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The Nines Update – 2nd 90 minutes

Noel just KILLED with a message on church leadership. Here’s what the 2nd 90 mins have brought:

Steve Robinson/Church of the King =

Worry is temporary atheism.

Stacy Spencer/New Directions Christian = Service

Not giving up on people when they fall.
Jeremiah 38:10
You ought not look down on somebody unless you’re looking down to help them up
1. Make pitstops. Help out leaders/friends who have fallen
2. Do for folks that you’d have them do for you
3.  Use your resources to help people stuck in unfavorable circumstances

Scott Wilson/Oaks Fellowship = Growing
You can either grow or you gotta go!

We must be moving from:
1. Workers
2. Equippers
3. Leaders

3 year model for leadership:

Yr. 1 – Model it! For our church the leadership. Grow your leadership capacity! 35 books this year you don’t grow you gotta go

Yr. 2 – Mentor it! Read 20 books and mentor your key volunteers with 12 books!
Yr. 3 – Multiply it! Help those begin mentoring

Amy Hanson/ = The growing baby boomers involvement
Dino Rizzo/HPC =

Phil. 3:10

1. Know Christ
2. Know the people you serve

3. Know your partnerships in your community
4. Know the poor

Small acts of kindness go along way!

Keld/Denmark =

3 Principles from history of Finland


Know your content


Jorge Acevedo/Recovery Conference 2010 =

Nancy Beach/Willow Creek =

Often gets conversations about leaders growing closer to their senior leader they see less of Jesus.

As ppl get closer to me do they discover more of Christ?

Proverbs 4:23

Isolation leads to denial.

1. Spiritual practices – what practices do I need to intentionally engage

2. Safe relationships – confession and counseling are good things!

3. Stretching experiences – expose yourself to an experience that will stretch you

“Above all else!” Guard your heart!

Steven Furtik/Elevation Church – Hard times

Dreams vs. Reality – a message about an audacious life

1 Kings 17

Isn’t such a thing as part time ministry – it’s all full time ministry

Specifically vs. 7. God’s sent Elijah and cares for him via a brook and the birds but then the brook dries up!

WHY? Punishment? No.

Elijah prophesied about the drought b/c of Ahab and there’s a drought! He’s living in what he prophesied about! Exactly what God said would happen.

After the brook dried up God sent him on. To Zeraphat the on to Mt. Carmel

When God allows a brook to dry up it’s b/c there’s another dimension of his glory, honor, and power he’s preparing you for

Noel/Riverview Church– Elders

Well informed and well intentioned churches are taking away the health of the church

That tiny hole is a team of qualified elders leading the church together

Pastors are one of the things elders do but not the whole thing

Only place there was a single leader was with Israel’s kings that was because of their hardness of heart where they have rejected the Lord.

YEARS searching for a Sr. Pastor and then spend WEEKS picking elders to lead that man.

Craig Groeschel/Lifechurch = Innovative church design

1. Had to create deeper climate and culture of innovation. Value driven and allow culture evolve! Be spiritual innovators!

2. Weakness in utilizing giftedness of volunteers

Delegating tasks creates followers. Delegating authority and create leaders! Don’t recruit volunteers but release and empower leaders

3. Doing ministry out of the overflow of Holy Spirit – comes down to Spiritual Disciplines!

Again mentioning journaling!

Len/ =

Greatest sculpture Michaelangelo’s David released Sept. 8, 1504

1. David before war

2. Big head b/c ppl’s perspective was below this 17′ statue!

So how do you deal with a big head in ministry?

Psalm 51:10

Jesus always comes in surround sound. If you’re not getting surround sound then you’re not getting Jesus. Confidence AND humility!

Coupling OMG with But God

I can do ALL THINGS but through the power of God


The Nines Update – 1st 90 minutes

So far we’ve heard some intense leaders and incredible words! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Troy Grambling/Flamingo Rd Church = pride

1. Forgetting the gift is bigger than the person

2. When you grow impatient with people

3. When we are unwilling to hear the truth

4. Symbols of Power became important

Mark/Granger Community = Why people join or leave your ministry

1. YOU

2. Your mission or your vision

3. Your teammates

Brian/Concord Church = Church leadership

Dave Ferguson/Community Christian Church = Apprenticeship

5 Steps for Apprenticeship:

1. I do you watch

2. I do you help

3. You do I help

4. You do I watch

5. You do & someone else watches

Do not underestimate that something simple but profound can revolutionize your ministry.

2 Tim. 2:2

Something small that allows something big to happen

Anne Jackson/Flowerdust = Christ’s community

Apart from me you can do nothing.

Is working at a church interfering with your community with Christ?

Scott Hodge = God’s priority

Pray that I hear God’s voice every day and pray that I have the courage to obey.

1. Rescheduling your day to provide time to hear him

2. Begin in the small things

Am I hearing from God? Am I giving? My best parts of the day to God?

Am I willing to obey God whatever it takes or more about what ppl think of me?

Perry Noble = Movement

A movement of God cannot be planned but must be prepared for

Leadership is as easy as listening to God

Acts 1:6-8

Listen to the voice of God: it’s Your church what would you have me do?

Skye/Leadership Journal = Identity

Things keeping us from hearing God

Maybe outcomes are not accurate portrayal of my legitimacy in ministry.

Jesus said his bread that sustained his life was to do the will of the Father.  Jesus identity was rooted that he was the beloved of the Father.

The outcomes of ministry do not belong to us! They belong to the Father. We are are to dwell with him.

1. Legitimacy does not come from the outcome of your ministry

2. Stop judging (for me and others) legitimacy on outcomes!

3.  ID in Jesus we’ll find the power and strength to defy a culture around us.

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