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Sunday Setlist Feb. 15th – YOUTH WORSHIP

I really can’t believe I did Sunday Setlists and didn’t talk about our youth worship Sunday night! I was so giddy since I haven’t let worship in quite some time that I completely forgot to blog about it until I noticed Fred’s latest question

So here’s what we did: 

  • How He Loves – John Mark McMillan – C
  • Mighty to Save – Hillsong – D
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall – A

I started the night off with a video by Francis Chan called Stop and Think. You can find out more about it at it’s official site as well as the Crazy/Love site. It’s an incredible presentation of the Gospel and I just thought, “Man! What a great way to set up worship!”
So, we did. I couldn’t think of a better way to start off worship than singing about God’s love and God’s salvation. The first 2 songs were all about HIM and little to do with us. Marvelous Light was more of a celebrative response to that fact. I do love the phrase: 

Sin has lost it’s power, death has lost it’s sting. 
From the grave You’ve risen victoriously!

But Marvelous Light is much more focused on us.

I thought it worked wonderfully. I got so excited that I butchered Mighty to Save. I had to start it 3 times! I couldn’t find the melody! I wasn’t really paying attention to the intro and playing by myself, I initially trying just to vamp out on the D, which doesn’t work by the way! So I started way too low. Then way too high. Finally, I started off in the chorus and went back to the verse! It was hilarious. Completely screwed it up but God’s gracious and I apologized for getting too excited! They laughed but the giggles subsided by the time we got into the 1st Chorus!

I love Marvelous Light because I love that the students actually spin around with me! I hate not doing what the song’s intention is! I mean if we sing:

Lift my hands and spin around!

I think we should do that! And we do when we sing that song and I love it!  

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last led worship. It felt weirder than I thought all alone up there by myself but it was also incredibly freeing! I hope to do more soon!!! 

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Sunday Setlist Dec. 21 – Youth Christmas!

Last night was our Youth Christmas Worship Service. I am so overwhelmed by what happened even though nothing went as I had planned. I suppose I should say “Thank You God!” Haha.

Originally, I had planned on have a full on band, extravagant drums, crazy songs, just bonkers! Instead we did an “in the round-esque” acoustic style that was tremendous!

  • Here is Our King – David Crowder Band – G
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall – A
  • Mighty to Save – Hillsong – D? The recording’s key
  • Glory in the Highest – Chris Tomlin – G

We started the night off with some Santa jokes and then I dovetailed into what we were truly celebrating, talking a bit about Advent and Christmas to set up Here is Our King.

Marvelous Light is just a tremendously fun song with our group and I really like playing it. There’s nothing better than jumping up around in circles with a guitar on! Plus, I broke up the verses with a student vocalist which was awesome!

Mighty to Save is another favorite and again I had 2 of my students sing the verses which was beautiful! These girls are awesome and one’s a sophomore and one’s a senior! Watch out.

At this point I noticed that I had, oddly enough, gathered a bunch of songs that all referenced God as ‘light’ in one way or another. So, I popped out with an impromptu devotional that Donald Miller used a reference in a talk of his about how mysterious and unfathomable God is and how we often have a hard time reconciling that with someone who wants to have a relationship with us. However, I don’t understand hardly anything about light and it’s make up and how it functions and yet I interact with it and depend on it daily. So, I’m comforted by the knowledge that God is like light: something bigger than I can understand yet something/someone I deal with on a daily basis. (That’s the Reader’s Digest version.)

Going into Glory in the Highest was just comical because Tomlin carried this theme as well 🙂 and seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s such a powerful song though, and a great Christmas song! The band actually voted for that one too which was cool.

So a great night!

  • Jason was the only other “adult” and he played a SLEW of percussion! He sat on a cabon? cajon? cahon? had a djembe, congas (the big ones, or are those bongas?) shakers, and some other doo dads 🙂
  • Billy played bass.
  • John Ryan played electric which worked out cool! We had worked on some cool electric parts and doing the “unplugged” vibe concerned me but I set the Blues Jr. on a much more clean setting and my “unplugged” is probably more rambunctious than normal unplugged so it worked really well!
  • Stephanie and Rachel sang beautifully!
  • Melissa ran ProPresenter.
  • Kirby (whoops another adult) ran sound.

Thank you all because this was Christmas for me! We’re going to have 3 more Christmas services but I think this one will be the one for me this year. I just loved it and think that God was pleased as well!

Glad to be a part of Sunday Setlists again!


Sunday Setlist Nov. 16th – Youth Style!

Tonight we had another Youth worship service and it was wicked sweetness!!! Here we go: 

  • Tell the World – Hillsong United
  • We Won’t Be Quiet – David Crowder*Band
  • Never Let Go – Crowder
  • activity to wrap up our Road Signs series
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • How He Loves – John Mark McMillan

Today was just super special in so many ways but for the purpose of this post, I’ll restrict it to these songs 🙂 

I’m beginning to think that not all Youth led worship services require the most boisterous and wild and crazy songs there are. I’m finding we have as much, probably more, on the mid to low tempo songs. I think it’s because we’re in the adult sanctuary and it kind of gobbles us up and it just seems silly to go bananas in there…or I just don’t have alot of wild and crazy students…but I find that hard to believe. 

The special songs of the night were the last 3. 
It was our first time playing Crowder’s Never Let Go but after I intro-ed it, I heard a student go, “HEY! They play this song on KLove!” It was pretty funny. This is a special song for me and most of us here. I heard Crowder wrote this in response to Hurricane Katrina. Well that’s a subject near and dear to our hearts here in Louisiana and I’ve been dying to play this tune. I gave it the feel off the live Remedy Club Tour CD, but picked it on the guitar rather than on the piano.

I’m SO GLAD I don’t play Marvelous Light for the adults and that I do have some semblance of crazy students. They love ‘lifting their hands and spinning around!’ It’s my most favorite thing to do! However, note to anyone leading this song on guitar and spinning around in the process: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay attention to where your guitar cable is. Otherwise you come dangerously close to ripping your guitar off your shoulder or wrenching the cable right out of the guitar 🙂  

How He Loves…So much to say about this song that I’m leaving it for another post. It’s beautiful, it fit my ‘hurricane theme’ for the night! HAHAHA. And the students responded. I blew out my voice on “When I think about the waaaaay!” going into the last Chorus but I did NOT CARE! It was crazy awesome. 

I absolutely love doing worship with students. It’s much more raw and it’s so cool to see students trying to figure out how to worship! However, I did realize that I need to approach this with as much diligence as our morning adult services. We’re doing some pretty complicated stuff and I’ve taken for granted the quality of musicianship from my few “adult” musicians that step in. My goal has been a way to engage the students IN and WITH worship. And I’m resting on the crutches of some of the adults for the sake of busyness and laziness on my part. I need to remedy that for next time. 

How was yours? 

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Sunday Setlist Oct. 19th – YOUTH WORSHIP

Last night was our first Youth Worship Service of the season! It was incredible! Probably the most engaging worship service that I’ve had with our students. It was truly spectacular witnessing what’s happened with our students! 

Here’s what we played: 

  1. Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent – David Crowder*Band – Lime CD
  2. We Won’t Be Quiet – DC*B – Remedy Club Tour
  3. Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall – Flying Into Daybreak
  4. Forever – Chris Tomlin – Live in Austin
  5. Grace Like Rain – Todd Agnew-ish

Here’s what we had: 

  • Conner Byrd (me) – guitars and lead vocals
  • Stephanie (student) – backing vocals
  • John Ryan (student) – electric guitar
  • Billy (student) – bass
  • Smitty Bombs – turn tables and percussion kit
  • Foo-oswald – drums

Yes the names of the guilty adults who participated have been changed to their nicknames 🙂 

I think I probably played one too many songs looking back. Our first two were so energetic and crazy that I was winded after finishing them 🙂 By the time we got to Forever, I wonder if I shouldn’t have simply moved to Grace Like Rain. Regardless, the students pushed on through and their enthusiasm and singing and clapping was encouraging. However, I think next time we might split up and do 3 or 4 and then come back and finish with another 1 or 2. 

I’ve been brewing on this ‘God as light’ lately and so before Marvelous Light (as I swapped to my acoustic) I got a little excited talking about how we all are aware of our dependance on light from sunlight and even fabricated light in our daily activities, how we need the light to function and see and walk about and how we depend on the light for our survival. It’s not wonder why God uses the light as a metaphor for Himself. Our spiritual survival is dependent upon living in the light of Jesus Christ. 

I know preachers shouldn’t sing and singers shouldn’t preach but sometimes I get carried away! 

I just still can’t get over how much the students participated in our yelling and chanting and lifting our hands and spinning 🙂 We have a really young student ministry at RCC and all of this is still pretty new to our students. Seeing them going for it last night was so incredibly special it’s just hard to put into words! Having students up there leading worship with me made me so proud! I am so blessed to have students interested in playing and willing to play in church. Thank you Jesus! 

All a part of Fred’s Setlist Carnival.

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