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MUTEMATH Armistice available Aug 18!

Mutemath Armistice

This is the kind of email I LOVE opening!

Recorded in New Orleans and Oxford, MS and produced by Dennis Herring (Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, The Hives), the record is scheduled for release on Aug 18th.

Nearly 50 minutes in total, MUTEMATH does not play it safe on their sophomore effort. With a stunning range of dynamics, ARMISTICE boasts the kind of masterful production and songwriting that ensure it to be one of the year’s standout albums.Expect to hear this album very soon. More details to be revealed shortly. Keep an eye on for future announcements, tour dates, merch, special offers and much more.

Oh Happy Day! August cannot get here fast enough! The Nerve is up on MySpace and their site so go get it and get giddy!! GIDDY! I’M GIDDY!! GIDDY UP!

Now if they’ll just announce tour dates!


MuteMath in the Spotlight!


Today turned around when I found in my inbox the news that the new MuteMath EP Spotlight is available! 


Truck on over to MuteMath’s site that’s been given a cool overhaul and pick it up with 2 videos (still downloading or I’d tell you how they are) for the low low price of $2.99!  

  1. Spotlight – as heard on the Twilight soundtrack
  2. Clockwork – new track
  3. Earlylight – fun instrumental track inspired from Spotlight
  4. Spotlight (Son Lux Remix) – a truly quirky and industrial kind of feel to Spotlight

I am so stoked for the new full length project of their’s! Oh man! 

Great lil EP to get introduced to the band and enough for a fan to shell out 3 bucks! I’ll let you know how the 2 videos come out!

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