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The Nines Update – 3rd 90 minutes

First off: MICROSOFT WORD I BITE MY THUMB AT THEE! Evernote and Pages are my new BFFs.
As you can tell, I had lunch and some breaks b/c my mind is numbing. That doesn’t mean some wicked awesome truth wasn’t dropped!


Greg Surat/Seacoast Church

Innovation grows out of desperation

Big ideas grow out of big failures

1. You hit the wall. Something is not working

2. You get discouraged. You see it as failure

3. Trust God. Never been a day when God said “I didn’t see that one coming.”

4. You start by asking the barrier breaking question. If nothing were impossible what could we accomplish here?

5. You collect innovative ideas. Pray- Brainstorm- then filter. Use matrix: easy/hard and big win/small win

6. You do it until it quits working. Make good repeatable.

Rick Rusaw –

Change in the landscape of the church in America

Shift in the question – from how can we be the best church in the community to FOR the community.

That guy

Allowing your public persona to match your personal life

Bil/Bay Area Fellowship/ GO BIG – Mentoring

Exodus 33

1. Read books from people who have done what you want to do – diff in learning from someone who has experience not opinion!

2. Go to the right conferences – the popular one may not be the best one

3. Coaching

4. Take leaders to lunch. Go where they are. Do what they tell you to do before you go see them again.

5. Pray for your mentors. Look for ways to bless them


Pete Wilson/Crosspoint =

Crisis of transformation – ppl are going to church but they aren’t becoming more Christlike

Looking at comparative studies b/w Christians and non-Christians there aren’t many differences in their areas of live

We’ve based it on attendance and knowledge instead of loving other people and…


Vision – help ppl understand what God has for them but we are pulled in 2 diff directions (use rubberband illustration)

Intention – help them learn to own their own spiritual life

Method – rhythm to Jesus’ life. Patterns of prayer, pulling away from ways of the world and community. John 15: Abide in me.

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