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Sunday Setlist Nov. 16th – Youth Style!

Tonight we had another Youth worship service and it was wicked sweetness!!! Here we go: 

  • Tell the World – Hillsong United
  • We Won’t Be Quiet – David Crowder*Band
  • Never Let Go – Crowder
  • activity to wrap up our Road Signs series
  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • How He Loves – John Mark McMillan

Today was just super special in so many ways but for the purpose of this post, I’ll restrict it to these songs 🙂 

I’m beginning to think that not all Youth led worship services require the most boisterous and wild and crazy songs there are. I’m finding we have as much, probably more, on the mid to low tempo songs. I think it’s because we’re in the adult sanctuary and it kind of gobbles us up and it just seems silly to go bananas in there…or I just don’t have alot of wild and crazy students…but I find that hard to believe. 

The special songs of the night were the last 3. 
It was our first time playing Crowder’s Never Let Go but after I intro-ed it, I heard a student go, “HEY! They play this song on KLove!” It was pretty funny. This is a special song for me and most of us here. I heard Crowder wrote this in response to Hurricane Katrina. Well that’s a subject near and dear to our hearts here in Louisiana and I’ve been dying to play this tune. I gave it the feel off the live Remedy Club Tour CD, but picked it on the guitar rather than on the piano.

I’m SO GLAD I don’t play Marvelous Light for the adults and that I do have some semblance of crazy students. They love ‘lifting their hands and spinning around!’ It’s my most favorite thing to do! However, note to anyone leading this song on guitar and spinning around in the process: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay attention to where your guitar cable is. Otherwise you come dangerously close to ripping your guitar off your shoulder or wrenching the cable right out of the guitar 🙂  

How He Loves…So much to say about this song that I’m leaving it for another post. It’s beautiful, it fit my ‘hurricane theme’ for the night! HAHAHA. And the students responded. I blew out my voice on “When I think about the waaaaay!” going into the last Chorus but I did NOT CARE! It was crazy awesome. 

I absolutely love doing worship with students. It’s much more raw and it’s so cool to see students trying to figure out how to worship! However, I did realize that I need to approach this with as much diligence as our morning adult services. We’re doing some pretty complicated stuff and I’ve taken for granted the quality of musicianship from my few “adult” musicians that step in. My goal has been a way to engage the students IN and WITH worship. And I’m resting on the crutches of some of the adults for the sake of busyness and laziness on my part. I need to remedy that for next time. 

How was yours? 

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Are you bitter and lonely?

Do you sit at home in a dark living room with a Hungry Man and your cat watching The Best Week Ever?

Do you grumble at the old lady in front of you smelling like moth balls in the check out line who drops her coin purse and can’t move forward until she collects all the pennies?

WELL not any more! Now for the low low price of a moment’s reflection, you, YES YOU can order a Change of Perspective!


Here’s what happened last night: I say yes to far too many things, grant it I’m getting way better but it’s still a problem. So instead of enjoying an evening at home, I spend another almost hour on the road and an hour at the church on another evening during the week for our special River Kidstuf service we’re having this weekend because I’m the worship leader/dancer with the kids. It was a huge “waste of time.” I told our children’s leader that I couldn’t stay all night but I’d come and be supportive and run through my parts and stay as long as I could. We didn’t even run through the musical portions of the service at all! The entire evening was spent with the actors!

Did I:

  1. Piss and moan about what a waste of time it was for me to make it all the way back out to church for nothing!
  2. Smile yet secretly piss and moan to everyone else in a passive aggressive manner to ensure internal struggles and anonymity between the usual worship leader and team against the actors and director!
  3. Ponder why it was that God would have me spend a night away from my family to be at rehearsal!

Honestly, I entertained number 1 for about half the drive home (and it’s a long drive home too!) Then, something that our pastor touched on before Christmas snuck into my noggin and I began to ponder what purpose I could possibly have had to be present at a rehearsal where I was asked to attend but seemingly yielded nothing of benefit or relevance to me at all. I tried to think positively and honestly the rehearsal was chaotic and discombobulated and simply all over the place. I decided, being one who runs a rehearsal each week for our worship team, that I would ask our children’s leader her interpretation of practice and see if there was any way I could help.

And we had a home run folks! A quick change of perspective led to a great discussion this morning. There are alot of elements that our River Kidstuf service uses to which she doesn’t have a lot of experience in yet has felt it needed tightening up. She was wide open to feedback and we practically began finishing one another’s thoughts and sentences.

This is an easy principle, one I’m sure I’ll be tested more thoroughly on later, that by simply changing my perspective and truly believing that God has me where He has me for a particular reason or purpose can dramatically alter the way I view my circumstances. Now don’t hear me saying that I want a WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? attitude about my circumstances, more of a WHAT’S IN ME FOR IT? or…WHAT AM I IN IT FOR? or…I suck at catchy slogans but you get the picture.

It’s fairly easy to get caught up in ME that I overlook what God’s got planned for others that He’s for some reason to include me in. Setting ME aside, allows me the perspective of what God’s got in store.  I missed my wife and kiddo, for the 1st time ever Chloe actually asked me to stay when I was hopping off the sofa from the TiVo-ed Charlie and Lola episode as I put my shoes on! It broke my heart! But I believe that practice did have significance and purpose and I’m glad I went.

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