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Sunday Setlist April 26th – Strides & Video 2

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I think we might have hit a stride in what our worship is becoming at our church this past week.

  1. OpenerYour Grace is Enough – E – Matt Maher
  2. Creation’s King – E – Paul Baloche
  3. All Creature’s of Our God and King – A
  4. Bless the Lord – E – Laura Story
  5. OfferingI Will Lift Your Name – E
  6. Your Love oh Lord – G – Third Day

So we had some familiar oldie goodies (Your Grace is Enough & Your Love oh Lord) mixed with some newbies (Creation’s King, Bless the Lord, & I Will Lift Your Name) mixed with an oldie revamped newbie gone oldie again (All Creatures.) Overall, we had a good blend of rock with the folk with the mandolin and electric guitar mix that we had going on this week. It’s still just silly to me to have a mandolin take a solo on songs like Your Grace is Enough and Your Love oh Lord. It doesn’t actually provide any lift to the section of the song and it’s just squashed in a song that moving. With some attention to arrangement we could have a really cool sounding folk/acoustic worship team that could be really flexible! I’m excited about the possibilities!

This week also featured the 2nd video in our volunteer campaign and our 1st Real Woman of Jesus, Mrs. Warm and Friendly Sunday Morning Greeter:

As always, it’s an incredible honor and pleasure to be a part of Fred’s blog carnival of Sunday Setlists! Are you?


Sunday Setlist April 19th – Bluegrass and My Video!

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I know you want to talk about the music but I want to talk about my video! Hahaha.
This week we were supposed to have another Bluegrass Sunday, we do those from time to time, but we didnt have any banjo 😦 So it was still different but more folksy acoustic different than Bluegrass different. It’s still fun though seeing how white our congregation is and apparently NOT country. It’s my understanding that you clap on the upbeat or ‘and’ of the beat with the snare hit but instead we jumped on the downbeat with the kick drum hit and it was just ridiculous. But in a good way, haha!

  1. I Saw the Light
  2. Lord Most High
  3. Come Thou Fount
  4. I’ve Got a River of Life
  5. Offering – Jesus, Help me to Stand
  6. Communion – Amazing Grace/ Blessed Assurance
  7. O Love that Will Not Let Me Go

Instrumentation this week was: Acoustic, Dobro, Mandolin, Acoustic & Harmonica, Fiddle, & Drums.

So what do you do in your church to change things up a bit?!?!

NOW we also started a new volunteer recruitment series called Real Men of Jesus or Real Women of Jesus depending on the week. It’s a bit dated I know but it was terribly fun to do! And this year that’s what we wanted to do. Highlight some real and not so real jobs in the church that volunteers do in a real fun, real quick way and then have someone live talk about it. This week’s kicked off the series and you can see we went with a real SERIOUS overtone.

It might not be as funny to you unless you know that we have these 2 geese that truly do plague our church, that the staff makes up the band, and that’s one of our elders decked out!

I hope you’re participating in Fred’s blog carnival of Sunday Setlists!

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