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Phil Wickham Live Broadcast TONIGHT!

phil wickham live cast

I LOVE this guy! So I’m uber excited about tonight b/c I couldn’t be more excited about this new CD, Heaven & Earth. If you haven’t been introduced to Phil then you’re totally missing out. Besides 2 incredible studio CDs he gives away one of the most worshipful intimate acoustic “CDs” on his site! Go get you some!

Thanks Joel for the head’s up!


Sunday Setlist Aug. 30th – “BEST” Ever!

So this week I was terribly busy prepping for leading worship at River and for our normally scheduled youth activities then we got the rest of the equipment for the FireStudio and wanted to install and set that up as well. SO CRAZY! I think most of my struggle came from wanting to do what I wanted to do for music on Sunday instead of shutting up and listening to the Spirit lead me because once I did that everything came together! Here’s how it went down:

True Love – Phil Wickham – E
Happy Day – Tim Hughes – C

Morning Music:
O, for 1,000 Tongues to Sing – Crowder – G
How He Loves – Crowder – A
I Love You Lord – ??? – D
Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill – A

Offertory: Your Name – Phil Wickham’s version with Paul Baloche – G

Communion: None But Jesus – Hillsong – C

Closing song:
In Christ Alone – Matt Papa – E

So…YEAH…that’s a lot of songs for us! But it was terribly fun. The team killed too! We just had electric, bass, drums, 2 backing vocals, and I swapped from acoustic to electric and back. The two backing vocals were students and I actually had picked None But Jesus for them to sing together for Communion and when we got to practice once said “OH, I LOVE that first acoustic song on there!” So I had them sing True Love as well 🙂 It was awesome seeing these two girls take it on like that!

The next thing you might notice are keys. This past year not leading worship, I’ve really become aware of how a key can kill any idea of me singing on Sunday morning or promote me to really sing out. I also noticed that when I just show up to church, I haven’t warmed up or practiced or done anything to help promote my ability to sing THEREFORE when I lead I need to be uber-aware that I’m singing with a bunch of people just like that! So I dropped the keys for How he Loves, Jesus Paid it All, and In Christ Alone. I’ve got to say, I was pretty anxious about that decision and whether the songs would sound flat or dull but they didn’t and it proved to be a great decision because WOWZERS I heard people singing out!

Lastly, the theme of the morning was where God really showed up! We had a guest preacher this week and that’s always hairy because while my advice was to “pick songs on the name of Jesus and the transforming power of His name. And I’d really like Your Name done” that’s a real wide berth to operate under. However, the songs and the message were 1 huge arrow pointing towards Jesus and it was like we sat down side by side and handpicked all the songs together to highlight portions of his message. I guess we did by allowing the Holy Spirit to work us 🙂
I had 2 “themes” I was working: the love of Jesus showcased by 1,000 Tongues and How He Loves that transferred into a response song with I love You Lord and focused on the cross: Jesus Paid it All. What was ridiculous was how perfectly that set everything up and In Christ Alone was a great exclamation point for the day.

I’m still reeling on the morning and how it went but I’ve rambled long enough. More on that this afternoon.

As always check out the rest of the Sunday Setlists at Fred‘s Blog Carnival!


My Top 10 CDs of 2008

I find this a fun way to look back at the year of music that I’ve collected. (For kicks and giggles compare this list to last year’s!) Here’s my favorite CDs that were released in 2008: 

10. Soundtracks! – Officially, shouldn’t be on the list here but soundtracks these days have become so much more than what they used to be! So I listed them last. These 3 are in steady rotation! 

Twilight SoundtrackJuno SoundtrackOnce Soundtrack
– Hate all you want. Crime upon crimes, I still haven’t seen the movie and I LOVE this compilation! 
Juno – Quirky, absurd, bizarre, unpolished, just like the movie! 
Once – Seriously, you already have this one right? I don’t need to say anything more. 

9. Live Music! – Again, officially shouldn’t be here so they’re last as well.

SingalongWhere the light is
Phil WickhamSingalong –  I knew this guy was special when he captivated my attention sandwiched between The Myriad and The David Crowder Band at the House of Blues! His studio work is full and rich and textured and yet here stripped down to nothing more than his guitar, his voice, and the voices of those gathered for an incredible night of worship, this captures the talent and heart of Phil Wickham. It’s disgusting that you get it for free from his website! 
John Mayer Where the light is  I KNOW, not officially a CD of 2008 because they’re all previously recorded songs from past CDs but you tell me an artist out there that can showcase his talent at 1 live show in 3 different settings like this and bring so much passion and energy and raw talent and I’ll take it off. Nab the DVD with it and sweet Jesus. It just doesn’t stop! It probably should be #1 on here!

8. Local Music! – More than shameless plugs, two bands on the bubble!  
A Soup Named StewNumber 2 – David and Company have perfected the art of Comedic Rock and packaged it in a top notch way that trumps the kind of attention “local bands” are giving to the good old CD packaging. If anything, Number 2 gives you more than you need sink your teeth into ASNS. 
Lindsay Rae SpurlockHeart On A simple EP that packs a mean punch, well honestly there’s nothing mean at all to Lindsay but this EP sweeps from poppy finger-snapping to soft tenderness. 6 songs barely scratches the surface to well of music coming from this girl!

7. Pocketful of sunshineNatasha BedingfieldPocket Full of Sunshine I mean seriously, you’d think the girl had 2, maybe 3 CDs drop this year but nope, it’s all been on the same one. And for somebody that’s seen her live, the girl’s legit! Pipes, moves, charisma. Bring it on, I don’t care, probably my secret favorite of the year.
6. Day and AgeThe Killers – Day and Age – I’ll preface this by saying, ‘Yes, I loved Sam’s Town too!’ Day and Age finds The Killers doing what they do best again. Creating something different. Boisterous, over the top, metaphorical, danceable, rockin’, tribal, jazz, Gloria Estefanish, spacey…BRING IT ON! 

5. Your Kingdom ComeMatt PapaYour Kingdom Come Hands down the best worship and/or rock CD you don’t own! This follow up to You Are Good boasts a fluid 18 track monument mixed with the writings of Derek Webb/Charlie Hall and a variety of mad skills on the piano and guitar and vocals that breeds a breadth of variety in his music that’s absolutely stellar!

4. RedWeezerRed – I’m laughing with the thought of this even being on this list but that’s how good it was. Superbly tongue-and-cheek as is Weezer but done amazingly well. Guitar tones thick and rich. And in the midst of themselves a quant, beautiful little diddy called Heart Songs gets me misty every time! 

3. The Bright SadnessCharlie Hall – The Bright Sadness – What a project! What a worship experience! What a musical delivery! I’ve always loved Charlie’s heart and his style of writing. I never thought he got enough props for his earlier releases. Flying into Daybreak got them some attention and The Bright Sadness is a masterpiece of a followup combining the new sound they’re embracing with authentic Charlie Hall!

2. Narrow StairsDeath Cab for CutieNarrow Stairs I’ve been an on the fence fan of Death Cab and Postal Service and Nada Surf and such for years now but for some reason this one pushed me over the edge! It’s on my iPhone and on CD in my truck! 

1. Viva La VidaColdplay – Viva la Vida (Prospekt’s March Edition) – Love ’em or hate ’em I don’t know if there was a harder working band in the business this year than Coldplay and their assault with Death and all his friends! Viva la Vida just doesn’t get old for me. Eno did enough to make it sparkle and shine from X&Y and the fluid nature of this project was a nice touch. The wait was worth it!


So there you have it. I might have got it wrong so I made sure to give you more than 10 🙂 
I initially thought this year was a poor year for music but after looking at this list, I’m not so sure anymore. This was much harder to compile and sort out than last years!

While you’re at it, check out what my blogging brother had to say about 2008!


How are you playing Cannons by Phil Wickham?

I’m back in the saddle this weekend leading worship and I’ve seen many of you playing Cannons by Phil Wickham and it’s given me the encouragement to bring it out. I LOVE the song and so, why not? Looks like on the CD he’s playing it in A and it’s actually a super easy song it looks like to play: mostly in G with no quirky chords. I’m just curious if you’re using any alternate tunings or something to make it sound special? We’ll probably crank it out like it is on the studio CD with 2 electrics but I’m also thinking of breaking it down and using it with just me on the acoustic with our Youth like it is on Singalong. Seems the song is amazing either way! 



Sunday Worship – Aug 31st Pre-Gustav

Ironically enough, this Sunday was my first Sunday back in the saddle leading worship since our new Worship Leader took the reigns. I appreciate the break in my Gustav trials to remember that time and share it with you and the community over at Fred’s incredible blog and his little blog carnival

It was quite a “Conner Sunday.” The new worship leader is quite different from me in many different areas and I strongly debated whether I would try and keep this Sunday true to the changes she has brought, however, after many people asked if I was returning “the rock,” I figured I would oblige and do what I do best. What I didn’t know was how much God would speak through those songs in to what we were about to encounter with this hurricane. 
This Sunday was on the glory of God. That was great for me, as a huge Passion-head there are tons of songs on the subject of glory from many of my favorite artists. Here’s what we did:

  • Prelude Not to Us – Tomlin
  • O for 1,000 Tongues to Sing – Crowder version
  • My glorious – Delirious
  • You’re beautiful – Phil Wickham

Then came all the meat in the middle: meet & greet, message, communion, etc.

  • Glory in the Highest – Tomlin
  • Oh Praise Him – Crowder

Like, I said, the theme and topic was great looking forward into the storm. Initially as I planned the service it went something like this: 
Not to Us as thematic greatness for sermon topic & 1 of my all time favorites ->
1,000 Tongues as a call to worship with the new chorus ->
My glorious looking at God’s grandness and thematic goodness ->
You’re Beautiful telling of God’s story shows his grandness again!

The service ended with Glory in the Highest being a great pull out of communion with topical theme ->
Oh Praise Him being the celebratory ending!  

It ended up being a great service discussing the things that glorify and point to the great grandness of God, which includes nature! The earth! Sky! Sunrise! Sunset! I just couldn’t shake My Glorious from Gustav: 

God is bigger than the air I breathe
God will save the day and all will say: “My Glorious!”

It truly was the most encouraging thing. It hit me in the face as we sung the songs the 1st service. I was glad we had 2 services that morning 🙂 I was able to offer the words of encouragement I received from the song to the congregation! Hopefully, they had those lyrics singing in their heads as we took shelter the next day.  

I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen the glory of God like when our typical 5 minute drive through our neighborhood to our house took nearly 20 minutes of winding and doubling back and going around all the fallen trees to turn on our street and see not a single downed tree! Then to find the top half of our tree square in our backyard missing my shed, our house, and the power lines that run above ground to the house from the back of the yard! I’m saying it: MY GLORIOUS!!


What a Great Day for Music!

David Crowder*Band Remedy Live CD/DVD

Charlie Hall The Bright Sadness

Phil Wickham Singalong

Full reviews coming soon! Chris who?!?!?! Hahaha.


This Day in Music – Phil Wickham

I just can’t get enough of Phil Wickham. (Go now and immediately purchase Cannons in case you’ve lived under a rock and don’t have it yet!)

So, imagine me bouncing like a giddy school boy finding these 2 incredible gems in my Google Reader today!

True Love – live in Studio. Kudos Dustin!

True Love – Music Video. Kudos Phil Wickham! and apparently the creative people at Shining Beacon.

The talent behind Phil Wickham that blows me away is that this song sounds complete and fine all by itself with just him and his acoustic. This is what I experienced live in concert sandwiched between the energy of The Myriad and Crowder on the Remedy tour and he held his own! I thought I’d get he and his acoustics on CD as well but what I got were beautiful full band arrangements of the songs I fell in love with…and I love! Then I found out he blogs as well!! Come on! What’s not to love 🙂

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