness to me

Gospel is not even an exclusive religious word

Do NOT confuse the effects of the gospel with the actual gospel!

Love is the most powerful apologetic for the Gospel

Geoff Surrat/Seacost Church – Keep your faith strong

How do you go from being on staff to being a disconnected follower of Christ?

1. Take care of your family – Ministry free zones

2. Go to church – don’t work in church without stopping to worship in church. With your family, sitting down worshipping together

3. Be in a small group – not your title but yourself

4. Prioritize your personal worship –

5. Growing your faith – not preparation for your message/retreat/etc.

6. Give generously – generous giving defeats selfishness

7. Serve on a mission – something that helps another mission.

8. Volunteer – Outside of your ministry

9. Forgive – when we work with other people we’re going to get hurt and need to forgive. Every church has an imperfect staff

10. Believe the best – about your other staff personnel

Lady from Crosspoint Church =

Rich Nathan/Vineyard Church =

Marketing loves to play the either/or card but we find in the Bible the both/and principle.

Never has there been divorce like there is with evangelism and social justice

We had to address poverty and abortion in our community so joined with 300 women at risk for abortion

Sam from India =

Dan Kimball/Santa Cruz Vintage Church =

In the church tradition should never get in the way of mission or it is a sin.

Chip/Pinelake Church Mississippi = Take care of yourself

You’re the only one who can take care of you

Your well being is your responsibility

Jud Wilhite/Central Christian Church =

Managing the small details in life! Most ppl think an iceberg that sank the Titanic when in fact it was faulty rivets! Substandard details. The parallel for us on the surface things are well but underneath we must manage the details.

The Assassin Character Creep.

1. Plan for the assassin – be ready. Travel, money, counseling with the opposite sex.

Hands off the money, pants up, and stay out of the hot tub! Sometimes there is success by default – the last person standing.

A long obedience in the same direction

2. Operate by the media mode of operation – never do anything today that you’d be uncomfortable seeing on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow!


The Nines Update – 3rd 90 minutes

First off: MICROSOFT WORD I BITE MY THUMB AT THEE! Evernote and Pages are my new BFFs.
As you can tell, I had lunch and some breaks b/c my mind is numbing. That doesn’t mean some wicked awesome truth wasn’t dropped!


Greg Surat/Seacoast Church

Innovation grows out of desperation

Big ideas grow out of big failures

1. You hit the wall. Something is not working

2. You get discouraged. You see it as failure

3. Trust God. Never been a day when God said “I didn’t see that one coming.”

4. You start by asking the barrier breaking question. If nothing were impossible what could we accomplish here?

5. You collect innovative ideas. Pray- Brainstorm- then filter. Use matrix: easy/hard and big win/small win

6. You do it until it quits working. Make good repeatable.

Rick Rusaw –

Change in the landscape of the church in America

Shift in the question – from how can we be the best church in the community to FOR the community.

That guy

Allowing your public persona to match your personal life

Bil/Bay Area Fellowship/ GO BIG – Mentoring

Exodus 33

1. Read books from people who have done what you want to do – diff in learning from someone who has experience not opinion!

2. Go to the right conferences – the popular one may not be the best one

3. Coaching

4. Take leaders to lunch. Go where they are. Do what they tell you to do before you go see them again.

5. Pray for your mentors. Look for ways to bless them


Pete Wilson/Crosspoint =

Crisis of transformation – ppl are going to church but they aren’t becoming more Christlike

Looking at comparative studies b/w Christians and non-Christians there aren’t many differences in their areas of live

We’ve based it on attendance and knowledge instead of loving other people and…


Vision – help ppl understand what God has for them but we are pulled in 2 diff directions (use rubberband illustration)

Intention – help them learn to own their own spiritual life

Method – rhythm to Jesus’ life. Patterns of prayer, pulling away from ways of the world and community. John 15: Abide in me.


Making the Most of The Nines

How can I make the most of nine when I don’t know what you’re talking about?

Well, The Nines is a rather unconventional unconference that has kind of blossomed out of “nowhere” but that doesn’t mean that didn’t get some of the most well respected in church leadership involved! Starting at 9am Central Daylight Time on 09/09/09 they’ll roll out 9 minute videos from these dynamic leaders for roughly 9 hours with about…yeah you guessed it 9,000 in attendance across via laptops, desktops, computers, offices, living rooms, sanctuaries, you name it!

Here’s a highlight of the schedule tomorrow:

9AM — Troy Gramling, Mark Beeson, Anne Jackson, Dave Ferguson, Scott Hodge
10AM — Perry Noble, Stacy Spencer
11AM — Dino Rizzo, Nancy Beach, Steven Furtick, Reggie McNeal
12PM — Craig Groeschel, Leonard Sweet, Greg Surratt, Jon Tyson
1PM — Margaret Feinberg, Larry Osborne, Matt Carter, Pete Wilson
2PM — Neil Cole, Reggie Joiner, JD Greear
3PM — Mark Batterson, Dan Kimball, Mark DeYmaz
4PM — Jud Wilhite, Brian McLaren, Bob Roberts, Rick McKinley, John Ortberg
5PM — Alan Hirsch, John Bishop, Toby Slough, Ed Stetzer
6PM — Mark Driscoll, Darrin Patrick, Brad Powell
7PM — Darrin Whitehead, Brian Bloye
8PM — Eric Bryant, Nancy Ortberg, Rick Warren

Can I get an Amen!?! I mean WOWZERS that list is insane! When you miss something (b/c it’s an all day marathon you will miss something) check out the tops of the hours.

This is probably the best post I’ve seen on how to tackle tomorrow. [ht: Will Mancini!] Click through but here’s the bullet-points for you:

  1. Carve out as much time as possible to watch live. – opposed to a centralized room the size of an ocean with 9k in attendance, it’ll feel like these leaders are sitting across the table talking to YOU! Join the experience with the online community that you won’t be able to get watching downloads later.
  2. Keep streaming tweets while watching live. – utilizing the communication guerilla Twitter all the tweets containing #thenines will be in conversation together.
  3. Zero in by asking the Holy Spirit for help. – PRAY
  4. Think “syntopically.” – other than some high profilers at each hour it’ll truly be interesting how the topics come out!
  5. Focus reflection. – SUPER recommendation by Will Mancini!!! Word for word: All of this great content must translate, at some point, to meaningful take-aways based on the clarity of your own calling. My personal strategy will be to take hand written notes, that I will group eventually into no more than three categories. In my experience, if a leaders tries to carry more than three ideas, thoughts, or actions away in their wheelbarrow, he or she risks tipping over and having nothing.
  6. Act immediately. – Implementation and execution is the key otherwise we all sat around and wasted a day’s worth of work.

So who’s in? If not? You’ll hate my Twitter and Facebook by 9pm tomorrow! Hahaha!

Register here.

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